[COD]Tae Yang & Ha Eum Love Affair

Please try not to get jealous, but this COD is dedicated to these two “love birds.”

Tae Yang & Ha Eum backstage at HOT concert.
Tae Yang & Ha Eum backstage at 'HOT' concert.

Ha Eum is Sean’s (of JinuSean) 3 -year-old daughter.  In a recent clip, it was revealed that she likes Tae Yang the most.  Great choice, babe.  Great choice.

UPDATED VIDEO w/ English Subs!

Tae Yang & Ha Eum backstage at Big Show concert.
Tae Yang & Ha Eum backstage at 'Big Show' concert.
Going in for the kiss!
Going in for the kiss!

Picture Credit: ygworld.

36 thoughts on “[COD]Tae Yang & Ha Eum Love Affair”

  1. Holy crap I forgot the kid’s name for a second. I nearly had a heart attack. “*SWEARWORDS* WHO THE HECK IS HA EUM??”

  2. LOL Tofu u beat me to it. i was going to post it yesterday but i got lazy XD XD

    Tae and Ha Eum = ♥

    Ha Eum got great tast XD

    heres a pic of them together at his concert and Ha Eum holding his hand


    so cute<3 lucky girl! & EXCELLENT CHOICE!

  4. oh gosh how i love u writers…sorry for being MIA this weekend..loads of work and no time to update but..but…u carried on my COD tradition LOL ~woot

    COD = cuteness overload of the day

    what a come back…i love Ha Eum, she’s so adorable and i love the fact she loves Tae Yang so much..he’s so kid friendly, what’s not to like about him ~tee hee…

    he has the dog and kid…all he needs is a wife….*cough*ME*cough*


  5. hahahaha kay…Yeah all he needs is a wife or maybe he already got one *cough*GD*cough* Gosh! I’m not going to flood you with my GDYB crazyness. This will be the only time. I promise…unless you bring it up yourself. xD

    YB would make such a good daddy…I just want to hug him and never let go. Why does he gotta be so cute?

  6. ^ I don’t really fangirl over GDYB as a COUPLE much..

    So YB’s the man in the pairing? It’s weird cuz he’s got the personality of a ‘innocent little girl’ compared to GD, yet GD’s as skinny as one LOL. I guess it depends on the fan’s taste. >o>

  7. lol haha. I like GDYB as “brothers,” no coupling for YB. I feel YB in the group is this the black sheep. He’s not hyper or crazy, just there, ready to put his fist down when things go insane.

    But yeah, it’s hard to hate Youngbae’s personality. I think he’s a really down to earth person who really, honestly cares about the people around him. A sweetheart at heart. And he gets a lot of it back. I remember being somewhat touched when YB won his first Mnet Award for his solo and all his dancers were really really happy for him. They were ecstatic actually. All the guys threw him up in the air to congratulate him. ^_^

    COD: overload indeed.

  8. hahah that is too cute i knew she liked him!!!
    lol but i dont blame her i mean who cannot resist this fine piece of meat!!! lol…….
    darn lucky her i so envy….she gets to be with them!!!

    i really really really love that picture where Haeum gave taeyang a kiss i love taeyangs expression right there!!! darn cute!!!

    talking about youngbae’s personality….i wish to find a man like that..it would be fine if it was taeyang ya know lol…but i love love his personality…its one of those rare ones…..

  9. xD Considering how YB was(is?) the less popular in the group…I wouldn’t say it’s hard to hate him but it’s quite easy not to fall for him…Otherwise his popularity would have been bigger from the start.

    AND I think YB is dorky and geeky. xD He’s obviously a very caring person and a real sweetheart…but I’m sure it must be fun to be around him. He SEEMS to be the type to say things that just come out funny when he didn’t mean to. xD
    like “oh look at those shoes”…And you just start cracking up with no apparent reason.

