09.03.10 – Music Bank and Korean Broadcast Awards

Taeyang working twice as hard with two performances in one day.  Thank you for sharing the videos.  You’re rockstars.

First up Music Bank:

It almost made me shed a tear when I saw him in jeans again.  Now only if he would lose the shiny boots.  Taeyang sounds much  better in this performance than in the last two.  His voice came through the microphone clearer and with a fuller sound.

Korean Broadcast Awards:

Taeyang’s on FIIYYYAA today. (LOL) I’m gonna blame the last two performances on crappy sound systems because he sounds fantastic.

18 thoughts on “09.03.10 – Music Bank and Korean Broadcast Awards”

  1. I got to watch MuBank on TV with the rest of family and they were like “hey! finally a different stage from the rest!”

    I thought his vocals still kinda sound tired but I don’t blame him, he’s got so much on his schedule. So boy did fine in my book. ^^

    Oh! I LOVE what he wore. ^^

    -gonna watch the second video now-

  2. for some reason i felt kinda awkward watching the Korean Broadcast awards performance. LOL. the audience was much more mature, and they seemed kind of confused (and slightly amused?) LOL.
    here’s a fancam of the rehearsal for the awards (he sounds pretty exhausted)

    1. Haha That’s funny. And it’s true. The broadcast awards is probably a bunch of actors and actresses, producers and etc. They’re not gonna be hollering and screaming. I think most of these shows are pretty awkward for these artists. I remember watching SNSD’s performance as a Film awards….it was dead too. Just a different atmosphere I guess.

      The stage was really big too…Even Taeyang’s mass of backup dancers couldn’t fill it up.

      1. Maybe Spoiled means the reflection off the boots let the dancers know when he is coming when they are rolling around on the floor lol. I dunno

  3. OMG he sounds soo good in the first video, I WANT HIM TO WIN!!!

    He’s working SO HARD and he’s getting barely any response (as in he’s not winning)…I hope he doesn’t give up or feel bad or anything!

    Taeyang Hwaiting~!!

  4. He’s had so many IBT performances this week. Glad they’re showing his performance from the Korean Fest instead of him actually performing on Music Core. Gives him a chance to take a break before he performs on Inki. We don’t want him to ruin this streak of awesome performances by getting sick or tired. As it was, he sounded a little tired in his Music Bank performance. But of course, like always, he still gave a solid performance at both shows!

  5. definately ehm, less excitement from the crowd in the second video , i was thinking to myself, “they’ve never heard of fangirling huh? well IU should be there, definately louden it up” haha 😉 and great performances, boy must be so tired . oh and im glad his stylist noona had gotten her senses back, im digging his outfits these days, he looks great 😀

  6. YB had very SOLID performances with these two.
    The more i watch his IBT performances, the more i realize how hard he dances compared to other singers.
    He really gives full effort on the choreography, making sure his movements are all precise.
    yet, we can still hear him sing so well live.
    he must be very tired cause this week, i can hear him breathe hard during the breaks in his singing lines but when he sings, his vocals are still strong and his hitting the notes well.
    his performance on the Korean Broadcast Awards is my favorite so far.

  7. its really nice to see him in his usual jeans and simple top,its very him and I love it ,ahem yeah about the perf it was pretty awesome,the vocals were good compared to some reason ones. 😀

  8. he sounded exhausted during the music bank performance but on the korean broadcast award, he sound more better and more energized^^ i love the performance^^

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