Tae Yang got Rhythm!…or Rhythmer.net Award.

Image Credit: BBVIPZ

What a year it has been for Tae Yang!  Again, he’s nominated for the Rhythmer.net Award 2008.  From what it looks, Rhythmer.net is a website or community that is dedicated exclusively to Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B music.   It seems like a really low-key award.   The award has two divisions: international and domestic, or American and Korean.  Look at the list of nominees, I feel this award is pretty legitimate and credible as well.   Tae Yang is nominated for the Best R&B/Hip-Hop Album, Best R&B/Hip-Hop Artist, and Korean Music Video of the Year. (for Prayer MV.) And Teddy is also nominated for Producer as well.  Congratulations to both.

Check out at Rhythmer.netMake sure to vote for Tae Yang on the poll.

Considering this is just his first solo album, and he promoted only for about 2 months, Tae Yang has accomplished incredible achievements.  For once I’m not so sad that Tae Yang isn’t popular because both these recent award nomination indicated how respected he is in the music world and among other music professionals.

To echo everyone here, it doesn’t matter if he wins or not, I just hope that all this encourages Tae Yang to continue to not just make music, but music that is true and honest to him.  I’m really looking forward to his second album.

19 thoughts on “Tae Yang got Rhythm!…or Rhythmer.net Award.”

  1. ~ahhhhhh im so happy for him….even if this award if low-key…he’s being appreciated for his music among alot of great artists….this is awesome =) thanks for the news tofu

  2. OH MY GOD. I keep hearing people say Tae Yang’s voice is too NASALey for their tastes, WTF? I’ve never thought of his voice as that annoying asthaengnne squidward noise, is it not just his tone? Like, what his voice naturally sounds like? Cuz it definitely can’t be nasal-singing.

  3. Ethrapt: look at it this way… she watched it!(a total plus) lol And judging from her page she’s clearly a shinee fan hence the nasty comment..

  4. “I just hope that all this encourages Tae Yang to continue to not just make music, but music that is true and honest to him. I’m really looking forward to his second album.” so so soooo true!

    Anyway about YB’s voice being a bit nasal. I think it is sometimes. It depends of the song…But I think it comes mostly from his pronounciation(either in Korean or in English) Like he wants to put so much flow in it so his voice KINDA(not that much) turns nasal. I think it happens when he’s nervous like during his first tv live performance…

    But in this live, I don’t think it was nasal at all. All through the Hot concert, I was actually amazed how his voice sounded so pure and so clear(fangirl here. sue me!)

  5. Oh he got 71% of the votes so far…lol I guess the other artists don’t have their fans voting for them 😡 😡

  6. Patra: I

    do notice some nasal when he’s trying to sing in English LOL. That perf wasn’t nasal-ish sounding at all though, seriously. Did she not listen to it in LQ or something? =_=;

  7. nasal? lol seriously…..its different if he can’t sing like other in kpop *cough*sohee*cough* but now people are being picky about nasal tones….stupidness anyway…youtube comments are just blah…..

  8. I was reading around and did you know the Korean Muisc Award is considered to be equivalent to the Grammys in Korean? Whoa~ Badass Tae Yang!

    Well, I can understand why some people will say that Tae Yang’s voice is a little nasally. But, it may sound like that because of 1) the genre of the music. R&B requires a lot of air and control because it’s very powerful. Also because of the melisima, the singing technique of holding a single syllable and moving between notes. Melisima R&B very emotional. 2) the particular song he’s singing. “cracks of my broken heart” is a very powerful song, but also gentle so it requires a lot of control of air to achieve all the dynamics Tae Yang did.

    If you listen to most R&B singers (singing actual R&B music) you’ll notice that they’ll sound a little nasally once in while because they have to be.

    The Shinee dude wasn’t bad at all. For me, the difference between Tae Yang and most other singers, is that he really internalizes the song and channels so much emotion and expression when he sings. Anyone can sing, but not many people can make you feel. (ahhhhh so much cheese!)

  9. ^So it IS nasally because of the genre or song? I have noticed a nasally tone but I’ve never really pinpointed it out because it didn’t bother me much. =-=; It really bugs me when people run around saying YB can’t sing, and when they’re asked for a reason they say it’s because he sings too nasally. >_______>

    Thanks for clearing it up. >D

  10. What I’m saying is that sometimes he’s forced to sound a little nasally because the genre/song requires him to be so. Therefore, it’s not because he’s a bad singer, on the contrary, he’s a very skilled singer. Definitely not the best, but sometimes he surprises me with how good he is.

    I think its incorrect and unfair for people to say that Tae Yang is a bad singer because he sounds nasally. They can say they don’t like it. Some people don’t like voices like G-Fla’s because it’s not smooth and conventional but it’s the style. Its really good stuff.

  11. well I think when people attacked him the most on his singing skills was during the “piano battle” with Junsu…Gosh I had to hurt myself and took my time to reach comments on other kpop blogs…the way they kept telling how YB didn’t know how to sing left me speechless…

    Again you may not like a certain type of voices…but when the person hits the right notes in the way it should be, don’t say “he can’t sing”….

    And then again, what I love the most about YB is all the emotion he puts in a song…He doesn’t need to “shout” the song.. sometimes he sings like he’s whispering the words to your ear and that’s just…wow…but then again…My personal preference.

  12. wow freaking awesome he got on to the rhyther awards!! i so hope he gets it he so deserve this!!!!

    woot woot i see MINOS!!!
    anyways good luck on taeyang i hope hope hope he gets this!!

  13. What a good news!!! It means that now YB nominated for both KMA and this awards!!! I cross my fingers more tightly for you ^o^

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