    He can be someone you want to tell your secrets to but he’s also someone you can have fun with. ^^

    off topic: is it me or I’m just having a fangirl moment right now? *reads again what she wrote* yes I’m definitely fangirling.

    to Tofu: Actually, I think SeungRi is the less hyper one in the group. I mean that’s what they always say… They usually laugh about the most stupid things and SeungRi just sits there and watches over them like he was the hyung in the group xD. AND I also think that GD must be the one pointing out stuff that goes wrong in the group but not in a smooth way…I can see him yelling and then YB will talk to each member and try to calm people down but he will make sure that eveybody gets his point.

    I can’t picture him being mad…I mean…Can you picture angry YB?(even though I think that would be hot)…But he’s like the definition of the word “serenity”.

    That was my fangirl moment of the day. ^^ it feels good to rant about him. XD XD

    to Ethrapt: I think GDYB complete each other so there’s no need to maintain them in a strict role as in seme/uke(or top/bottom). I mentionned GD as the ‘”wife” but I think they can easily switch role considering their behaviour toward each other.

    When YB tucks GD to bed, I guess you can say that he’s being as caring as a girl…but who said that a guy couldn’t be caring?

    When GD cooks for YB, I guess you can say that he’s taking the role of the girl…but who said that a guy couldn’t cook?

    So you see, that’s why their pairing is so special and interesting to me. There’s no need to define their characters by the common vision of “if he does this then he’s the man in the relationship” or “if he does this then he gotta be the woman”. ^^ I think in het or gay relationships, it should be more about satisfying each other’s needs.

    They both are very masculine yet very sweet.

    And I maintain that a guy who gets freaky on the floor can’t be labelled as innocent. XD XDHe’s HALF-innocent.


    K so what I was trying to say was, GDYB is too complicated for me to fanwhore over. *shot* I like them as brothers. Just the thought of them having like smex or something just throws me way off track. =_=; IT SEEMS SO INCESTUOUS *DIES*. Anything prior to smex seems okay… huhuhu *contradicts*.

    I was saying like, omfg, um, people are just falling for mainstream, flashy guys. I think it’s if you’re not as commited to BB or if you’re just LIKE that type of perona that you … actually like it. Some people just catch a certain UNIQUE charm in a quieter member. YB’s are his guileless personality and his sincerety and all that gushylovable stuff he has. I love how he is so honest and doesn’t commit to his stage image everywhere he goes. He keeps a fine visible line in between. It’s weird cuz I can’t really say like coughGD’scough popularity doesn’t count cuz it’s so shallow. Just that YB actually has something to like about him… I can’t say that either. =_=;

    OK YEAH SO IM SAYING THAT it’s not that people don’t fall for YB, it’s that they fall for flashy guys more. People who DO fall for YB, are over the mainstreamteenageshet or … other things.

    I really don’t wanna type all that crap up again. Oh and yeah, they all seem really awkward at times (not blacksheepishtho), GD (whenhe’squietwut), SR (sometimes tries too hard to fit in :x), Dae, TOP (AWKWARD), YB (the most minimal awkwardness actually). SR still tries to be idol-esque I guess so he can’t be all that black sheep lol. YB doesn’t seem like the black sheep, he definitely isn’t as flamboyant as the rest of them but he just has a calming, fitting charisma in BB. He completes BB. Gives them some flavour, so does Dae. And YB talks a helluva lot in interviews. o_o

    Actually they all have diff popularity levels but I don’t think anyone has a ‘doesn’t belong’ aura in BB. SR is sorta questionable but I think it’s more ‘awkward times’ rather than like actual blacksheepGTFO.

    I prolly contradicted myself everywhere. I GIVE. I GIVE. Too dead to go over this.

  11. ^ ur point about YB talking alot in interviews….i feel like this is something GD kinda hands off to YB….because GD is the leader..he’s got the title even though both of them have been training together since day 1…wheres the fairness in that?
    so i think its kinda fair YB does the talking…kinda heads everything…it comes naturally to him and I think its something GD wants to do for YB..u never see GD interupting or budding in or giving YB looks for taking over the mike…thats one thing i like about GD – he’s flashy yes…but he doesnt go out of his way to be in front of the camera 24/7..can’t say the same about another member lol…i won’t say names

  12. ^Yeah, I have to admit GD still does have respectable qualities like that. It’s their mutual understanding lolol.

