12.16.09 “Teen Idols who Deserve More Attention”

**NOTE: This article is a complete translation of what the writer has written as HER point of view. Some of you may not agree with her and some will, you are welcome to share your opinion HOWEVER,  please be nice. We want to share all news about Taeyang and as per blogger request, we’ve translated this one.

Like it or not, there are several members in a boy/girl group and they are usually divided into members who stand out quickly and those who take time to bloom and reveal their true charm and talent. They may belong to the same group but the amount of popularity each member enjoys varies widely. Naturally, there are boy/girl group members I think deserve more attention and popularity.

First on my list is TaeYang, a member of the boy band Big Bang, which took the title of the best boy group from TBSK while the latter was in a slump.

I bet there are people who would say, “Is it even possible for them to get any more attention than they are getting now?” However, I know for a fact that TaeYang is not getting as much recognition as he deserves for what he is capable of and wouldn’t hesitate to put him on the top of my list.

First, people have extremely polarized views when it comes to Big Bang – you either love them or hate them. At the root of this is G-Dragon, another Big Bang member. The gap between his devoted fans who support him no matter what he does – be it plagiarizing or putting on a controversial performance during his concert – and the general public who feel sickened by the fact that he can be so thick-skinned about what he obviously did wrong and that his fans still support him remains wide. With G-Dragon getting a hefty chunk of the media attention, I wouldn’t blame the other members if they felt that they are being left out.

In 2008, TaeYang released his first single “Look Only at Me,” which topped various music show charts. Whether it was thanks to Big Bang’s popularity or TaeYang’s own legion of loyal fans, it showed that TaeYang, too, had a solid fan base.

Truthfully speaking, with its direct message that “I can do whatever I want but you shouldn’t do any of those things I do,” “Look Only at Me” was a song that typified the bad boy attitude. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, the sensational dance skills TaeYang showcased during his LOaM performances is one of the reasons why I think he deserves the top spot on my list today.

TaeYang recently came back with “Wedding Dress.” Again, I wouldn’t go so far as to say I love the song or his vocal skills are underrated but wouldn’t hesitate to say his performances are simply phenomenal. We saw a glimpse of what he could do in the LOaM video and now his skills have been completely upgraded in Wedding Dress.

Wedding Dress is obviously not one of those so-called hook songs that entail addiction but watching him perform makes one think that Korea can now proudly declare that we have a singer/performer who is not half bad. I wouldn’t say his vocal skills are brilliant (although his fans would say so) but should admit that he does a good job being dead on in conveying the appropriate emotions and singing songs the way they are supposed to be sung. Simply watching him move on the stage is a feast for my eyes.

His popularity would skyrocket if he could add more popular appeal to his music but I am pleased to see him focus on putting on better performances, which makes me think that it would make it easier for Big Bang to build a wider fan base if TaeYang was the group’s front man instead of G-Dragon, who is all style and no substance.

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I found this article quite interesting and it’s always good to read something from a different perspective – especially when its not a fan-writer (writer who not a fan) but someone being objective bout what they’re truly seeing. Do I agree with everything – No. I don’t think Taeyang is in it for his popularity to “skyrocket” because if that had been the case he would have created “Gee 2” already and trust me, he makes up for all 9 girls in the cuteness department (~lol). However, this writer seems a bit angred by what, I think alot of Taeyang fans feel right now as well…that frustration of how Wedding Dress is not being so widely accepted nor appreciated by someone who puts on a hell of a show every music video, live and radio performance to bring pure music. Theres nothing attached with Taeyang – he gives you music and dance – no gimmicks, no flashy and no news….that’s what I love about him most….and I agree with this writer on that aspect.

As for the GD comments  – I’ll leave that for you all to discuss…be nice.
Debates/Discussions are healthy, as long as they’re respectful!

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  1. true true true say


    to be honest…i admire alot…some friends say too much…

    but really…musically speaking…i wouldn’t go as far as saying that his vocals are awesommeeeeee but…still…watching him or hearing him is like…awesome lmfaooo

    anyways…well said well said

  2. This article is quite profound in its perspective. WE’ve all heard here and there that Taeyang takes the back burner when he is in Big Bang even though he deems the title “lead vocalist”, but if you’ve noticed, his singing parts are equal, if not less, than the other two singers of the group. I love that Big Bang have such diverse talents, but I think Taeyang’s style cannot be fully expressed when he’s with the group because the style is not as appealing to Korean fans as that of the other members, (say G-Dragon). (But we all know, if any member even had a chance to make it in the U.S, it would be Taeyang). I think we can all agree, Taeyang needs more recognition than what he is getting right now.

  3. @jayvu – I think that’s the reason why the recent discussion about TY debuting in the US has flared up so much….the fact that his music (not him) is being underappreciated bug the hell out of alot of fans….and we all know his song would be appreciated so much more here…already international fans are wild about him and his music…..

  4. I guess.. I would like to say no comment..

    But I can’t let this pass… I also Love Taeyang’s simplicity.
    As for the comment about GD, I think its too harsh..
    That’s GD’s trademark.. his style which captures too many attention, without it, it wouldn’t be GD.

    And, as for it having no substance.. I think it does, because if it doesn’t have, then it wouldn’t be noticed in the 1st place..

    Gee… Gee. Bang.. Bang… GD leads Bigbang very well.

  5. i agree w/ the writer. Wedding Dress is such a good song. unfortunately, i dont think kpop is ready for that kind of genre. also, im at a lost as to how YG’s marketing/promoting Taeyang these days. it’s like he’s got no direction. when does he even plan to release TY’s new album?

    as for the GD comment, i know the guy has been faced with so much negative issues this yr but saying he’s all abt style & no substance is too much. the guy works hard. i just think his ideas are more often un-idol-like and that’s when he gets in trouble.

  6. As for Taeyang should get more recognition..

    I guess he is getting it.. Going into US market is not that easy though Bigbang or Taeyang already had a solid international fanbase… I don’t think that’s enough…

    Let’s wait for it.. hopefully.. not so long…

    Aigoo… am not sure if YB is getting the attention he deserves…
    Do we have the right to say something about it?

  7. that was a good read
    taeyangs career would skyrocket if his music was more “catchier” or “a club banger” idk
    but kay is right, taeyang isnt in it for popularity
    he sincerely has a passion for music and dance

    i do feel that wedding dress needs more recognition but everyone wants a catchy tune to make their day brighter which is fine
    but DAMN wedding dress is hekka good

    taeyang is true to music and dance
    hes original and classic
    no need to cross dress like GD
    SIKE im kdding

    i have no clue about GD’s situation.. plagiarizing?
    but i guess he is a little overrated

  8. Okay, I am going to say something about GD. He’s cool, and I’ve accepted his ways, however, I will say that his fans are scary. Maybe not so much his international fans because some have accepted what he did was a little TOO much~ I mean we all love out of the box and different ~ but not when you’re going up against the Korean law and refusing to listen to repeated warnings…..however, GD’s fans have forgiven him for almost anything and everything….it scares me how some fans have lost rational thinking and I’m worried….if GD gets caught drunk driving tomorrow and does something terrible – would ya’ll forgive him for that as well?

    Okay, that’s it. I do think GD’s getting it harsh right now (and it was his vision of how he wants his concert)….however, he did go against the law, and I don’t care if you’re the guy next door or the freakin president….Korean Laws are insane, they’re crazy and they need to be followed to live in the country. When you’re the leader of one of the most hottest kpop bands, I just expect the leader to be a good leader, but when the leader is getting in hot water all the time…what are we suppose to think….which i think is the reasoning behind the writer saying “If Taeyang were the leader….” << not me, writer…..

  9. I think Taeyang doesn’t get notice like the other members because he has like a shy personality and maybe doesn’t have that bad boy image like G-dragon that gets into trouble most of the time. In my opinion I love his music and I think he can sang very well, but he doesn’t get the credit that he deserves because most people would just brush him off. To me he is a layed back dude who likes R&B music if he changed then more people will start to get on him saying negative things about him. That’s just my opinion. What about 2pm, everyone knows that Nickhun is the most popular, I wish that everyone will get more exposed just not one person.

