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Taeyang Fansite Birthday Projects!

May 18 is around the corner and our 1988 baby is adding on another year!

In line with this, Taeyang fans from all over have been preparing different projects to celebrate his birthday in a meaningful and heartfelt way. Here are a list of projects from different Taeyang fansites that are open to international fans to join.

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Double take: TY (fan) in Bangkok

As Taeyang heads off with Big Bang and the YG Family artists to Japan for their concert this weekend, let’s amuse ourselves elsewhere in the meantime.

Some of you may have already seen videos of the Thai Big Bang dance cover group Lollipop CZ with their uncanny TY counterpart in action. The group had a chance to impress kpop group 2PM and it seems like even they were surprised at the spot-on impersonation. Seems their “Taeyang” is really a TY fanboy in more ways than one…

Here are more videos of Lollipop CZ in action:

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More fan covers and parodies!

I gotta hand it to the Taeyang fandom – especially the fanboys – you all are so dang creative…and just plain awesome?  Check out these recent parodies of “Wedding Dress.”  I guess all the boys are done with being heartbroken and rolling in the laughs.  Enjoy and two thumbs up to all the fans out there!

I’m astounded by the quality and the HD-ness of these videos!

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Taeyang goes to Taiwan!

Errr not literally, but he was interviewed by V Channel (Taiwan right?) during a Music Bank performance of “I Need A Girl.”  Taeyang is truly taking it “international” and making his way to the rest of Asia.  In the clip, the reporter also introduces SOLAR Deluxe Edition.  I did not know Taeyang was popular or even known by the general public in Taiwan.

^^Just wanted to share since I know we have some Mandarin speaking readers! Thanks FatouYBVIP@twitter for tweeting!

Keep reading for interview translations!

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This is a love letter to the fanboys…

Not that we don’t love you fangirls and fanmoms (yes, fanmoms because the 80% of Taeyang’s fandom do more worrying than fangirling), but what makes Taeyang slightly different from the rest of mainstream Kpop is his appeal to both females and males.  But it seems the fanboys are better at expressing their love for Taeyang than us girls are.  Most of the awesome covers and dance videos on youtube that launched his international popularity were done by fanboys.  It’s really interesting if you ask me.

So this is my and ATY’s love letter to all the fanboys out there.  Fanboys, WHERE U AT?

Lets analyze and learn from how they crush on Taeyang:

1) There’s no better way to tell the world than sporting your Deluxe Edition shirt and matching it with the “T” symbol imprinted on your head.  *two thumbs up*

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Hip-Hop artist, Joosuc’s love call to Taeyang

Looks like JooSuc (주석 ) is a new addition to Taeyang’s already long list of celebrity fans.  Joosuc, a (underground) hip-hop artist, also wants to work with our boy.  Check out his love message, complete with romantic piano music, to Taeyang on a recent radio show:

Source: 21bangs

It says he’s a R&B artist, but I think he’s rapper – more hip-hop than R&B.  His message was so adorable!  “This is kind of weird.”

More music from JooSuc under the cut!

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Taeyang launches his official Facebook!

Yes.  The man has arrived.  Being the Facebook junkie/addict that I am, I’m content.  (More like batshizzles off the wall crazy happy.)  Next stop: Youtube.

Follow him…LIKE him…support him, but as we’ve said before restrain the creepiness.  Feel free to be creepy here though.

For those suspicious, I was too.  I’ve been liking this “Taeyang” on Facebook for a while now, but with Facebook’s new liking feature where you automatically like a page when you type it in your profile, there’s over 100,000 people liking Taeyang already.  I got a tip from a K-fan who got it from a tweet of a person who works for YG Entertainment.  Other reasons why I think it’s real is that it’s super updated with Taeyang goodies and has an ad for  So as far as we know, it’s real.