  13. aigooo. i’m confused now….@_@

    patra: I do believe Tae Yang is the least hyper one in the group. S-Ri is incredibly talkative. He’s more likely to crack a joke than Tae Yang. TY just sits laughs at the other members’ jokes and talks about the “serious” stuff. He’s been having the mike a lot lately, I believe because he’s very eloquent.

    hrmmm. what i mean with the “black sheep” is that taeyang’s personality is somewhat contrasting to the rest of the group, but no means I meant he “doesn’t belong.” He’s actually the “parent” of the group cleaning up the mess the rest makes. (i believe even BB labels TY the “father.”)

    and regarding GD’s position as the leader. I think this label is just “given” to a member in the group, it does not necessarily mean much. well….this totally depends on your definition of a leader….GD is the type of leader that is feared, and Youngbae is the type of leader that is respected. GD will get things done faster though.

    iono if im making any sense.

  14. Wowwww Haeum likes YB the most!!! I really really happy for this!!! At first, I thought she likes other members more (maybe she likes GD the most) but, she’s more acute than I think LOL ^o^

    I think YB is really nice guys especially with children. Normally, he seems to be a serious guy when he works but, he also has playful side too. When BB came for GWT Concert in Thailand, their interpreter revealed that YB loved to tease him most compared with other members. How cute he is ^O^

  15. ^ yeah YB definately has a childish dorky side to him….lol i mean…he waits for TOP in the bathroom to scare him..i can’t image anyone but Daesung doing that lol….

    Ps. check out the Gallery (esp. Group/Photoshoots) for updates…=)

  16. Amy, LOL. I was really inspired to make this post when I thought of the title. X_x

    Kay, I re-read your comment and LMAO. coughshealreadybelongstomecoughs.

  17. tofu: haha I really like the title and thought it was awesome…

    oh she does have the same matching sneakers…so cute!!!

  18. to Tofu: Oh yeah I understood you didn’t mean like he didn’t belong to the group. But yes, we still disagree on his personality when he’s with them. In your reply I FEEL(maybe I’m wrong) that you said that YB is not one who’s able to bring laughter to the group and he always just goes with the flow when they’re having fun.

    If that’s what you meant then yes, we disagree 😀 It’s okay.

    I believe that when they are just the 5 of them or when he’s around people he knows very well then he really gets hype…GD said it himself, YB tends to overreact when he’s extremely happy.(like when they see fans) Whenever he’s in a variety show and he wins, he gets all happy and jumps around and gives high five to everybody. I mean yes he’s the listener but that doesn’t prevent him from cracking jokes to make his bandmates laugh.

    lol@kay. Yeah in Sang Sang Plus, that part when Top wrote in his XMas message to YB how he needs to stop his “mischevious acts” got me laughing so so hard.

    Seriously…who would wait in the dark for like an hour to scare someone? And he’s going to be 21…AWWW what a kid. I want to pinch his cheeks.

    Gosh you’re going to say that I really don’t like SeungRi…*fall* but when they’re just the 5 of them, GD mentioned several times how SeungRi stays away from the group and doesn’t join the fun.So maybe YB is not the most hyper one but IMO is not the less hyper one. ^^

    So Tofu, I think I got your point but I still disagree, yes/yes? ^^ it’s okay, right? We can’t possibly agree on everything.

    *grins* back on topic, I’m thinking about asking Sean to adopt me. He is a good daddy…I want the same!

    And I think I need to stop watching so many BB stuff…I feel like a crazy obsessed groupie…I kinda scare myself.

  19. ^ This reminds me of when GD said YB farts too much LOL, and then YB was all, GD tends to make things up when he’s in the moment.

    They’re all pretty comfortable with each other. I’m a bit iffy on Seung Ri tho.