  10. My thoughts exactly lol as for the GD comment it’s not really harsh. The way he phrased his concern made me think that he is a married man in his 30’s. Anyway as long as TY creates the music that he wants and made from his creation his gonna do fine. But like in any form of entertainment media is always that source of leverage that could be your good friend or your hated enemy and for me it’s a good thing that TY isn’t always on the media cause in that way he wont get affected by menial problems and just do his thang but bad as well since he wont get as much exposure. As long as the music is good than im up for it exposure exposure yada yada whatever as long as the results are good than that in itself is good enough.

  11. I’m gonna come back later and comment but Bae’s vocals, while they could always be improved, they are amazing especially coming from someone who started off rapping. And I wholeheartedly believe he’s underrated. *I was just having this convo with my mom the other day and she was baffled at the little recognition he receives*

    As for the GD topic I’m still a firm believer that his way of expression isn’t what Korea is used to and they view a lot of it in a negative light. Granted some of the things he’s done are controversial but saying he’s all style and no substance seemed too harsh to me. I may be a big GD fan *and an even bigger Bae fan ;P* I’m not one to sugar coat something when that I disagree with just because I’m a fan. As for the plagarizing thing I’m sick of hearing it, the subjects old let’s move on, if u believe it was plagarized then that’s your opinion but stop bringing it up already. Not to mention Right Round wasn’t even original to begin with, and no one criticized P Diddy when he went off sampling everyones music and made hits, look where he’s sitting now.

  12. well said. taeyang is not getting enough attention from his fellow Koreans. thats true! BUT i don’t think taeyang cares about his popularity though. i just hope he continue making music of his own. i admire him a lot & i admire his music.

  13. @Britt, I agree with u, it may be because of his shy personality compared to GD. I find this article very interesting and once again, thanks for sharing. I do believe that Taeyang has more to give and at times I do believe that a limit is put on him and he is not getting enough attention, but then again that’s just my opinion. All I can say is as Taeyang fans, we should continue to support and show love to our boy because he deserves our love.

    Taeyang xxxxx

  14. @kay I agree with you on the leadership part I think that’s how the writer interpreted it as well. But to me GD is in fact a good leader and if he wasn’t TY would also be a good leader however we wont know how vocal TY would be in interviews unlike GD who always has something to say but if GD had a say he would probably pick TY as the best choice hehe. In a business stand point it’s a perfect idea for having GD as a the main person because he stands out the most. Lol im not gonna overburden myself by such things so ima just wait if TY improves musically see everyone has a good time isn’t that all we want hehe good music and good performances win win haha.

  15. I agree with the G dragon part I know hes the leader of Big Bang and that hes good as being the leader and that Tae Yang doesnt hate him but I just cant bring myself to like him I just dont know what it is. This is a shocker to me because I came from Loving Tae Yang and hating his big bang then to liking Big Bang and all the members (especially TOP ^^) but i just cant seem to like G dragon (Dont ask me why its just this instinct inside of me thats telling me not to like him which has never happened to me when talking about a singer)

    The Next thing I dont agree with her saying Tae Yangs vocals are bad, compared to others hes preaty good, Im not saying that working on his vocals wont hurt since if we all know Tae Yang if he works hard enough he can do anything and working on them would bring amazing results but still I love his vocals now. But I agree his performances are the best Ive ever seen. And truelly I agree I Love Tae Yang I want him to do well better than any other artist out there because he has the talent and capability but it just seems (right now ) that hes not getting as much attention. He should be getting attention for bring out his new solo cd but instead the focus is on G dragon and his plagerizim or something.

    As a true Tae Yang Fan I want all the attention to be focused on him but it feels like nobodys noticing how great he is which just pissess me off.

  16. Plus Taeyang is a great role model and always strives to be the best he can be. I can understand why popularity may not be a major issue to Taeyang; as he said beautifully, he wanted to make meaningful music that would touch the heart of people. There is a difference of making music just to make money and gain quick popularity and them making music that is meaningful, and that’s where Taeyang falls into place. Yet again genre could be an issue, YB’s R/B compared to up tempo songs. Which one do ppl prefer?

  17. @Armani – then what is the point of releasing in a country who doesn’t prefer you’re music anyway? You know what I mean……now that I look at it, kinda makes me think if he’s wasting time almost convincing the audiences to try R&B……not that Koreans don’t like R&B, its just not the majority, or I feel maybe people don’t give it as much of a chance, or its just not tasteful and completely a cultural thing….

    If I’m trynig to make any sense, its like a restaurant serving sushi in a country that only likes pasta…..the sushi maker keeps trying, puts in different things, jazzing it up but still trying to keep the authentic flavour however, everyone just wants pasta and only pasta! So why not head over to the sushi loving country instead? Let the pasta eaters keep eating their fancy pasta while the sushi maker moves on to atleast being appreciated for his awesome sushi?

    Kay’s officially gone nuts…I know that analogy is horrible >.< ~hah.

  18. hmmmmm….
    i have so many things to say…
    but i’d rather not say those not-so-nice things…
    I wouldn’t care if Tae Yang has only 1 fan, as long as he keeps his music real, i deffy label him a REAL musician. who cares about the candified korean charts? he has more to offer, don’t just judge him on one thing.
    and sure, GD can be flashy, but I swear there’s a conspiracy behind this whole GD/YG scandals lately…
    it’s not like jiyong DID go drunk driving and DID a hit-and-run…
    he was being an entertainer, doing his own thing. sure there was a fault w/ the 12 yrs olds there, but the situation deffy blew out of proportion as he is of now “under criminal investigation”. what do they want jiyong to do? quit showbiz? it’s crazy, i tell you. it’s not like he INTENTED to make his title song plagiarized. a lot of HIP HOP songs sound similar, gosh, get over it.
    if the pioneers of HIP HOP had listened to the american government at the late 80’s because the govt saw their music as too violent/sexual no matter how real it was, would you guys see idol groups having rap parts in their songs today? lol.
    this problem was not suppose to be this big, but of course, jiyong is big and the bigger you are, the bigger your problems are (quote BIGGIE, R.I.P.).
    hence i say…there’s a CONSPIRACY going on…
    this is just a small problem. by the time it’s over, we all would just scoff about it.
    i won’t be supporting jiyong if, say, he KILLED someone. but this is a STAGED CONCERT, people. haters just love ruining the “entertaining” purpose of the entertainment industry. much love to my boys and MUCH MUCH MORE LOVE to my Dong Bae. tee hee. i’m addicted to DCYB now…;p

  19. Dun understand why some ppl try to compare TY and GD. They have their own strength and weakness. I like TY songs and voice but I like GD as a person. Fans forgive GD for whatever he did. I think it is not because they are blind or lost rational thinking. They like GD as who he is. You either accept or reject…afterall TY and GD are best friends:)
    Wanna see how BB is going to be like if TY is the leader though!!!

  20. ok, here I go. Damn, i wanted to go to sleep, but for some reason, I have an urge to write something.

    First, I’ll get the GD issue out of the way. Concerning the controversies surrounding his concert, I agree 110% with “eShY”. The issue is actually much larger than GD, this is about freedom of expression, being uncensored, and breaking boundaries. Korea cannot and will not move forward w/ their tight laws if ppl don’t break them. Same thing happened when Rock/Rap music became mainstream..ppl were protesting left right and centre. And now look at these 2 genres. I for one stand by GD and YG’s decision regarding this matter. As for the ‘plagiarizing’ accusations, I think it is more like ‘sampling’, but nonetheless, i was still disappointed..esp since this is his first solo album.

    Ok, now to YB. I know I’ve said this before; that I want him to win awards, I want him to be more recognized blah blah blah. And I still stand by that..HOWEVER, I don’t think YB should change just to fulfill this. And I think I’ll have to disagree w/ you Kay about YB “wasting time”, tying to persuade the korean audience to try R&B. I don;t really think that’s YB’s goal. He is singing and performing his style of music b/c of the simple fact that this is the type of music he enjoys…it would only be an added bonus if he happens to change ppl’s minds towards R&B.
    Promotions for YB have been horrible, but I’m really hoping and praying that once his album drops, YG will do something…ANYTHING..to advertise YB. I mean seriously, it’s ridiculous the route they are taking right now.

