Taeyang goes to Taiwan!

Errr not literally, but he was interviewed by V Channel (Taiwan right?) during a Music Bank performance of “I Need A Girl.”  Taeyang is truly taking it “international” and making his way to the rest of Asia.  In the clip, the reporter also introduces SOLAR Deluxe Edition.  I did not know Taeyang was popular or even known by the general public in Taiwan.

^^Just wanted to share since I know we have some Mandarin speaking readers! Thanks FatouYBVIP@twitter for tweeting!

Keep reading for interview translations!


MC: Hey, today at Music Bank’s backstage, check this out…I’m interviewing TaeYang!

TaeYang: Yeah *laughs shyly*

MC: Hello (in Korean)

TaeYang: Hello, this is TaeYang, what’s goin’ on Channel V!

MC: Yeah, finally we can see TaeYang on Taiwanese media. There are many TaeYang fans in Taiwan, they like TaeYang a lot! Shall we take this opportunity to say a few words to Taiwanese fans?

TaeYang: To fans in Taiwan, pleased to meet you, it sure feels good to see all of you. I hope to have more opportunities to meet you all. It’s really nice to meet all of you.

MC: Ok, well in fact at the backstage, there’s always a lot of waiting time, for example right now at this Music Bank backstage, so normally during waiting time, what does TaeYang normally do?

TaeYang: Normally before I go on stage, I will think back and forth about things on the stage. Before I get on stage, I will continue to imagine my movements on stage (Sono’s note: dance steps, facial expressions perhaps?), at the same time relax myself. Before I get on stage, I try my best to empty myself.

MC: So, normally before the real performance, he has to be very very focused, by using what method can you maintain your focused emotion?

TaeYang: For example I like to listen to songs, or rest with my eyes closed, try my best to get some alone time. Everyone who watches Music Bank can see that there are a lot of people in the resting room, so I will go to the washroom or somewhere on my own, and find ways to relax myself, and get some alone time.

MC: Okay, because performing alone and in a group must have a big difference right? So between these two, in TaeYang’s point of view, does he feel any difference?

TaeYang: After all, my stage is 100% in my own hand; but Big Bang’s stage is the combination of all members’ opinions. So this part may not be the same, but no matter what, the music that we intend to make, and the attitude that we carry is the same. So, there really is nothing much that is especially different. Just that in Big Bang, we can proceed with different variation of music, but by doing solo, we can develop our own stronger charisma.

MC: Okay, today we are very happy to be able to meet TaeYang at the backstage, hopefully he can come to Taiwan soon to meet everybody. Thank you TaeYang, thank you.

TaeYang: Thank you (in Mandarin).

MC: Thank you (in Korean).

TaeYang: Thank you Channel V (in Mandarin). Thanks so much.

Translated by & Credit: Sono@21BANGS.com

24 thoughts on “Taeyang goes to Taiwan!”

  1. yeah his popular in Taiwan check youtube look how many variety show contestant cover his song last week there a young skinny girl dance to where u at she did good.

  2. Hahaha….I was like, “What! When did he go to Taiwan!”. Totally tricked by Tofu!!!

    Looks like YB is just starting to realize how popular he is internationally! Now it’s just time to get an international tour from him!!!

    Hmmm…Korean, Japanese, English…..and maybe Mandarin? YB is just the best!

  3. Oh My god!!!! I would have screamed like mad if I saw this on TV~~~~

    Hahahahhahaha~ On Taiwan channel~~ >w<

    This MC is actually quite famous for introducing Big Bang into Taiwan… He hosted a similar program like this, but on MTV. Talking about Kpop and Jpop.

    And I think that's mostly how some fans came to be VIPs and others Tae Yang fans.

    YB has a lot of male fans in Taiwan too 😀 Fanboys for the win!

    Hopefully when he goes to Taiwan I'll be there as well, LOL.

    I was tricked by the post title as well, I was like "What!?!?!? He came to Taiwan and I'm down here in Australia???" XDDD

  4. aww ❤

    I was more distracted by the welcome gif that the interview itself. -.-' haha 😀

    I think its pretty much the same question he's been asked. I wonder how many times a day does he get this kind of questions. would be pretty annoying if it were for me. :((

  5. hey guys i know this has nothing to do with this, but does anyone who knows korean translate this for me please, pretty please & thankyou!

    방송을 준비하면서 정신이 없어 미처 신경쓰지 못했습니다. 앞으로는 작은부분 하나하나 더 주의해서 이런일이 없도록 하겠습니다. 죄송합니다.

    it was off youngbae oppa’s twitter, ♡

    1. He’s saying sorry for what his shirt said during mnet countdown. The shirt said F*** you & you know how netizens roll. They jumped on his back like a pack of wolves.

      I think he was saying was that he didn’t really think about his wardrobe when he was preparing for the broadcast and because he overlooked it, for that he was sorry and will try to pay attention to details in the future.

  6. Kinda know that a lot of taiwan artists did dance covers of WUA. but the interview really proved his popularity. ^^

  7. lol i KINDA knew people knew him in Taiwan but i didn’t think he was like a HUGE thing there. ddaayuumm. lol, they know SNSD too i think, and Wonder Girls. well at least their famous songs like Gee and Nobody (, nobody but chu!)
    haha on my asian chinese radio, they were singing nobody LOL.

    okay back to taeyang. u guys ever heard of/watched Hi! My Sweetheart with Rainie + Show Luo/Xiao Zhu/Mushroom Head? well Xiao Zhu has his own show, he’s a co-host with Xiao Gui, and this dude came on tha show dancing Where U At long time ago, AHAH. i stumbled across it when i was watching Taeyang and i was like…wait isn’t this Xiao Zhu’s show? meaning TAIWAN KNOWS TAEYANG? WAAAAT~? ehehe…♥

  8. hey guys, thanks for the help! i had a feeling it had something to do with that, though i just wanted to make sure! Poor oppa! Though it wasnt his fault, but im so over it, at least he doesnt say the word its all good! =D ♡

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