Taeyang to comeback with double title tracks for October album


The members of Big Bang are making solo comebacks one after another. Following the solo comebacks of Seungri and G-Dragon, Taeyang is the third Big Bang member making preparations for October.

It has been recently revealed that Taeyang will take on a double title track comeback with the release of his 2nd solo studio album scheduled for a mid-October release.

The upcoming 2nd studio album is the first solo work from Taeyang in 3 years since his 1st album release, “Solar (2010),” in which he promoted the hit title track, “I Need A Girl.”

Right before the Chuseok holidays, YG Entertainment reported that Taeyang had finished shooting one of his title track’s music video. The music video to the 2nd title track is set to be shot in the upcoming week.

An official stated,Taeyang’s current solo album is undergoing some last-minute tweaks. Taeyang produced the album, which will most likely be released in mid-October.”

Source: Star News via Koreaboo.com via bigbangupdates.com

12 thoughts on “Taeyang to comeback with double title tracks for October album”

  1. Honestly, while I am beyond ecstatic about the album, since it’s been long-awaited, and the double title tracks with the mvs, I can’t help but be frustrated.

    I hate the fact that he’ll be juggling his solo promotions alongside group promotions. He’s going to be so drained and exhausted. Not to mention the fact that this hinders his chances for a proper solo promotion in my eyes.

    This news was like a double-edged sword and I can’t tell if I should be happy or angry at this moment.

    But yay for more news about his comeback! Haha

    1. I agree with u. I’m also felt frustrated. As the news before said tat bgbang gonna release a single at the end of the October, i was like hmmmmmmmmm…. and now the album delayed again. I really hate tat they just given him a short promotion time! And yet we still dunno how will yg promote it.

    2. I feel the same way, it is going to be rushed, and I dread seeing him being all tired and spend doing back to back promtion with his solo first then BB’s , but I feel like mentally he is in a better place than during the Solar period, he has grown in music, and maturity, it will be tough, but I think with our support he is going to just fine~

  2. Sigh. He’ll be preparing for BB’s tour and their new single promos alongside his own (shortened) promos. But it’s not a surprise that the album took 3 years to prepare but is still last minute – that’s always been the case for YG releases so I don’t know why this would be any different.

    Anyway, as long as the music is good, everything else is secondary to me. YG seems to be trying some new promo tactics and hopefully there is reason to all this madness in scheduling which will reveal itself later on.

    1. Indeed, i think YG has moved away from the kpop style release a mini album, promote every week on the music shows and win those awards. Its more about the music, mv and the one off spectacular performances. Quality over quantity. Good and bad in a way

  3. What was I expecting really? Le-sigh, it was the same during SOLAR wasn’t it? YG has always been like this, so I’m not really surprised. His tactics this year are a bit different though, so maybe this will all make sense soon.

    BUT YAY for some confirmation on a comeback!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS /ends fangirling

  4. I’m sort of worried hes gonna drop an album which is more like GD’s type of music. Its clear to see hes changed a lot in style and just character. Which is a good thing. But I still prefer his slow rnb songs, he kills those songs everytime. Can’t please everyone though i guess

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