    About GD having no substance….I don’t think that’s fair. The boy is talented..in different ways than YB is. YB is more of a performer, an entertainer, someone who shines in front of the camera. While GD shines, in my opinion, behind the scenes, with his lyrics, and composing skills. He has skills, no doubt, just different from taeyang. And honestly speaking, although I am a YB-fanatic, I cannot say that Big Bang would be better of as him being leader..GD is much more leader material than YB. I think somebody else said that YB is more “co-leader” type…and no, this does not mean he is any less of an artist. It just means that GD is much more focused and goal-orientated and precise..even from a young age, and knows how to take authority. YB helps with encouraging the group, through guidance and motivation. They make a good team together.

  21. gosh darn it, YG better tell us a damn good promotional plan for YB next month or Imma join this writer and write my own vengence note ~lol.

    I love YG and the fambam but I think we’ve been all sitting patiently watching YG’s so called “strategy” for YB fail….plummet….go..down…the….drain….

    @dilani – no worries, i was trying to make sense of what I think may be going on with the music..I really think its a culturally thing and nothing else….

    for instance, R&B would never ever work in India, actually it would epically fail to abymssal roots of a tree because we live, breathe and eat Bollywood…..this is my line of thinking for why WD “may” not be working…..

  22. GD= no substance???
    (haha ok i’ll be nice)
    I disagree. Although Taeyang is AMAZING and SUPER EVERYTHING (heh.), I think our Kwon Jiyong is the perfect leader. Youngbae is the soft, encouraging, backbone of Big Bang (as they often classified him as in various interviews), where as Jiyongie is the one who isn’t afraid to sometimes push the boys, to nag them and get them into shape if he has to. Not to mention, of course, his work behind the scenes, such as composing and producing, etcetera. I just think that perhaps, Big Bang would not be where they are today without charismatic and talented G-Dragon as their leader.
    I love GDYB!
    I’m done.
    P.S. I got the Big Bang 2010 Calendars from YGeShop today…
    and what can I say, FAB!!! But I wish YB would smile more in photoshoots.
    Why the serious face? ='(
    In any case, HOT HOT HOT! ❤

  23. I definitely agree with the fact that Taeyang should really be getting more recognition for Wedding Dress. He puts so much emotion and effort into each show, oh my goodness.

    and just LOL at the GD thing. I have no comment for that.

  24. Yup, that was a good read.. And I agree with the title. But even though he isn’t getting much “attention,” the fact that his fans enjoy his music is good enough, for me.
    So keep rocking, TY!!

  25. Gosh! This is a foolish article.

    Seeing this sentence, I thought the writer didn’t understand Taeyang’s music well. She is not a professional critic but a ignorant writer. Actually Korean fans just did ignore and forget this rash stuff.

  26. OMG thank you so much for translating this article. I posted it in the chatbox hoping it would be translated because it made me feel better that someone in Korea felt YB and WD was underappreciated and it wasn’t just the international fans.

    Now on to what the author wrote. First why did she have to bring GD up and end the article with a jab at him. I understand the urge to compare the two since i do it all the time. I know people say you shouldn’t compare the two because they have different styles, musical interests and are best friends but come on as the only two BB members to release solo albums and the ones who have been in YG the longest, its a natural comparison. But I wish the author hadn’t because it takes away from the valid points she made. Instead of focusing on YB, by book-ending the article with snide remarks about GD she makes him the focal point and seems to just be using YB to stick it to GD.

    On to her points about YB, finally someone comes out and says what needs to be said. I feel like everybody has been tiptoeing around the fact that WD is not being received as well as everyone hoped it would be or as well as it should be.

    We all know and respect YB for making the type of music he likes more than that with popular appeal (though popular appeal is relative) but it has to really suck to see everyone around you topping charts especially after his first solo single did so well. More than not topping the charts because sometimes that happens the lack of interest is what is pissing me off. It just seems like he is floundering and YG and VIPs aren’t doing anything to help him. The lack of enthusiasm for his performances compared to when he did LOAM is irritating, and I know at the beginning he told them not to yell but its more than that. Also wasn’t WD supposed to be fully promoted so why isn’t he one shows like chocolate and madam b’s salon again and why are the radio shows so few and far between. I thought YBs promotion the first time around was short and strained since he was also recording for BBs album and touring but this time it is worst and I didn’t think that was possible. Come on YG why haven’t you said anything about YB in you’re recent statements since you seem to be mentioning everyone else. I wish YG or YB would come out and say that the strategy didn’t work like they hoped but YB will continue to promote the song because the whole point was to promote as long as possible and be on the lookout for his title song because it will blow people away. Its really simple.

    Anyway I am beginning to ramble but as a YB fan, I just want him to get all the love he deserves and thats not happening right now from the fans which is regrettable but it is the music industry and thats one of the pitfalls, you never know how people are going to respond to you work. Its nice that other people in Korea are aware of this as well.

  27. @ dilani
    You really said it all. I agree with you on everything you wrote with 110%! Especially on the GD as the leader part. The group would have been so different if GD wasn’t the leader. We love BB because they are what they are. It might be exciting to play with the thought of YB being the leader of “today’s BB”. But what if he was the leader from the very beginning? I’m positive that BB wouldn’t have the essence they have today. Taeyang truly is the sun of the group and catch the members when they feel like falling but that doesn’t necessarily make him a suitable leader for the group. They all have their unique role in the group and contribute in different ways and with positions being switched, the balance would just not be right in my honest opinion.

  28. Firstly, Tnx for translating the article. =)

    Wow after reading everyone’s comment, I can’t help but feel as a fan, I’ve done nothing but fangirl over YB and not truly appreciate him as the musician YB really is and as deep as you guys have.

    As for me, I do think that WD was underappreciated by the majority of fans. And I thought I was alone in ‘feeling’ that way… And as for the lack of promotion, I think it’s due to BB still being ‘somewhat active’ in Japan. So ladies just hold on for a little while more as I have a strong feeling that once the 2nd album drops, the ‘plan’ YG has for YB would be unveiled. Have faith ladies. ^.^

    HOWEVER, should the whole lack of promotion still carry on EVEN AFTER THE RELEASE OF THE ALBUM, then I only have one thing to say to THAT DUDE IN –CHARGE OF YG: ‘WTF is wrong with you YG?! Liar liar pants on fire!’

  29. quite interesting!!
    i just think that GD is the perfect choice as the leader of BIGBANG!!~based on many things!!
    we all know that taeyang has a great talent just as all other BB members!!
    they had different personalities GD is more like a leader and teyang is the guy who will cool GD down when he’s really really upset(mad)!!
    (as we can see in THE MAKING OF BIGBANG)!!

    we shouldn’t compare both of them..RIGHT?!
    just be happy with the choice that GD is the leader and we should keep supporting them no matter what happen!!

  30. Wow, I love what everyone has said here, and also thanks for the translation!! 🙂

    My feelings after I read the article are a bit all over the place, and I have a feeling this is going to be an essay, so anyone reading my comment bear with me.

    First the GD thing… I have been REALLY confused about how I should feel about him. Like Kay, I don’t really like his fans since they put him up like a god… Anything he does is oh so lovely, wonderful, great. It really sickens me. Second reason is because (I think) he has a lot of media attention that he just doesn’t need, in short, overrated. Yes, he’s unique, yes he’s talented, yes he plagiarized, he’s blah blah blah. I DON’T NEED TO KNOW ALL THIS!!!! Over and over again… It drives me insane.

    But half of my annoyance comes from me being a YB fan. I love YB and his music, heck I love his personality. Yet the poor boy’s so underrated, and he works so hard for EVERY LITTLE THING he does….. From experience, I can tell you that when you work so hard yet there’s no recognition of your efforts, it’s just the saddest feeling in the world…. But that’s just me… LOL

    Wedding Dress isn’t being appreciated either, and I feel sad for him. Since he worked so hard for it. But I know YB creates music not for his own profit, but to touch the hearts of people. Which just makes me want to hug the heck out of him if I can. He really is a wonderful and true musician. Not an idol, but a musician. A musician that just creates music just because – simple – he loves it.

