Taeyang at Big Bang’s Alive Tour in Shanghai (120721)

Big Bang finally made it to China, kicking off the first of a 3-city concert tour with a successful concert in Shanghai.  Some fantaken photos from that night:

Photo credits as tagged via @URTHESUN, @YB_518 and bigbangupdates.com.  See bigbangupdates.com for more concert coverage. Youngbaeworld has collected a lot of the photos (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.)

A few fancams:

by shinhwa_annie via mimilovetop

from weibo via negimax9

Also check out these other fancams on tudou! (LOAM/WD fancams were compiled by Sol-mate   or go straight here  and here .)

Big Bang also had a press conference the day before and didn’t disappoint fans who were looking forward to seeing their unique fashion sense in person.

More press con photos here.

Shanghai fans certainly showed Big Bang a lot of love. (Shout out to the Taeyang fans for making him feel welcome.) Hope he gets to enjoy a bit of the city before heading back home, since he loves to travel and Shanghai is such a beautiful city.

12 thoughts on “Taeyang at Big Bang’s Alive Tour in Shanghai (120721)”

  1. Always lol-ing at the 6th picture. It looks like he’s sitting in their laps. 😛
    And YB smiling while performance is always his best look ❤

    I really have to thank the fans for the photos and fancams. I know that I would be useless if I saw them performing. A fan account from me? Yes. Photos and fancams? No way.

  2. These pics look adorable and it looks like he enjoyed himself. Due to limited data, I cannot watch the fancams 😦 hoping to get a better broadband plan once I’ve settled down at my new place a bit more.

    Thanks for sharing!! I’ve been so deprived of my dose of YB pics and news these days…

    1. Hi! There hasn’t really been much by way of news though there are other little random bits here and there which we don’t always post on since they’re not too significant (like news about the race girl who likes his eyesmile or the newly debuted rookie who looks up to the way he sings and dances.) If news is really, really slow we may do another catch up post in the next few days just to have something to post on. Hope you still check his twitter though, especially since he may tweet a bit more during his breaks (fingers crossed) 🙂

      1. Hahaha, yes his tweets – they’re more often now, one of the reasons (less study-related of course, lol) why I’ve decided to get back on the Twittering thing. LOL

        But I agree with you, a lot of KPOP news is not that significant (I get the same thing in Taiwan with entertainment and news, so I understand totally). You guys are doing a great job, so kudos to you all!! 🙂

  3. I really wish he went back to his old mohawk where it was shorter and smaller, its…so big and looks weird on him.

    1. really? i think i’m at the point where when i see photos of him with his old hairstyle, i start to think the shorter mohawk looked weird.

      but my vote goes to him wearing his fitted caps again..

  4. WUA dubstep was like the highlight of his solo performance and they cut it off boo

    YB’s growing his hair too tall i’m hoping he’ll end up braiding it like in hommes for his solo lol

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