Public voting starts with Episode 6 of YG’s WIN (130927)

YG Win aired the resulting performances from Episode 5’s round of mentoring  and the initial verdict is in: BigBang and 2ne1 judged in Team B’s favor 5:2.  It’s a good start for Team B and their mentor GDragon on the eve of the first public voting. Now the public will get to vote over the next 3 days for their favorite performance/team on Daum, Kakaotalk and Fantasy Runner.

UPDATE: Team A won the public voting (51.37% to Team B’s 48.63%.) Since the public voting determines the winner, Team A is the winner of the first official battle. Two battles are remaining to determine the final winning group to debut.

Team A Performance Cuts:


Team B performances here and here. The whole subbed video is available here.

Going into this round I felt that each Team certainly had different strengths and it was borne out in the performances. Team B are stronger dancers and perform much better as a team.  Team A has a stronger vocal line and I thought they were finally able to show it off in this performance with a good arrangement.  I thought  Taeyang did a terrific job with Team A compared with their past performances and I could really see the improvement.

I hate the usual audition show tactics of drawing out the results to create drama but I supposed that goes with the territory.  Both teams did a good job though and its up in the air to see whether the general public will agree with the YG artists’ assessment.


7 thoughts on “Public voting starts with Episode 6 of YG’s WIN (130927)”

  1. I like LOAM too much as a song and am too attached to the original choreography of Wedding Dress (cringe at WD dubstep remix) to be objective in my assessment but I was all for Team A’s vocal performance and about Team B’s dance, which would make it hard for me to pick one group over the other. I’d probably give the singing performances a bit more weight since they are supposed to be singers after all so if I really had to pick on the basis of this performance alone, I’d still go with Team A based my preference for this vocal .

    To be honest, I dislike this whole reality show/competition because it must be terrifically hard to have to go through the final trainee assessment in the eyes of the whole public, but also be beholden to how the show is edited. The PDs have to put on an interesting show and can dramatically alter the way each boy is presented based on which segments and back story to air. The show then ends up shaping an image of each trainee that may or may not reflect them at the best light, depending on the personal preference of the show editor. (And these are the kind of impressions that can follow an artist around his whole career.) When the company decides to keep or cut the trainees, they have the benefit of knowing their entire history while in this case the public only chooses based on what the show decides to air.

    These perceptions are also what build fandoms and influence voting so its really putting entire careers at the mercy of the show editors. It’s certainly good publicity for all of them (and great for YGE either way) but I do sympathize for the “losing” team (and all the individual members who may not have gotten better editing on the show.) As American Idol and similar shows have proven time and again, performances are only a part of what goes into choosing a candidate. Everything from the supporting fandoms of the judges and mentors, the time devoted to individual backstories, even the jokes that get to air can push votes either way. I don’t know if there is any way to be fair about it (and it certainly fuels conspiracy theories about who YG’s real “favorite” is) but I for one am definitely staying out of it.

    1. i don’t like this show anymore… seems everyone even YG wants to make another BIGBANG…

      well objectively… yes TEAM B is very good and i bet they will be the winner

      but for me and maybe some of k pop fans… i think this is the time for YG to make a different group (i mean not the same type like BIGBANG…)

      TEAM A has the different… and that’s why i choose TEAM A…

      1. I actually agree that Team A has the potential to become something very different from the existing groups in YG, unlike Team B who I think really embodies the current spirit of BB and 2ne1. So which team would be a better addition to YG would really depend on what kind of music you prefer (and what kind of music YG is going to be able to give/get out of the boys.) Both teams are likeable for very different reasons and I think will attract different kinds of fanbases.

    2. I agree with you on the show format. PDs might show off a person in a certain light that may or may not be how the person really is. One of the examples I can think of would be during the Big Bang Documentary. Many saw GD and Taeyang as rivals while they were in fact very good friends, but the documentary made it seem like the opposite. It’s sort of unfair to ask the public to decide on who is best because like you said, they don’t have the luxery of knowing the trainee. The side we see is the side the PDs show us, and we don’t really get to know how they are when the cameras are off.

      I love watching Big Bang TV and 2NE1 TV compared to WIN. The way that the shows seems less structured and informal made it feel like you were seeing more of their real personalities, their true selves. I would love for them to bring that back (well, we got a little glimpse of that return with the Double Park series they did with Dara and Bom).

      As much as I would love to see them all debut, I can see the need for an elimination. I’m not too fond of the idea of such a big group, I mean small groups have always been YG style and it would be easier for the members to pursue solo work if they choose to do so, which would probably help the group stay together in the long run. It’s good to allow artists to pursue their personal interests because YG has always focused on the development of an artist and providing them the means to become the best that they can be.

      (Goodness, I come off as a complete YG stan here)

      Besides, just because one team debuts, it doesn’t mean that the other team is thrown away. I’m sure that the losing team will, either as a group or through solo work, debut as well.

      And if that doesn’t happen, I hope that they can realize their dreams elsewhere, like how Hyunseng is doing extrememly well as a member of B2ST.
      (no matter how much I’d love for themto stay with YG)

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