    Basically I agree with what the writer has said about YB and WD’s lack of attention. From my comments about GD… well they speak for themselves…

    I disagree with the comment “if GD and YB switched roles though”.
    Leadership skills is a gift, some people have it some people don’t. It can also be learnt but it’s a pretty hard road… Personality wise, I don’t think YB would be able to make the same Big Bang that GD has helped to shape today. Yes, YB motivates, encourages, and cares for people (and that’s why I love him), but with his introvert personality he wouldn’t take BB far. And that’s where GD’s extrovert character comes in. While YB’s shy, GD’s outgoing and bluntly tells the others what they’re doing is wrong/this needs to be fixed, etc. etc. GDYB are like two parts of a whole, and that’s what makes them a great team and BFFs~ XD

    I’ve got to say the last sentence was totally not necessary.. GD does have substance, otherwise, why would he be the “hot topic” of newspapers and cameras? He’s different, he stands out and when somebody stands out it’s either they’re stupid (which GD’s not), or they have something that nobody else has got before – a.k.a. – substance.

    What I said about GD in the beginning was a bit harsh, but “it’s been on ma mind for a while, gotta get this off my chest” – to quote from YB “Look Only At Me” – if that helps or anything…. 😛

    YB’s my fav. and I don’t want to see such a good musician ruined by poor promotions or a poor schedule…. So YG better keep his promise about these promotions for his coming album to be a benefit not a loss…. Or else…..= =+
    (though I can’t really do anything to be realistic….Ha~)

    YB fighting!!! BB fighting!!!! (I don’t know what to say to GD… though I feel sorry that he’s going through “criminal investigation” and either going to be fined or jailed… [it was his first concert too…geez…] but be strong and this whole thing will pass, please keep note that you’re big in Korea and what you do matters A LOT so be careful….*pat pat*)

  31. I agree with the writer only that as a fan too of GD, I can’t say he has NO SUBSTANCE. GD, though, overhyped, is truly talented. His controversial stunts and fashion are what makes him attract unnecessary media attention and haters. But you gotta admit, he’s makin good music!

    As for YB, I’m saddened by the fact that he’s not being widely recognized but I think he likes it that way so just let him be. As long he is makin music that he really likes and he’s happy then we should be happy for him too. But the inner fangirl in me wants him to at least at the level of GD’s popularity and number of fans.

  32. As much as the writer doesn’t like GD for supposed all style and no substance, I’m not quite sure they stepped back to realize just how much GD’s work AND style has brought BB where they are today. *Not to mention she’s feeding into GD as much as his devoted fans are* As much as I am a Bae fan there wouldn’t be a Big Bang today without GD. GD’s personality, high expectations, and driving leadership skills are what got them where they are today, and the perfect example is from their documentary. YB’s very talented but his personaility isn’t the best for a leader, he could step up to the plate but we wouldn’t be discussing the same BB that broke boundaries in such a short time. I agree that the issue is far biger than GD but I do think GD is the one making the biggest strides toward more freedom of expression. He’s obviously sick of the cookie cutter fame and to be standing by your opinion and not backing down is something I commend him for, even though some of his methods may go a bit far especially with the concert situation. He is the ambassador of law and *something else xD* so in that light he did make a poor decision.

    Also yes the writers point is an objective one but their missing some *imo* key facts in their arguement.

  33. I agree that Taeyang should be doing more promotions with WD. I feel like instead of shining brightly like the sun he is. He’s being overshadowed with everything that’s happening with GD. Even 2NE1 gets better spotlight and I like them too but its not fair since its his second album. YB should speak up or YG should start to realize “hey this isn’t going anywhere time to change plans” and put TY out there more.

    About TY being the leader instead of GD well even if TY were the leader I think GD would still had been the one taking the spotlight that’s just who he is. They are like fire and water. TY puts out GD when he’s mad or feels pressured. That’s why they make great friends but GD fits the role of a leader better even though his recent actions weren’t leader material. All leaders sooner or later make mistakes but they know how to pick themselves up GD will get back up as a leader. But like Kay said he’s fan sure are scary!

    I guess we all just have to be VERY patient and wait to see what happens once TY album drops. Which I can’t wait! Lol 🙂

    On another note I’m happy to see that we all have been very respectful even though we disagree and agree like true TY fans. Go Youngbae fans!! 🙂

  34. I’m pretty amazed with this blog. Only here I can read healthy and intelligent posts and it makes me feel proud that I’m YB’s fan. His fans are just like him– calm, deep and intelligent. 🙂

    GDYB FTW! They are both great, talented, opposite in a lot of ways but heck, they are the bestest of best friends!! GD once said he will choose YB to be at his side at his deathbed. 😉

  35. okay… Taeyang is no doubt a genuine performer.. he shines best when he do his craft which is dancing smoothly and grooving that R&B music.. he is really unique in his own way.. as for not getting the attention he needs.. maybe i should disagree to that.. he does get the attention he deserves but not all.. it’s really sad that his song is somewhat not accepted that much in korea.. now come on.. you can’t listen to trot songs forever.. you need a variety to choose from now there comes YG with hip hop and R&B..pop too… as for YB being a leader… i guess not…

    okay.. damn it.. GD’s comments were harsh.. really now!!! the guy has substance and talent… he is an all around.. he wouldn’t be the leader if YG did not found the substance of being a leader in him… YB dances gracefully to the beat.. GD rock the beat.. his lyrics are awesome..(exag..) but his composing does say something..it has depth in the words he writes.. Bigbang would be a diff. bigbang if it wasn’t GD who is leading them..
    just my opinion..

  36. 1st & foremost,thanks for the translation…
    but,I’m shocked with the article.
    I mean,why would they came out with such article on the 1st place?
    aren’t we supposed to support Big bang as a group?
    rather than being like,
    “oh,I’m GD’s fan,you’re Tae Yang’s fan..”..??
    I’m pretty sure that even Tae Yang himself will be upset if he know about this.
    i means, as VIPs, pretty sure that all of us knew about GDYB.
    lets just admit that even Tae Yang adore & respect GD.
    in a radio interview, Tae Yang had admitted that,
    for him,GD’s more like a brother
    ~ and the leader himself feels the same ways.
    [GD’s cried in that interview, thinking of the path they been through together]~hv u ever saw GD cry b4??..nope…
    so,clearly,no competition between them..

    about Tae Yang being leader,
    i’m not really into that idea…
    I’d like to comment a bit.
    why GD’s suit for the leader spot?
    it’s because,
    he’s d kinda guy that knows how to pull the best out of his team member.
    he’s d guy that make them want to work harder because he him self is so determine & perfectionist.
    [I’m not saying that Tae Yang doesn’t hv that trait inside him]
    he has the charisma that even the eldest [T.O.P] listen to him.
    he sure know how to motivate his team mate by leading them well to their goals.
    also,GD’s the guy that would put his own business aside for his team.
    even though he’s too shy to handle the public,he’s very affectionate with his member.

    regarding Tae Yang,
    Tae Yang on the other hand,
    possessed almost the same trait as GD,
    but, Young Bae is a very gentle person,
    he may be good in interview,
    [that’s why he always spoke on behalf of Big Bang’s member],
    i don’t think he’ll be able to scold T.O.P like GD did..
    his soft charisma balance GD’s personality.
    they both work best as team!
    that’s why we got that GDYB.

    there must be special reason for YG to let GD be the leader,
    only he knew bout that. Honestly, i just couldn’t imagine Tae Yang as the leader, he’s just not even suit the title.
    i love Big Bang’s just like how they are right now..
    i mean, obviously GD’s the leader, but Tae yang is the guy that always be the front man in any interview..

    GD once told that he wouldn’t be the now GD if not for Tae yang that support him &went through thick-thin situation with him.same goes for Tae yang, that said that,if it’s not bcuz GD that always stand by his side,keep supporting him & have faith in him,he’s not gonna b the TAE YANG that we all love now..

    well,GDYB had gone through long-hard moment together, basically they grew up together that they love each other so much & so deeply.so don’t think this issue is a healthy issue to be debated.


  37. about Tae Yang music,
    i don’t think it appeal toward Korean,
    wedding dress is a hit song,
    the song topping chart in various country,
    but that’s just outside of their country..
    in Korea,the song doesn’t even come into top 3..
    i don’t know how should i put it in words,
    Korean seems not to enjoy R&B as much as fans from other countries.. but they enjoy Kim Tae Woo’s,Rain’s, [just naming some] R&B music…idk…idk..idk..gotta spare lot of time to think about the issue…idk..idk..idk….

