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Taeyang’s ‘Goodbye’ speech

And on the same note, I say my goodbyes too.  There’s so much I want to say,  but I think Youngbae perfectly sums up how I feel right.  The journey I’ve had with ATY has been a thrilling roller coaster ride, so this moment for me is really bittersweet.  Thank you to all the international and Korean fans for all the wonderful memories.  It is your support that makes ATY and my experience here so special. Thank you. *DEEP BOWS* Much love & best wishes, TOFU.

*Try not to tear up while reading this! lol.

“Mm, it seems like today passed by somewhat hectically. I think I was really hectic today as I was preparing for this concert. Whenever I prepare a song or an album or a concert like this, I learn a lot. This album also taught me a lot. And getting ready for this concert and meeting all of my fans like this face to face, really taught me a lot.

“Ah, really, seeing as how I can say that I gained something even in the middle of all this hectic-ness, I can see that I have an even greater ambition in my heart to always make myself better for the next time. I think when it comes to my stage and music, the next time is always more precious to me. I want to thank all of you for cheering me on to become the kind of musician I’ve dreamed of being, one step at a time. Continue reading Taeyang’s ‘Goodbye’ speech

Taeyang’s SOLAR Concert – Part II

Because we love you: DOWNLOAD COMPLETE AUDIO OF SOLAR CONCERT (09/26/10) (Thanks to DCYB)

The adult show!  What does he have in store for us.  Check the post for:

  • Fancams (credits: as tagged) Tons added!
  • Audio from concert (credits DCYB)
  • Two fan accounts by our very own ATYers! (thanks jayvuafter8 & BEBEluv!)
  • Photos (credits: DCYB/YBmania/as tagged)


I love how everyone sang along.  Loves it.  Gotta be one of my favorite performances ever.

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Taeyang to be a guest at Seoul Soul Festival

I’ve been waiting for this to be officially announced.  It’s been circulating around the Taeyang fandom that he would be a guest at the Seoul’s 1st Soul Festival for a long time now.  Normally there won’t be a whole post dedicated to a news bit, but because Taeyang’s gonna be sharing the stage with the likes of Musiq Soulchild and Sean Kingston, both really big artists in the USA,  I’m more excited than usual.  More international exposure!  Taeyang will be performing on Saturday October 9th at the War Memorial of Korea. The exact schedule has yet to be announced.

The rest of the line up includes Supreme Team (personal favorite), Se7en, Jay Park, UV, DJ DOC (!!!), and Mad Soul Child.  I hope more gets added because this is hardly looking like a ‘Soul’ festival.  How about some Lyn? Ra.D? Wheesung? Boni? Soulman?  That would be so legit.

More info at: Seoul Soul Festival Website
English Ticketing Info at: Interpark

Throwback: ‘HOT’ Concert

As we all know, Taeyang will be holding his 2nd solo concert this weekend.  I don’t know about you, but I’m super stoked even if it’s just to watch fancams. From what information is available, I think I’m gonna enjoy it already: 90% live band, Taeyang, and IU. (keke) My only request this that (YG/YB make sure you read this) there be a DVD with all the performances and loads of Behind-The-Scenes, in which case, the cameraman be better paid than he was last time.  Camera work last time just plain sucked.  I don’t think this is too much to ask.

And there seems to be a lot of questions regarding the concert being streamed live on Youtube.  Unfortunately, I will have to advise everyone to not put your hopes on it because 1)TIME originally wrote that his concert “will be streamed” on youtube, but then later changed it to “might be streamed” instead. Bad reporting? 2)YGE has not officially announced anything about the matter.  So I’m almost certain it won’t happen.

On to more happier stuff…To countdown Taeyang’s ‘SOLAR’ concert, I just wanted to share with everyone my favorite performances from ‘HOT.’  Of course, post yours in the comments!

There is seriously nothing I don’t love about this song and performance.  When the previous article talked about Taeyang’s “artistry,” this is it.  The performance was intricate, by no means “big”, but incredibly electrifying.

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Taeyang, “I want to change my hairstyle but I have no time”

Personally, this article is almost perfect.  Stunning photographs, my favorite yet, and again, a very genuine interview and sorta funny at the same time.  I felt like the writer was both praising and laughing at Youngbae at the same time – praising him for being so focused on music and giving it 518% (hehe) and laughing at him for pretty much having no life because all he can think about, talk about is his music.  However, I can confidently say that the media (journalists and critics alike) adore Youngbae after reading pieces like these.

What would it be like if Taeyang of Big Bang did not exist.

It may be something fans don’t even want to [imagine], but in order to evaluate Taeyang’s true value, such a method may be effective. Even if Taeyang didn’t exist, Big Bang probably would have been one of the best pop groups like they are now. Because the remaining members have their own talents and personalities, and thanks to strong training, they would be lacking nothing to continue receiving the fiery love of their fans.

But if Taeyang did not exist, Big Bang’s heavy presence could have been lighter than it is now. Big Bang’s singular existence is that though they are ‘idols,’ they are also recognized as ‘artists’, and the member who is in charge of a significant portion of this ‘artistry’ is Taeyang.

09.18.10 – Taeyang’s Goodbye stage on Music Core

I can’t believe it’s over already! Being incredibly selfish, Taeyang’s promotion time is always going to be short for me.  We don’t know when we’ll see him again as a solo artist…two years like the last time?  But, we had a good run didn’t we?  We saw Taeyang chilling out with the likes of Usher,  Alicia Keys, and Trey Songz on the iTunes chart (twice, as a matter of fact) and especially for us international fans, we finally got to see an international album from Taeyang. He knows we exist!  What was your favorite moment from the last few months?  Favorite photograph? Interview? Performance?  Share with us.  Lets be nostalgic together. 🙂

Don’t forget, SOLAR concert next week!  Get ready for fancams galore.  *Hints at the Kfans :-D*

More fan covers and parodies!

I gotta hand it to the Taeyang fandom – especially the fanboys – you all are so dang creative…and just plain awesome?  Check out these recent parodies of “Wedding Dress.”  I guess all the boys are done with being heartbroken and rolling in the laughs.  Enjoy and two thumbs up to all the fans out there!

I’m astounded by the quality and the HD-ness of these videos!

More laughs under the cut! Continue reading More fan covers and parodies!

[Eng Subs] Interview – Taeyang’s Guerrilla Date!

*Update = Eng Subbed Video
I swear, I have never seen Taeyang talk so much and with such energy and enthusiasm.

The best part of this clip was seeing the foreign fan!  Its totally awesome that she knows ALL of his music.  And ahhhhh! We get to hear him speak English.  From the little bits, it looks like he is quite good.  He was able to respond to the fan’s question.  I’m impressed though it doesn’t surprise me.  We international fans freak out whenever we him speak English…even if it’s just for a bit. 😀  Youngbae, get your butt over here now!

I’m disappointed I didn’t get to see the fanboy hug. 😛