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In his most recent tweet, Taeyang apologizes for wearing his Chrome Hearts tank that had “F*** You” written on the back.  Though its not a big deal to me personally, I’m glad Taeyang himself apologized for it because he would be getting press over this minor issue.  It’s a very Youngbae thing of him to do.

We also get a glimpse into YB’s preparation for his SOLAR concert as he rehearses:



From @CODEBORAM (Youngbae’s Manager!)

I think it’s cute that they’re really close.  I remember watching Real Sound and making note that his manager is really supportive (of course) but also wanted the very best for Youngbae outside of his music too.  He even had the same haircut as YB to cheer him on!

우리 영배 콘서트해요~~~ 다들 오실꺼죠 !!!!!! (my man YB will have the concerts~~~ u guys r all coming right?!!!!!!) Translations by 21BANGS

45 thoughts on “[Twitter]Updates from Twitterland”

  1. Really….this was totally thrown out of proportion. All of this drama over a shirt, for goodness sake. At least he apologized, and we all know YB is super genuine, so this better get all the haters off his back!

    Oh the concert….YG! When will you release more info about the live streaming? I’m dying here!!!

    1. Yep,its true that we all know YB is a genuine guy but to people who don’t know him well,like the non-fans,its no surprise they were taken aback,I personally don’t like profanity like this and if I didn’t know YB I probably would have got the wrong idea about him too.

      and about the live streaming,hell yeah! YG please release info 😀

  2. I agree. People should stop spazzing about it. We all love Taeyang no matter what. I personally don’t care neither. Whatever he wears, he wears it.

    Yes, we need more information about the live streaming concert!

  3. Ah, this whole profanity controversy thing shouldn’t have happened in the first place,it was just an unfortunate wardrobe choice,worn at the wrong time and the netizens make a big deal out of it,but really I wish YB and the stylist checked stuff prior to the perf.

    btw didn’t he wear the exact tank top in white during the HOT concert? cant remember which perf.Someone correct me if I’m wrong but it didn’t cause a stir did it? I was wondering whether it did when I saw the perf for the first time.

    1. Yeah. I think it was careless of Youngbae and his stylist to overlook this…not for ethical reasons, because I don’t mind, but it is public television. You never know who’s gonna watch and the press and netizens are known to pounce at whatever chance they get.

      Yeah its the same chrome hearts tank..but it was white at his concert. Concerts are okay because it’s a private performance..not public television.

      Wardrobe is not super important to YB. He likes clothes but I’m sure he wants people to give him attention because of his kickass performances not his shirt. When I made that mnet post, I completely didn’t even care about the shirt. Too much eye candy distracting me.

      1. Yes exactly it was very careless especially since we know YB cares more about an excellent perf than a stupid top,so it was unnecessary attention that could have been avoided.personally it bothers me more that it will give him bad press than the profanity itself.

  4. Whatever, he shouldn’t have apologized. Netizens have far too much power and they always make a big deal out of nothing. I hope he wears a t-shirt that says ‘kiss my ass’ next time.

    1. i also think he shouldnt have apologized. it’s not like he ruined someone’s life with that shirt. duh. i hate it! it didnt change how i see him. it really doesnt change anything except haters having reason to hate. does he really care? well if this got him worried then he needs to stop it. ^^ YB needs to be real, really. YG-Life showed him goofing around with GD, his stylists, his piano… where’s that?

      1. i think apologizing was the right thing to do…lol “very Young Bae of him” indeed. aha

        personally, it didn’t offend me…but still… i guess Korea doesn’t want any hardcore-ness like Americans o.o
        well…in celebrity world, little things get blown out of proportion WAAYY too much. like that stupid Kanye thing and Taylor Swift, when i saw that, i just knew SOMEONE was going to make a big deal out of it. like 3 days later…its on the radio, tv, school, youtube, EVERYWHERE. wow.

        buut yeah…i dont think this is that big of deal, maybe some people just saw it as disrespectful or something o.O if he didn’t apologize, he mightve went to jail for teaching bad words to minors or something… or hidden messages or watever. haha and its not that classy either, but cmon its a t-shirt and we all know YB is a freakin angel.

        well, imagine Miley Cyrus wearing that. nowww that would be troublee too and she would have to apologize. same thing i guess…

  5. I guess YB’s getting a lot more attention now cuz he wore the same tank (but in white) for some of his performances during the HOT concert. I was a little surprised when I saw it the first time mainly because I don’t think those words would ever come out of his mouth but I don’t think it’s that much of a big deal. maybe cuz this was a broadcast and reached more people?

  6. Aww, yeah to me wasnt a big deal either, but him apologizing is nice, hope haters will leave it at that . Besides, its just a tank… 😀

  7. it’s so YB to apologized.it would cause greater harm if he didn’t do anything.

    i dunno what angers me more,the OP’s side comment in AKPOOP or that comment in omona saying that she’s more angry that he apologized than what the netz did.

    this people makes me an angry person.
    aishh,i usually don’t care about things that doesn’t
    involve my personal life,but this is YB we’re talking about.it’s so hard not to get involve emotionally.

  8. ——————————> MESSAGE TO YB FANS!!!!!!!!!!! <——–
    hey everyone. Operation: Taeyang radio "CONNECTION" on facebook is making calls to local radio shows requesting the son "connection" by our YB. FANS!: please support our Taeyang by requesting the song "connection" on your local radio stations. for more information go here : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=146425872058553

    anyways.. i tweeted taeyang, i was apologizing for all the drama. Taeyang is truly a real angel, and would never mean to insult anyone . and if more people decide to attack our YB, then HIS TRUE FANS and I would stand by him and help him fight the drama queens and haters.

    it was nice that he apologized, but i felt that he didn't have to, but its really nice of him to do so.