  38. Like many others above, I too have mixed feelings about the article. I do believe that TY is underated in a small part due to his simplicity and his introvertedness. He doesn’t do radical things (like GD) and isn’t all that quirky (like DS or Sandara) which is why I think people don’t really pay attention to him.
    Plus, everyone already knows he dances really well and expects that from him.

    GD gets all the media because people expect him to be weird and do crazy things. Half of the time it’s the fans/haters faults for analyzing/criticizing the smallest things and the media’s fault for broadcasting it and making the situation even bigger.

    Both have their problems to deal with. Even though GD’s album did well and received a few awards for them, he’s being attacked by “vultures” left and right all the time. TY on the otherhand is trying to climb a mountain. (My analogies suck, but you the the idea)

    As for album promotions, if they don’t start soon, I feel like TY’s going to get lost in the mix again. :/ From recent interviews, it sounds like YG wants to promote Big Bang, 2ne1, and Se7en for the first half of the year and Gummy the second half. *Sigh* YG better know what he’s doing..

  39. I feel that Taeyang does deserve more attention from the mainstream and I always have felt that way. For me, though he’s never flashy offstage, he shines brighter than anyone on stage. When I watch Big Bang performances, I follow him around with my eyes, his graceful, smooth and at time unpredictable grooves is what makes him so attractive as a performer. It’s sad to say, but nowadays you have to do “extracurricular” media whoring in order to be in the spotlight as a entertainer. I feel bad when I hear that his song isn’t topping the charts and even sadder when I actually listen to the songs that are. I hope he doesn’t change his style to fit in with these types of music and continues to do YB. He has seriously showed me that he has outgrown the idol phase and took it to the next level of artistry.

    About promotions, I’m hoping when the activities for Japan promotion has finished and he’s actually in Korea more, he’ll perform more as promised. I really want to see him on more shows.

    I think most of his not getting the attention he deserves is that people in the entertainment business are rarely as humble, shy, and soft-spoken as YB is..he lets his performance speak for him! Guess the boy has to dye his hair, put on some skinny jeans, crank up the autotune, and prance like a fairy…then it’ll be hello top spot LOL! Oh god, i kid..i hope not! He can stay in whatever place he is in if thats the case!

    I think he’ll be fine as long as he and YG believes in his talent…but I do think this article is only judging his worth by popularity which is a mistake. YB has a diverse group of fans other that 12 year olds with nothing to do but vote on polls and since his album isnt out for people to actually buy, that is all that is holding him back on the charts. I for one, am an adult fan who will 100% buy his music, but probably not vote 1000 times online for him to be #1 in a poll. I also think he has many male and adult fans who are the same. Its not that he isn’t recognized, but its who he’s being appreciated by.

    As for GD….I have my qualms about this boy, but that is mostly just do to personal preference…so I’ll stay silent on the issues the writer obviously has with him as it has nothing to do with the supposed purpose of the article. In Big Bang, GD is the fishing lure while YB is more like the pole and thread. The analogy is that GD attracts the attention while YB really holds the group together. So while GD may be at the forefront to attract fans and attention for Big Bang, I feel like YB’s mature, calmness and sincerity is what makes all the members come together as one. I think YB is too sensitive to be the Leader, GD has the right skills for this job as he sometimes has to take the bulk of the negative attention as well as the good.

    that was long..sorry! YB fans really speak their minds well as I read the comments..good stuff!!!

  40. thanks for translating the article…

    1) yes, i’ll admit TY needs to improve his vocal skills. I hope he still have vocal classes everyday. i know he can express emotions in a song well and i’m proud of that but technically, he’s just okay. (bash me if u want)
    2) I like GD as the leader and i think he’s more suitable than YB, he brings the group together and work well with each and every member. the only thing is that he needs to be more careful cuz whatever he does as a solo affects big bang. I think it’s cool that he wants to be different but everything has its limits.. yknow?
    3) YG needs to promote YB more. i don’t care if it was YB’s idea to release singles first and then his album.. just do something. then again… It might be the fact that WD isn’t as popular as LOAM, so he didn’t get that much attention. what happened to performing twice a week and how come he always performs on innkigayo?
    4) i don’t think he enjoys not being recognize but he accepts it in a way that he knows his music isn’t the typical kpop songs and he doesn’t have an outgoing personality.

    let’s just hope that by the time his title song comes out, all will be well.

  41. @pikah pikah
    We still suport BB has a group, but we are just drawn to one member more than the rest. And each member knows they have their own fans. Even Bae. ;D

  42. Yeah let’s support BB as a group. No fighting and comparing okie. Althougt it is good to have a fair competition among member, I think they shine more when they are as a group. This article is kind of stupid…the writer use YB just to focus on GD. Our jiyong is already full with unnessary controversials. I am sure he himself does not want these things to happen althouth he want to stand out most. It is not entirely his fault. I am very sorry for poor GD.The korean media is killing him softly. I feel hurt when ppl say BB is affected because of GD bad image. But after all GD is the one who bring BB to this stage isn’t it??
    Kwon leadah!!! Fighting..
    We VIPs always love you and support BB.

  43. Supporting BIG BANG as a group or supporting them individually we all are VIP y do we have to hate one and support one but kare less about the other i mean come on GD came out second but he was more loved cuz its true GD fans are more krazy!! we as YB fan were like hem shy and our work pays off but i dont want to fight over GD or YB cuz come on they are in BIG BANG were we all love!!! i mean if tae get more attention and more love then i would be happy!! he havent got an award foe his HARD work!! i mean GD got in within three month!! i mean he’s the leader his work must shine more but TAE YANG should get something foe his HARD work also!! but at the end of the DAY i will SUPPORT BIG BANG as a group or wen they are SOLO we kant jux support one and hate one!! its not a TRUE VIP!! let jux end the conversation here i hate how were comparing GD and YB gosh they are brother dont do this god damn it!!!

  44. I feel like this article was written solely to stir up fights between GD and TY fans. First and foremost Big Bang is a group. A group with 5 talented, hardworking individuals who without each other wouldn’t be where they are today. I just saw the documentary of their pre debut and these five guys have worked their butts off to be taken seriously. They wanted this so bad and they succeeded. I don’t think YB would be too pleased with what this writer has to say about his best friend of 10 years. Why should there be a competition between these two talented performers? The music that these two offer fans are different. If GD’s album is more accepted by Korean fans so be it. At the end of the day YB just wants to make music that touch people. If he becomes the international artist we know he can be (sorta has through the web) that’s great too. I can’t say what YG’s plans are for YB’s album. It sucks that “Wedding Dress” isn’t getting the recognition it deserves because it’s a great song, that YB performs with such beauty and skill. Maybe YG’s mistake was not pushing “Where U At” as the first single. Focusing on this slower R&B track as the lead in to the full album was a bit premature seeing as “Look Only At Me” did so well on the mini album. In any case we’ll have to wait until the new year to see what YB and YG have in store for us fans.

  45. sorry but comparing Taeyang to other members(excluding GD) he is not underrated. Their are other members in the group who haven’t even had 1 album and Taeyang is already on this second one. Seungri,Daesung are the underrated ones in Big Bang. I feel like this article is just an excuse to bash on GD just because he has a bigger fanbase. It doesnt even mention how Taeyang is underrated and is only talking about his success of his first album.

  46. @…, I agree with you…sure in light of GD, Taeyang is overshadowed as such (current situation, GD controversy everywhere, WD barely even noticed) however, I think Daesung is the most underrated in Big Bang. The boy has amazing vocals, however it took him to become a gagman in another tv show to truly be noticed…

  47. @Kay

    Haha u beat me to the punch.

    Honestly Daesung *and Seungri even though that’s changed now* were/are the most underrated in the group. Even if people may not like someone in BB at the end of the day you have to admit they are all very talented. On the Underrated Bae subject this is exactly one of the reasons DCYB was started and unfortunately they had to go through hell and more to keep their group.

  48. @arm143 – I agree completely!