  20. Patra: of course we can disagree! ❤
    Hmmmm I haven’t been watch a whole lot “Big Bang” stuff lately…but from what I’ve seen, YB is still pretty calm. He’s collected and doesn’t attract much attention really like the rest of the members. i.e: at the Star Dance Battle, he sat all by himself. Even when Choi Hyun Joon (TY’s fanboy from VOS) was dancing to his song he just had a smile…that was all.

    Ethrapt: *dies laughing* GD would do something like that.

  21. ^ lol i remember the fart thing…YB was saying about how he’s annoyed GD always says the most randomest things that YB doesnt expect he’d say..lol i think YB is getting the hang of doing that though…sang sang plus….haha i think of that as his welcoming party into the gag world lol

  22. to Tofu: yeah in Star Battle, I think it’s because the other members were not with him. SeungRi was seated somewhere else I think.

    And I know that guy from VOS is his friend but wouldn’t it have looked weird for him to be cheering and clapping all by himself for his own song?

    But I remember for the Hip Hop special stage during….aigoo what’s that award show again? When they performed with Lee HyoRi? He got the crowd around him getting all hype b/c he was so into the song and cheering for GD and Top. He was jumping everywhere.

    And I remember also this fancam during the Ciara concert. It’s very brief but you can see the group seated watching the concert and YB is the only one standing up and grooving along and then someone tells him something and he sits down.

    But in all the previous variety shows they did like Sang Sang Plus or even Brain Battle(this one is quite old) you can see how hype he can get just from…nothing? Like ok. Winning is a good reason to be hyped but he starts jumping around like a bunny.^^

    to sweetsorrow: I think YB shouldn’t have said that GD is too random sometimes… because he’s no better. *laughs*
    Did I really need to know he’d never seen DS going to the bathroom for number 2? Like…REALLY, did I really need to know? So YB brings it up and GD, of course, feels the need to confirm it… Top and SeungRi reluctantly agreed. They were obviously less enthusiastic than YB to share this very important piece of info. xD xD

  23. “When BB came for GWT Concert in Thailand, their interpreter revealed that YB loved to tease him most compared with other members. How cute he is ^O^”

    “yeah YB definately has a childish dorky side to him….lol i mean…he waits for TOP in the bathroom to scare him..i can’t image anyone but Daesung doing that lol….”
    XD LMAO! I was cracking up so hard when TOP mentioned this lmao and I cannot see YB doing this; hahahha
    man, YB, hes sucha character lol, and when hes done, hes all happy! LMAO XD; TOP doesn’t stop it either cause hes so happy lol.

    “From closer inspection, I just realized Tae Yang & Ha Eum have matching shoes!”
    HAHAH I went back up to look and they do! 🙂 SUPER CUTE! I personally DONT like those shoes lol, I think he wore them at the Dance Battle too and I was like, BLEH,
    hahaha XD;

    I think this thread is getting too serious XD;

  24. I’ve just got some fancam to confirm that YB is really hype XD This clip was shooted last year at some massage shop when Big Bang come to Thailand for GWT Concert press conference. It’s very short clip, you can see YB only 5 seconds but very close XD See, while the others sat still in the waiting room, our boy seemed like he want to practice danceing lol


    Thanks -P e a K- @ BigBangThailand so much for letting me share this cilp for you guys ONLY HERE. Pls don’t take it to anywhere else 😉

    Off topic: I don’t know I should start new topic or not but, I’ve been wondering about this lately. Do’u guys think our YB has recovered from parthenophobia yet? (Dont think too serious lol) I think it’s one side of his charms and, makes YB different from other members. He’s really innocence but, he danced so close to sexy YG dancers many times…maybe he’s already recovered lol

  25. ^ thanks so much crystal!! =)
    lol girl, i had to look up parthenophobia…..ah a fear of girls? lol…i think he has in terms of being around them but i think he still finds it hard to talk to them? maybe? i want to see more interactions with girls to confirm….the ultimate dream would be to see him on WGM….

  26. WOW!! I guess I was missing something…*looks at the comments* lol I was wondering if YB is going to attend those award shows that he’s nominated for? Because I was looking around and found out that they are coming to US (first Japan) in feb?

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