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Taeyang at Simply K-pop (Shanghai 140322)

Taeyang’s been spending the past few months on Bigbang activities, notably Bigbang’s Japan Dome Tour and a series of fanmeetings in Japan, China and Southeast Asia. (Check out past coverage of these events on allthingstaeyang.)  Solo-wise, he’s pretty much been performing the same set at all the events as he has since November last year, namely: Look Only At Me, I Need A Girl and Ringa Linga (and sometimes Superstar.) His March 22 set at the Simply K-pop festival in Shanghai was no different. The broadcast version of his performances from Arirang TV:

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100Beat – HOT: Among the 100 best albums of the decade

Soribada and 100beat recently collaborated on a list of the best music from 2000 – 2009 and since October have been doing a daily countdown of the 100 best Korean and International albums during this period. 39 critics took part in the survey (including Kim Bonghyun and Cha Woojin who have written previously about Taeyang’s Solar album.) Taeyang’s debut EP HOT made it on the list at #79, ranked alongside Common’s Like Water for Chocolate among the international albums.

100 Best Albums of the 2000’s
Korean: 79th. Taeyang [HOT] (2008)

It was somewhat unexpected that the first solo entrant of Big Bang is Taeyang. Compared with G-dragon or T.O.P, who openly show their individual impressions and dynamic energy, Taeyang has had a relatively docile image. But the moment [HOT] was released, we could recognize his long patience and step by step preparations. He looked like he had been preparing everything to be an entertainer – not only the album, but also embracing songs that are not easy, perfecting his performance, and developing a muscular visual.
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Taeyang’s LOAM Practice Video

cr: 518mercuri on youtube

Wow, this brings back memories. This is pretty much the song, and the accompanying dance, that launched Taeyang’s official solo career and his biggest hit in South Korea. You can spot Shaun helping YB out and I think I spot Jae too. On another note, while LOAM is one of my all time favorite YB songs what I really want is for YG to hook a sister up with a copy of that remix.

For those who haven’t heard the remix (where have you guys been at?), have a listen, I’ve posted it under the cut~
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New R&B group “One Way” covers Taeyang

It’s always great when new R&B artists step into the Kpop scene these days (with all the static pop, its kind of tiring) so trio One Way is a welcome change and definately a group that has gotten my attention. The members are fluent in both Korean and English as well. They recently released “Magic” which you can watch here (its a great song!) and they’re definately eyecandylicious.

And here’s their awesome cover of “Look Only at Me

A lot of people have given us feedback on how we sound “similar” or “remind” of Tae Yang of BB. Sssssssooooooo….here’s a little something for you. Big ups to Teddy and Tae Yang at YG on producing this great song. Here’s our rendition of ‘Only look at me.’ – One Way

AND…Feel free to download the song here

SBS Gayo 2009 Taeyang Performances!

[Update] – Awesome pictures~

Taeyang performed:
You & I with Park Bom
Let’s Go Party with 2Ne1 and GD
Look Only at Me
Wedding Dress
Lies (with GD)
Korean Dream (with GD)

Taeyang & Park Bom – YOU & I
> This performance was cute as hell, Taeyang’s voice complimented the song VERY well!~~definately an awesome R&B collaboration between the two…

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12.16.09 “Teen Idols who Deserve More Attention”

**NOTE: This article is a complete translation of what the writer has written as HER point of view. Some of you may not agree with her and some will, you are welcome to share your opinion HOWEVER,  please be nice. We want to share all news about Taeyang and as per blogger request, we’ve translated this one.

Like it or not, there are several members in a boy/girl group and they are usually divided into members who stand out quickly and those who take time to bloom and reveal their true charm and talent. They may belong to the same group but the amount of popularity each member enjoys varies widely. Naturally, there are boy/girl group members I think deserve more attention and popularity.

First on my list is TaeYang, a member of the boy band Big Bang, which took the title of the best boy group from TBSK while the latter was in a slump.

I bet there are people who would say, “Is it even possible for them to get any more attention than they are getting now?” However, I know for a fact that TaeYang is not getting as much recognition as he deserves for what he is capable of and wouldn’t hesitate to put him on the top of my list.

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[UPDATED] Bangs Episode 9+Strong Heart info

Who doesn’t love these adorable bangs characters!? Well we decided to translate this specific comic strip about TY and his personal manager – Man Seuk – because well, its just so darn cute. Is there another TY-centric Bangs comic you want in English? Send em to me.

But before, some behind the scenes information about Strong Heart:

  • Filming has been completed (I know we said Dec 13, however, dates have been changing for this show A LOT, so it got lost in translation)
  • Filming took 8 hours (~wowzers)
  • Taeyang performed “Wedding Dress” and another pop song (no, I don’t know which song..so it’ll be a surprise for all of us)
  • Taeyang performed “Look Only at Me” with KARA and Jung Ju Ri (~this is going to be INTERESTING)
  • Taeyang fansite 518percent.com showed their support by providing food for ALL 100 staff and guest entertainers on Strong Heart (yay for Taeyang fandoms!!) – PICTURES BELOW

Thanks Myokoon!

Okay, now for some Manseuk & Taeyang. The images below have been modified for the post…if you want to read the entire thing in FULL SIZE – click HERE.

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Taeyang performs at GD’s “Shine a Light” concert~

WD playing before concert begins
I knew Taeyang was going to perform….but damn- 4 SONGS!?~~ now that’s awesome.

Anyway, I thought I would post up some awesome YB goodness from the concert~~ It’s unfortunate not to get more fancams, however what we have is awesome, because apparently the security was TIGHT at the concert. I mean, checking bags, seurity guards everywhere, cameras being confiscated~ according to my friend Alex over at AA-Chan it was almost impossible to get camera’s in. However, never doubt Kfans…ever. They’re a force to be reckoned with ~lol. 

So we are lucky. 

YB peformed:
Wedding Dress – omg.
Where U At – omfg.
Korean Dream – apparently the choreo for this was MUCH better at the concert
Look Only at Me Remix – !!! 

I’ve got some fancams thanks to lovely people in the chatbox~~

More under the cut~ 

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