    I liked this article…until I read the end. It went from an objective POV to having an anti-GD & YB-bias feel. 😐

    It feels like the writer is blaming GD for YB’s lack of recognition right now, but honestly, I think it’s mostly due to YG’s sucky promotion tactics not working out this time + Big Bang being in Japan all the time + purely bad timing with all of the tough competition in kpop right now (2PM, After School…hell, even CL&Minzy because Korea’s on a 2NE1 high right now).

    I can’t help but wonder what Big Bang would have been like with a different leader though lol. What if YG chose Taeyang instead? Or even TOP since he’s the oldest? Makes me curious~

  49. Thanks for translating the article georgie! 🙂

    Regardless of everything that has been said, the friendship of GDYB will always prevail. 🙂

    On a happier note, I just read that the title for Tae Yang’s studio album would be “리얼REAL”?

    Is that true? Can someone confirm this? I hope YG can release more info on YB’s album coz all the fans can’t wait for it.

    The link for the article is http://ibigbang.wordpress.com/2009/12/17/taeyangs-new-studio-album-titled-%eb%a6%ac%ec%96%bcreal/

    Big Bang Fighting! 🙂

  50. Thanks for the article.
    I have to agree with the writer except the last paragraph =). YB doesn’t need to add a “more popular appeal” to his music. He likes what he does, so does his fans and he’s so damn good at it so I don’t think he should change his music style. For the last sentence about GD, all I got to say is DAAMN! That was harsh, the writer may not like him but to say that he got no substance was too much. (I have a love-hate relationship with GD but that was too much …)

    I think YB is underrated in BB (along with DS…) bcuz he so quiet and shy… nobody really notices him and as the lead singer I noticed that his parts had been decreasing in their Korean albums… BUT I don’t think YB (as a solo artist) is that underrated I mean look at LOaM and his mini-album, he did quite well. WUA was okay in the ranking but WD I’m not sure why it’s not topping the chart but I guess it’s bcuz it’s a slower R&B type of song and Korean doesn’t dig it? I think WD could’ve been more popular if YG was better at promotion, if the media wasn’t so busy creating millions of controversies about GD…

    I hope & pray that YG will do one heck of a good job promoting YB’s 1st FULL album. =/ I feel like YG is letting YB promote just bcuz he has to and not bcuz he really wants to (I dunno how to explain it but it feels like YG needs someone from YGE to be active in the music scene while GD & 2NE1 are done with promotions or maybe I’m just thinking too much about it lol but the reason why I say that is because in a recent interview with YG he only spoke about 2NE1’s upcoming full album, SE7EN’s album beginning next yrs, BB’s new album near summer and Gummy’s album end 2010.. I mean wtf what about YB?! …)
    For LOaM, YB only had 2 months and he had to deal with BB’s activities and his own. Now for his full album he has to deal with BB’s Big Show Concert (+ working on their new album for the summer) & promoting in Japan (+ Concert)?! Can he have a break from BB’s activities while promoting his album?! I feel so sad & pissed that BB’s activities are again in the way of his solo activity… gaahhh just thinking about it makes me mad xD … I better stop hahaha 🙂

    Hope YB takes good care of himself in his hectic schedule ❤

  51. oh my….guys…don’t get annoyed that Taeyang is not getting enough appreciation

    in fact..

    I see it as a good sign.

    Shocked? I’ll explain…even if quite a few of you people will disagree with me..

    First off though..i think i read somewhere here that said Koreans weren’t that into R/B yet…so…yea

    If some of you guys hve studied countless crap of history of music, then you MIGHT know what I’m trying to say…

    Right now, it’s like the “new music phase” all over again (although R/B is not new…but, right now, the situation is the similar). It’s like when Prokofiev (fyi russian composer), began to make his mark as a composer in his own country, people were not ready for his newer music so they hated him for that…or they didn’t appreciate it. But when he went to Paris to perform, people LOVED his music.
    So right now, let’s say Russia=Korea right now…and Paris=International/Other countries it’s a similar situation right now….
    People eventually got used to it an started loving it. That’s why I said when Taeyang is underappreciated, its good news because his music is making a little impact on Korean music, trying to get people to explore into diff. kinds of music.

    Next note…iunno…somebody said that Taeyang should have made more catchier songs or w.e
    I PRAY THAT HE WILL NOT DO THAT…unless he really wants to.
    to be honeset, if he’s gonna do that so people will appreciate him more, then no matter how good it sounds, I will completely dismiss his music, and avoid listening to it. There was a pianist who said that, “If you’re going to perform just to please the audience, then don’t even bother at all…Perform for your own sake and pleasure, not for others” and this is where I have to give 10/10 to Taeyang….he makes music because he loves it and he’s trying to “speak to people” with it…not to gain recognition, fame, or watever.
    I’m not saying that GD’s songs (which are very catchy and up beat) are bad…. Gd’s songs are HIS style..and he’s expressing his own style..yes, he’s also doing it to get people’s attention..but it’s what he creates…it’s who HE is..the catchy stuff is his trademark…so I’m not going to say anything to that BUT that comment with the “no substance” was ..NO! If he had no substance….i dun even no wat to say. his songs are quite original and it has this feeling to it that says..” This is GD’s song” lmfao.

    anyways…Taeyang..sigh…I look up to him sooo much (cept for piano XD i dunt care what you guys say..I’m better than him in piano XD hahahaha no offense) In my opinion, he’s one of the few artists that fall under the category of “Real Musicians”.


    and Bigbang…!!!!

    Also, I agree with some people…if Taeyang was to be the leader of Bigbang…then…..i dunno what would happen to them….Taeyang doesn’t seem like the type to lead a group of people…he’s too…closed or introverted. GD is all about being bold and very precise in his thinking. So..GD is still the perfect leader XD Taeyang is more like….supporting them so them so they don’t fall apart, but he does it in a quiet way… He’s also a better musician when he’s solo..iunno…he just seems more like the solo, performer’s type, whereas GD is the most effective standing out within a group


  52. This comment might not be read cuz there are many long ones. I really luv ATY, cuz there are usually good & fair thoughts, such as in this topic.
    For sharing, I’m 100% sure that both TY & GD nothing else but enjoy their music styles & life styles. They’re trying 2b themselves & 2b better ones, so to prove their abilities or to get more well-known are their minor goals… They’re enjoying fully this beautiful life by their beautiful muzik in their own ways.
    And bout beauty, each person always has his own distinct sense…So, if u don’t like or annoyed by someone’s. Just smile or walk away & respect him. Like me, I prefer DS & YB, but cannot deny how great others are, especially the leader. He’s definitely unable to be replaced as BB’s leader.
    In summary, difficulties & challenges make our boys become greater… I believe it naturally ^^

  53. I have yet to read all the comments post (I will I promise) but the consensus is that we all disagree and agree with this article. Personally I appreciate the objectivity that the author has towards Tae Yang. I think she/he has written an article about him before. YES He doesn’t have the best vocals, isn’t the best dancer, doesn’t always compose his own music, screws up on stage once in a while, but I EFFING LOVE HIM! That’s really at that matters!

    As for the GD comments, I will not even try to deny it, I’m not the biggest GD fan. Far from it. I’m not going to comment on him, but there’s a few things I do want to clarify/point out.
    + I don’t think the author means that Tae Yang should be the leader of Big Bang. I think she/he is frustrated that Tae Yang doesn’t get the mainstream recognition that he should be given the talents and raw skills he has. The author perhaps doesn’t feel that G-Dragon doesn’t have the talent to back up his overwhelming popularity. Just my interpretation. Take or leave it.
    +In regards to the plagiarism and concert controversy, I think we have to realize that both issues are concerns legalities and laws. Whether you deem “Heartbreaker” original or not, plagiarism is determined by law. We can say it’s too short be considered plagiarized, but if the the court ruled it plagiarized, it’s plagiarized. To be honest, I get annoyed when people say that Flo-Rida stole it from another artist anyways. The difference between Flo-Rida and GD is that Flo-Rida bought the rights. Not saying that G-Dragon copied or not. But that is key. As for the concert, I am all for freedom of speech, expression, creative freedom, but again laws are laws. Like how CDs have parental warnings, movies have ratings. At first I was walled at what happened to GD, but after thinking about it, everything should have been handled with better care.

