Catch Up Part 2: Taeyang News Round Up (120715-120729)

We’re back! And for other readers who need to catch up on their Taeyang news… random news bits from over the past two weeks or so.

Surprise appearance with M-flo at the Summer Wave Festival at Carribean Bay Water Park

Taeyang sang a bit of M-flo’s hit song “Miss You.” Here’s a LQ fancam and performance and backstage photos (c/o YBMania and bigbangupdates.)

Melody posted about it on her blog: “On July 14th, we flew into Seoul, Korea for M-Flo’s DJ live set at the Summer Wave Festival, held at the Caribbean Bay water park. It was a huge event, featuring stars like Taio Cruz and Ludacris! This time we had a special guest, Taeyang from the popular Korean group Big Bang, to sing the guy part in “Miss You”. G-Dragon came to hang out too! Thank you M-Flo for these crazy opportunities! We had an amazing night! We ♥ Korea!!


Hanging around the YG Offices with M-flo’s Verbal and his wife Yoon (BAPE Creative Design consultant for its women’s line and designer for Ambush, her own accessories line.) Could be a collaboration is in the works, could be he just likes the company. (photo via twitter)


Skateboarding, as usual (video through Jo Sung Min’s facebook uploaded by bbfantasticbb.)


Newly debuted idol group C-Clown’s member Siu says “I want to be a singer who represents both strength and softness like Taeyang.”  And some model/race girl likes him (mostly for his eyesmile.) (Thanks Taeyang Indonesia and YB Mania!)


Pops in Seoul names him among those who would have a huge success if they were to release a sexy pictorial (not exactly news, but its nice to be mentioned just the same.)


On the way back to Seoul from Shanghai – skateboarding at the airport. (With purrrrrfect styling.) And on the way back from Big Bang’s Guangzhou trip in a plain black T and jeans – yum. (Video and photos via urthesun and 518.)


Something for G Market as part of Big Bang’s continuing promotions for them called a shopping diary. Anyway, he got his mom a freezer for the summer off Gmarket.


And because our boy loves his Chrome Hearts – at the store opening of My Boon (120605)  where he and G-Dragon  met up with Chrome Hearts owners Laurie Lynn and Richard Stark and My Boon Creative Director Milan Vukmirovic . (photos via @dasentinel on twitter)

News has been s-l-o-w. Understandably, since Big Bang is busy touring and presumably he is busy in the studio working on that album. Which is supposedly near completion. Then again he’s thrown everything out and started over before, so it’s possible he’s overhauling the whole thing and we’ll never find out what kind of music he was working on in 2011. Or even 2012. Damn, 2013 seems so far away.

13 thoughts on “Catch Up Part 2: Taeyang News Round Up (120715-120729)”

  1. YB with his hat again, praise the Lord!! Plain black tees with jeans 😀 he still looks best with a simple style 😀 Thank you for the news guys 🙂

    just curious, are all of you going to watch Big Bang’s Alive Concert? 🙂

    1. We are planning to go though we still have to figure out if we are doing any projects in connection with the concert (much harder since ATY readership is spread over different countries.)

      1. I can imagine it’d be extremely hard to do any major projects, just because it’s like you said, ATYers are spread so widely throughout the world.

      2. woooohh nice. projects or no projects, i do hope you, Tooz or any ATY readers post your fan accounts x) IN DETAIL. hehe.

    1. I was thinking the SAME thing!

      “Man, thank you for your work, we ❤ CH" *as shown through our shameless display of CH accessories*

  2. Mannn I love those photo shoots, I have missed seeing his smiling face (and he has been smiling more than a lot, but I’m miles away and so busy these days…haha postgrad is tough cookie!!! :x)

    Anyway~ Love the style he’s sporting in for that airport pic, just perfect. Jeans, shirt, cap (signature style is back!!! Woo hoo~~) DONE. I don’t know if it’s just me, but him wearing caps brings out that sort of youthfulness/energy/boyish feel he has that I get from him sometimes, even when he’s pretty serious and all, haha.

    And as for their long-awaited world tour concert… I guess I’ll be missing out… I was planning to go for the Singapore or Malaysia ones as it’s closer to Australia and the dates fit into my uni breaks and resting-before-exams-week respectively…. But alas, the workaholic in me plus being a poor uni student without even a part-time job… (shame, I know, shame) it’s just not happening… =\

    Maybe their Tokyo Dome concert, but with concert tickets selling out soo fast… I’ll most likely have to ask my friend in Japan to buy them for me…XD Thankfully he loves Big Bang (and YB at that too!) so at least I’ll have company as well, hahah.

    And this just turned into a mini-diary post, gawd I am so sorry XP

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