Taeyang and GDragon at Nike Tech Pack Event (130924)

With matching sneakers and matching grills, Taeyang and GDragon attended the Nike Tech Pack showcase on September 24.


More photos and video after the cut.







Photos via bigbangupdates and credited as tagged.


Taeyang and GDragon showing off their grills via GDragon’s instagram.

Taeyang appears from the beginning until the 0:45 mark.

Red carpet video from SSTVnews.

7 thoughts on “Taeyang and GDragon at Nike Tech Pack Event (130924)”

  1. I can only think of one thing when i look at these pictures

    “Aren’t you hot Young bae??” as in really hot, like warm. ><

  2. More video of cuteness!

    Count me in as one of those people who just don’t get grills, They are unecessary, look uncomfortable, hamper talking, singing etc. and are just ugly to me. I especially don’t get why someone with a gorgeous smile like YB would wear something that makes it awkward to do so. Let’s hope they get tired of this phase really quickly. As in, by tomorrow…

    1. I totally agree with everything you said. I do not, and will not ever, see the appeal. P

      YB, why are you covering up your gorgeous smile with those ugly grills?

      I hope the YGers get rid of their fascination with these things real quick

    2. I am with you on this one. From the moment grills became popular I have yet to see someone wear it and think wow they look hot. Even YB can’t make those things look good.

      With that being said, that boy really cannot keep still when music comes on. Makes me wonder if he realizes he’s doing it or if it’s all subconscious. I half expected him to jump up on the runway and start busting a move 🙂

      1. *Even YB can’t make those things look good.* Well said, speaking the truth all three of you…those grills had my old uncle >.< …I kinda can't used to his all new/swag/flashy style, I'm still waiting for that gentleman side of him 🙂 or at least the true hip hop…ohh well, times changes (or not since this style is 80's/90's)

  3. I think GD took his off after but YB kept it on, I personally do not like it too. But because we got soooo much cute smile/gesture from these clips I barely remember them, thank you for such an awesome post ^=^

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