    The fact that Korea doesn’t like R&B gives him more reason to produce great R&B music. I’ll leave you with some thing our boy said himself: “I agree. You hear idol music everywhere – easier to access than any other types of music. There are many different genres in music of course but people are too busy to take time to look for them. That’s why our role here is important. We have the obligation to continue to come out with quality music that has impact.”

    I’ll say this again, it doesn’t really bother me that he isn’t topping charts. I would be ecstatic for him but it’s totally fine. Rather, I think Tae Yang has gained so much ground with his two latest singles. He captured so many fans abroad – evidenced by youtube, ATY, allkpop, and the fact that even my friends who aren’t into Kpop know about him! I don’t think we need to worry about anything. Tae Yang just needs to bring it!

    Suppose to be studying, but wrote this instead! I’m gonna fail college because of Tae Yang & ATY! lol.

  54. YB’s music is one of a kind (as per SK is concerned)..his passion for music is overwhelming..WD really is not taking the attention it should have..and it really disheartens me..we do love bigbang but we have different faves..i love TY, my sis ekang loves TOP, angge is pro daesung..we respect each others pov..but we united in gDs case..we don’t want him condemned, though he did something we can’t be proud of , his music should not be questioned..he’s a composer, singer, dancer, rapper etc..but YB should not be compared to him they are two different individuals and have different styles of delivery..

    i still do love YB more than gD :p

  55. YB not getting enough attention for his song has nothing to do with GD being bigbang’s leader or the negative media attention he gets (this is for those who feel like it’s convenient to put the blame on GD)

    without all the controversy, YB would still receive minimal attention for his work.
    and the reason is because YB’s songs are NOT what the general public in korea like. korea is into its trends, and r&b is no where near the top in terms of popularity. so you really shouldnt be complaining about the lack of attention while simultaneously praising YB for making r&b. they contradict. and the only way for YB to make it to the top is if he compromised his style.
    if you really wanted someone to blame, blame koreans for their lack of interest in r&b. but that would be a childish thing to do.

    also, YB doesnt hv very many loyal fans in korea (the least fans registered on fancafes out of all bigbang members). so that has an effect on his sales/popularity.

  56. thanks for translating the article :D:D

    i think that this was a low blow towards gd … i mean its not really his fault that the media likes him… dont get me wrong im not a gd fan or anything seriously i wouldnt download his music even if its free.

    so i guess what im trying to say is that at the end of the day ur left with a choice to buy this or that … and people seem to want to make money for gd rather than ty … also i dont think its that yg isnt promoting enough for yb.. i mean for example cl and minji right they only get 1 song per week to perform like yb but because their song is a little bit of doof doof and electronica its what sells because its what the crazy fans are into

    although yb did intend for success to be measured in how it impacts people instead of how much money it brings in … i reckon his going to release one thats not such a melancholy song next which i wouldnt mind if i get to see yb rip his shirt off… not really but i would like to see him to a upbeat song like make love or something .

    i dont really make sense but whatever i just want yb to keep doing what his doing cause he does what he does best with just being yb and his smoothness

  57. @inheritable – Taeyang has some of THE most loyal fans I know of….not being biased, but he was the first one to get his own fan cafe when Big Bang debuted, he’s also got the most amount of male fans from all BB members…and the reason why he’s got low fanclub members is because most of his fans arent fangirls, but older mature fans (both male and female alike) who usually don’t have time to go to fan cafes etc…

    just wanted to clear that up….

  58. @tofumon

    Just because Flo-Rida bought the rights to a song still doesn’t necessarily deem the song original or very creative. *imo*

    How do u know ur better than him? xD We don’t hear him playing anything more than BB songs and Wedding Dress. Let’s decide that once he busts out with Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise, or some other random Classical music. xD

    I’m all for having creative works recognized but I’m not one that’s going to put such a lock on it that if something comes around that sounds similar I’m not going to go shoot it down. ~honestly I didn’t find the too song very similar at all~ Not to mention it felt like Sony waited until he won awards to take action, if they wanted to take action they should have done it when it was first brought ti light. I kinda took that as an insult to his music but that’s just me xD. Music nowadays are all feeding off of eachother. Everyone is listening to music that is making a hit and incorporating those same elements into their own songs. But if the court rules it’s plagarism I’m personally still not going to buy it. Just the way someone can be convicted of a crime but you know for a fact they didn’t do it. ~not saying GD didn’t plagarize, it’s just an example~ Also I’m getting kind of tired of people solely blaming artist for plagarize, yes they are the ones who chose to sing the song but the producer is also at fault. They are the ones who created the beat so they should have some of the fire under their butt as well.

    *On a side note, did Teddy compose Heartbreak’s beat or GD?

  59. @inheritable – if YB compromised his music for the sake of profit or popularity, I (and many other fans probably) will be heartbroken and leave him completely. YB has said many times in different ways before that he isn’t creating music for popularity. Even when LOAM was such a big hit, he wasn’t expecting it at all. He did say, though I can’t quote exactly, if he loves music and if people love it too/it’s popular/wins awards, that’s an extra bonus. YB’s being true to his music, a true musician inside and out, not just a typical “idol”, there’s rarely any person like him in the music industry these days.

    @ ahhchincha – From what I’ve read from other fansites, GD produced the whole album… Heartbreaker is rightfully (or not…= =) his.

  60. Before I start babbling, I wanna thank Geogie for translating this article. To my surprise, the author talked about several things that have been bugging me lately.

    I didn’t start in Korean music because of the idols, so I may be misunderstanding how that industry works; but honestly speaking, no matter how much I try to, I just cannot understand Koreans’ standards to judge music.

    I see all these groups that look and sound more like clones of each other receiving so much praise from the media when their songs’ lyrics do not even make sense. It really frustrates me to see not only Taeyang’s, but also many other talented artists’ music not being given a chance because people only have ears for hook songs.

    Personally, I’m very picky when it comes to music. I don’t just become a fan of a song because it sounds good; instead, I go as far as to analyze every fragment of it. The reason why I liked WD so much was because of the lyrics and arrangement itself. And though I am not a hardcore fan of all of Teddy’s productions, I really thought he did a great job with WD. It’s just such a beautiful piece.

    Taeyang is really not the best singer on my book and I’m totally aware that he’s not gotten vocals as powerful as Naul’s or Park Hyo Shin’s, but like the writer said, it is undeniable that the boy tries as hard as he can to present a perfect performance. And personally, I feel that he has improved quite a lot since the LOM days. His appearance is more confident, his voice sounds more stable, and his dancing skills now seem even more polished than before.

    I also don’t think Taeyang gets to challenge himself when he’s singing in Big Bang. It is his solo works the ones that will help him evolve and improve as an individual artist. The thing that worries me though is that Korea and the whole Asia just doesn’t seem to be into the music he wants to do. Forgive me if I offend anyone, but that boy was born in the wrong country. How come JYP sees his potential, but the media barely even notices it? I would love it if YG shipped him to the States like they did with Skull, but nothing guarantees us that Taeyang would make it big there.

    As for G-D. I didn’t make such a big deal when Lies came out and people claimed it sounded like Sky High because it has happened before that without realizing it, composers incorporate melodies that they have previously heard somewhere else. But the thing is this has happened more than once, and I can’t help but think that YG could have saved him all this animosity if they had just ‘credited’ their damn sources. G-D is being judged as a composer/producer and that’s why I strongly believe that he should be ten times more careful when making decisions. He’s free to do whatever he wants, but he has to remember that he is also Big Bang’s pillar and all this hatred that he is accumulating can affect his band later on. I think he’s talented and I really feel bad for him, but I think he’s also partly responsible for the harsh comments he’s received.

  61. what an interesting editorial but Taeyang isn’t a teen idol.
    lol even though this article is “suppose” to be about Taeyang, it still mostly talks about GD. the media really targets him huh?poor guy gets blamed for everything now even for another member getting less recognized. oh well.

