Something cooking over at GQ?

From a mysterious tweet from GQ editor Jang Woo Chul last April referencing a book project (but not necessarily with GQ?)  and a little request to wait for it ….

Another tweet from last night read: “He texts me that he is skateboarding at the moment and will call me later in the evening. Then in the evening, he asks me again, “May I call you now?” I don’t know anyone else who does that but Young Bae-gun. I edited the four-hour conversation I had with him last spring, which came to 28 pages. Early August! Thanks!”   He also said in other tweets he finished writing the foreword and was waiting for the cover design to come out.

Well this could be anything — but as a stan I’m certainly hoping it’s something TY solo related. Either way, Jang Woo Chul (responsible for those awesome GQ interviews) and Taeyang have been a winning combination so far and anything they do together gets a thumbs up in my book.

From @ouryoungdays (Jang Woo Chul of GQ) and @URTHESUN on twitter. Translations by pgeorgie through   Please do not remove credit (and we’d appreciate a link back to this post too.)

21 thoughts on “Something cooking over at GQ?”

  1. Actually JWC’s tweet prior to the one in the post was cute too.

    “I telephoned Youngbae. It had been four months since our last phone call. I told him it has been four months since we talked, he said “has it really been that long?” We talked about this and that. Then he asked, “Can I ask when the book is going to be released?” It’s not because he is a celebrity, but nobody I know of in that same age group talks like that.” (Thanks piglet!)

  2. AIIIIEEEEEEEE. I don’t want to jump to conclusions about what this project will be yet, but I’m already certain that I will like this collaboration. Refresh my memory, JWC is also a photographer right?

    SOLO SOLO SOLO Pleeeeessseeeeee. My fragile heart cannot take this any longer. Thanks BM and pgeorgie for the news. These little tidbits are always so lovely.

  3. August isn’t too far away…. but 28 pages!!!! Want to read all of them~~ >< YB's GQ interviews have always been Awesome~~~ 😀 I can wait!

  4. i’m just reallly impatient for his solo to come out now.ugh,the waiting is killing me T-T seriously, when are they gonna drop the album?damn,why they always tease us?

    anyway,YB+ GQ+JWC is always a good combination.i hope this time the pictures are nice.
    ahhh,youngbae,always polite.what else is new?
    thanks for posting this BM.hi!lovely pgeorgie^^

  5. Please please please. I hope it’s a precursor for his solo ambitions. I still find it hard to believe my patience threshold to be this high.

    I find it so adorable that JWC keeps mentioning YB’s interesting way of speaking/communicating. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really understand the uniqueness of it (possibly something that’s lost in translation?).

    Thanks for the update BM and pgeorgie!

    1. I think it’s more because he seems to be overly polite and considerate for a young, extremely busy idol.

      JWC probably just can’t wrap his head around the weirdness that is YB. 😀

  6. Jang Woo Chul’s book is finally out this weekend (deliveries to bookstores going on right now)! The book is called “Here and There” and it has a section on Taeyang called “Dong YoungBae’s Spring.” (The book is divided into seasons and each season has an interview each – like with Lee SoRa, Hong SunYoung etc. )

    Some random little asides from his twitter (@ouryoungdays) : At their second time meeting, Taeyang gave JWC a cactus. He had asked JWC’s staff what JWC likes, and the staff said… “like a… plant.” JWC adds that he’s not boasting about getting a gift from a celebrity. (I guess he’s just wants to show that Taeyang is a thoughtful person to find out what he likes.)

    The interview was conducted for several hours upstairs in a café where it was a bit chilly (and no one was there.) Taeyang later sent a long (mobile) text on his thoughts about loneliness. He asked: “Thinking back to what I said before, is that ok if I’d like to say it this way more?”

    Can’t wait for this book! (Thanks for the help translating HJ!)

    1. Oh! Was that what the cactus was for? I remember this picture from so long ago! Such a sweetie pie.

      He’s so earnest, like a little kid. Makes me all warm and gushy inside. Haha.

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