Round 2: Covers, covers and more covers~

I’m back with more covers! Round 1, if you missed it, was filled with great covers.I love people trying their own interpretations of Taeyang’s song, below is, one of my favs 🙂 Check out more covers, parodies and dance covers!

^LOL. so random, but pretty funny.


29 thoughts on “Round 2: Covers, covers and more covers~”

  1. I really love the two acoustic covers the best. The slower tempo is so soothing and makes me wonder what this song would have sounded like if it was sung as a ballad. I hope YB does choose to do this at his solo concert because it’s so pretty that way. The Anthony Conley one is really good too. His dimples, voice and Korean is killing me. I really enjoyed listening to him sing. Thanks for posting these, Kay. 🙂

  2. First one is so relaxing. Anthony’s cover makes me smile.. 🙂 i love the rap too!

    ROFL@the parody! i laugh from the beginning till the end.. XD

  3. I was enjoying the parody so much, then something clicked.

    “Oh crap, the kiss scene is coming up”


    Good on them. 😀

  4. oh my gosh!! i simply loved the last one!! it’s so hilarious!! imagine if YB saw this.. i bet he’ll have a wide smile plastered on his face & also a laughing session.. kudos to them for making it funny!! 😀

  5. LOL the last one was so random and hilarious! 😀 and the second acoustic version is my favourite INAG cover up to date for some reason ever since I heard it a while ago!

  6. Bumkey is a real kpop singer, he did a lot of feat with very famous people like Epik high, Supreme Team , Tbny, Dynamic Duo and Dok2…

  7. anthony kim’s cover is the best by far for me. so soothing and beautiful. loved his explanation for doing the song in a much slower tempo “to emphasize the I NEED A GIRL theme”. :)) love his voice. loved the video too. ♥♥♥

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