  62. @tofumon
    I love that quote from tae yang. >..<). I don't know what the outcome would be if Tae Yang had debuted solo…idk, he went through a lot of training as a Big Bang member so I wouldn't know how different it would be if he wasn't part of Big Bang. What I mean is that if he wasn't part of Big Bang in the first place (wah…seems like the end of the world), if he harnessed his skills for a few more years…I think he would've made history as an R&B singer in korea. He would have more freedom, more time for promotions, more say to his type of music. I've seen from old Big Bang interviews (mostly individually) that as a group, they often cannot incorporate their "own" style of music. If Big Bang finds a way to make great music that can show each members' great skills, it could be explosive. I do believe that they're VERY talented guys, it's just as a group, they sometimes hold each other back when it comes to making music. For example, have you listened to their solos? Most of Tae Yang's songs, GD's "Butterfly" and "The Leaders" (they're my fav from his album), TOP's "Big Boy", and Dae Sung's "Try Smiling"? (I don't really find Seungri's "Strong Baby" very good, just catchy). Aren't they HELLA GOOD? listening to them individually, i can't believe they're even considered "kpop idols" because their music is so far from "ordinary bubbly korean pop". it's their soul, from their own perspective. if they find a way to do make music like how i described, i say again, WOULDN'T IT BE EXPLOSIVE?
    okay…this is too long and i don't think anyone would be reading lol.
    just saying what's REAL in my head.
    Anyway what I'm trying to say is….I can't wait for YB to show us his ALL, the potential we've been sensing from him for years, that first blinding light of the day that will make the sleepyheads go "Oh. It's time for me to open my eyes".
    and I hope I become his first girlfriend ;p
    as a person (not a musician), YB is my dream guy.


    I love that quote from tae yang. >..<). I don't know what the outcome would be if Tae Yang had debuted solo…idk, he went through a lot of training as a Big Bang member so I wouldn't know how different it would be if he wasn't part of Big Bang. What I mean is that if he wasn't part of Big Bang in the first place (wah…seems like the end of the world), if he harnessed his skills for a few more years…I think he would've made history as an R&B singer in korea. He would have more freedom, more time for promotions, more say to his type of music. I've seen from old Big Bang interviews (mostly individually) that as a group, they often cannot incorporate their "own" style of music. If Big Bang finds a way to make great music that can show each members' great skills, it could be explosive. I do believe that they're VERY talented guys, it's just as a group, they sometimes hold each other back when it comes to making music. For example, have you listened to their solos? Most of Tae Yang's songs, GD's "Butterfly" and "The Leaders" (they're my fav from his album), TOP's "Big Boy", and Dae Sung's "Try Smiling"? (I don't really find Seungri's "Strong Baby" very good, just catchy). Aren't they HELLA GOOD? listening to them individually, i can't believe they're even considered "kpop idols" because their music is so far from "ordinary bubbly korean pop". it's their soul, from their own perspective. if they find a way to do make music like how i described, i say again, WOULDN'T IT BE EXPLOSIVE?
    okay…this is too long and i don't think anyone would be reading lol.
    just saying what's REAL in my head.
    Anyway what I'm trying to say is….I can't wait for YB to show us his ALL, the potential we've been sensing from him for years, that first blinding light of the day that will make the sleepyheads go "Oh. It's time for me to open my eyes".
    and I hope I become his first girlfriend ;p
    as a person (not a musician), YB is my dream guy.

  64. Okay.. I liked the article because it gave some insights on different people’s opinion. There are many people who agree with what the author had to say and disagree with her too. Although I think it is great that he/she acknowledges our YB i think he/she is little too critical of GD. GD is different, thats why people like him. Like how Yb is so calm and smooth in his vocals Gd has his own style too and he has his own knd of Music. I have much respect of what YB and GD’s friendship.
    Okay this is about YB.. I’m a die hard fan and i know everyone here feels the same way about him as i do. He has such a enourmous passion for music that it makes me wanna cry ( hahah lame i know) He will be recognized of his talent because he has a heart, and he truly gives his fans a reason to be his fans. Do i think he has the best vocals ? NO but he is not only a singer, rapper, and the best dancer Korea has ( my opinion girls, dont kill me) but a damn good entertainer. He makes me want to google him and youtube him all day ( considering i’m very busy with school) Thats how truly amazing he is. I’m in love with his music and his passion because he loves his fans and he tries so hard to please his fans. =) YB FOREVER.. He will be recognized … =) YB Fighting !!!

  65. um this kinda piss me off. i do agree taeyang isnt deserving enough attention. but he deeply loves bigbang. i dont think he would like it if you guys aren’t supporting his best friend gd. or saying kinda harsh stuff about him. it hurts taeyang to see what his friends for 10+years is going through. hurts even more for his fan to be saying stuff liek this to gd.

  66. and plus i feel like some taeyang fans are gd haters “nonlovers?” idk. i doubt gd is trying to get attention , i understand that what he did is wrong cause of where he lives. but this man is an artist. thats how he wanna expres himself. stop effin bashing him for it. he’s trying to change korea. he’s bold enough to do that.

    & no matter what i think taeyang is proud&supports him , especially during this time.

  67. @ …, – just want to clarify, ATY has not written this, it is an article written by the Korean media that we have translated for everyone. These are not our words.

    Also, about supporting GD. I think everyone is allowed to support who they want. Some Taeyang fans are not GD fans for their own reason, likewise some GD fans are not Taeyang fans. I think its fair enough. Just because they are best friends, does not mean everyone has to like them together…..

    But saying mean comments about GD is a whole different story and not something I am endorsing on ATY.

  68. and i hate how fans are separating bigbang. we need to support big bang as a group stop trying to create problems between the members. it’s sad. and breaks my heart.

    big bang is one. this is how all of them got to where they are. support big bang. with out any of the member, the group is not complete.

  69. @Kay
    I do agree with Kay on this..Just because they are best friends, does not mean everyone has to like them together
    As in … comment, I also find that TY’s fans seem to dislike GD a lot.. Ofcourse fans can choose who they want to like and dislike..But isn’t a bit too much?(bash him, accuse him, blame him for everything and so on)
    I know that ATY is completely dedicated to YB. As a YB fan I sometimes drop by here also. I am amazed and glad for YB for having devoted fans.. But if I go to other fansite who devote GD most, I seldom see those type of things that I see in ATY. I never hear GD fan hate TY. It is up to the fan to visit ATY or not, but honestly it is really disheartening to see how fan like to compare BB members and got jealously and developed hatred…
    And too bad for GD,being the most popular one, he got most antis and haters…Even if the fan cant like all BB members, can’t he/she hate another artist for some lame reasons??? Peace..
    VIPs hwaiting

  70. Wow the reporter was very rude to say that about GD. All style and no substance is not something to becoming out a person who is NOT a musician’s mouth! When she starts making her own music then she can judge people based on their musicality, in the mean time she should watch her mouth.

    A lot of people have a lot to say about TY voice. Some people love it and others don’t see the “beauty” of it. TY’s voice should be listened to in context, if you compare his voice to other R&B artist such as Usher, Neyo, Maxwell and so forth his voice is just mediocre. Now compared to Korean idols, he KILLS! Most Idol voices are very pop or balled very rarely will you hear a R&B voice coming from and idol, and may I be so bold to say even from an Asian person. Of course YB could do lots of things to better his voice, but to say that his voice is mediocre is very much an understatement.

    TY being underrated is somewhat true. In BB he is is one of the least popular, but the majority of his fans are not V.I.P.s. His personality I think is what makes him less popular. YB is like the quiet kid in your class you don’t notice until he is not with his friends or you talk to him. After that you can’t get your mind off of him, it’s quite pathetic actually.(oh yee i juss called myself pathetic) And he has a LOT of non-Asian fans, I think he has the most non-Asian fans out of the BB members!!

    wow that was long
    who ever reads all of this deserves a cookie!

  71. yes I agree with peacegal on this. you can call GD fans crazy but they don’t hate on other members in the group. I see a lot of GD hate from Taeyang fans and also a bit of Seungri hate too.

  72. @ …., & peacegal – i understand your concern, however it could also be that alot of Taeyang fans are opinionated and outspoken….although I don’t approve of member bashing here, I can’t prevent others from stating their opinion because this is a place where you can say things (within reason) without being bashed and I can’t be certain other fansites are like us…..

    I, for one, know many BB sites where even a single opinionate word spoken about any member warrants pitchforks and angry fans in your direction…

    something to keep in mind….you see opinions here because we allow them and encourage discussion and conversation because we understand being a fan of Taeyang does not mean you are a fan of Big Bang…~~

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