  9. Didn’t Kara had a similar incident to this?? Did they ever apologize for it? I mean if they didnt, then it’s wrong for ppl to say “OMG! He should apologize b/c he’s an idol!” I mean, what about Kara too? Shouldn’t they get the same treatment as YB? (Trying to be equal).

    But, I’m glad that he apologize but seriously, I don’t care (Singing 2ne1 “I Dont Care” chorus). KNetizens can be such a**hole sometimes (excuse my language), bringing up small issues and blowing it to proportion just b/c they’re JEALOUS that YB is gaining WORLDWIDE recognition and they’re favorite idols arent. -_-

  10. I personally don’t think YB should have apologised for such a trivial issue. Many are saying that he wore similar shirts like this before (in HOT concert) so why should this be any different. But that was his solo concert, and anyone that bought the DVD would be watching it in the privacy of their own home, not meant for PUBLIC BROADCAST like MCountdown…. I admit Bae and the person responsible for the costume should have been more careful. Netizens hold a lot of power so if Bae didn’t come out and say anything there would have been a lot of haters and antis, and that wouldn’t do him any good.

    This is Korea we’re talking about, so I guess one has to put things in perspective… =\

    I’m glad Bae came out with the apology anyway, the netizens won’t have anything more to say after that.

  11. he is really a sweet guy…see, YB never mean to insult anybody…many artis have worn shirts that has cuss words on them..so its not a big deal…stil he apologize for wearing that shirt and to me, thats a really sweet thing to do eventhough i think he didnt do anything wrong…love ya YB^^

  12. OT, but I just finished watching the Making Of DVD, and just to warn you all who haven’t gotten it yet – no English subtitles. At least as far as I can tell…

    I have to say – MAJOR FAIL, YG. >..>

  13. Oh, and it appears it really is Region 3. I had to change my DVD player’s region code to watch it. Did everyone else have to do the same?

    Sorry for the multiple posts! *^^*

    1. Argh….I’m still waiting on DVDheaven to send me mine!

      What!!! No subtitles and only Region 3 works with it?!!?!?
      ULTIMATE FAIL YG!!! What kind of international album is this then?

      1. I’m gonna try posting the rest of my original post again:
        (If it fails, I apologize in advance ^^)

        I have to say – MAJOR FAIL, YG. >..>

    2. -___- WHAT!? grr I guess YG just assumed international fans learned Korean for Taeyang or something I mean what the heck!? who releases albums especially for fans outside Korea with no subtitles? O_O nice one YG because most of us bought/would buy it anyway… >.<

      1. YG is going to release a physical version of the international album in the U.S later, that’s why I didn’t get mine yet. You can find it in the recent TIME article that ATY posted. But for those who may be a little lazy.

        ‘Within a few hours of the Aug. 25 iTunes release of Solar International, an extended version of Taeyang’s album that includes English versions of his singles, the album was at No. 3 in Japan, No. 5 in Canada, No. 11 in the U.S. and No. 15 in Australia on iTunes’ R&B/Soul album chart. It will only hit on-the-ground music stores in the U.S. and Canada later, and no release date has even been set for Asian markets. It’s the first time a South Korean album has been promoted offshore and online exclusively through social media groups, according to YG Entertainment, Taeyang’s Korean R&B and hip hop label’

        The ATY Link: https://alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com/2010/08/26/korean-pop-with-online-help-goes-global-time-com/

        For those who want a physical copy, just be a little more patient. Chances are the DVD will be English subbed and region 1 and for those who bought it already, still enjoy it, and just watch the subbed versions on YT or something. So, support YB how you can, iTunes, youtube, facebook, twitter, whatever. I hope this helps.

  14. I love the fact that he apologized. Whether or not he need to, it shows that he’s a responsible man. And I believe it is the right thing to do.

    This incident will only make him stronger 🙂

    1. lmao i don’t think its as life-changing to make him stronger…its not like a huge obstacle. just a minor thing he had to say. but, i know YB (well i guess im saying that i want to or i think i do) and he was probably sincere in his apology and yes it does show a responsible YB ^o^

      i hope he doesn’t have to apologize nxt time he goes on a talkshow or somethin like that @_@

  15. mm the shirt kind of saddens me for all the negative comments he’s getting on it 😦 my sister, for example, was fairly fond of taeyang but not necessarily hardcore true fan but his shirt totally made her change his mind about him. So for those ppl who really don’t know taeyang that well, can have their perception of him change for a profane shirt. I still love him becuz I kno he’s 100% sincere. But those ppl who were just about to become fans or who didn’t have an opinion about him, may have turned for the bad >< the stylist shouldve been more careful and has prolli been scolded by now :/

  16. I don\t know if this is worth apologizing but I like he did and i know he probably feels bad about it~ Whatever, the bigger the star the more issues and controversy he/she will face so its just going to be a matter of Taeyang knowing he’s going to have to keep fighting these battles and netizens~~~

    1. I believe his shirt was from the Chrome Hearts brand (majority of his IBT performance shirts have been Chrome Hearts.) Chrome Hearts came out with a line that has “F*ck You” as a design and his wifebeater that day had that particular design on the back. It was picked up by the cameras and netizens made a big deal about it.

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