Stand Up!

Tae Yang’s solo performance at Big Bang’s recent ‘Stand-Up’ tour in Japan.

Credit: maiscool16@youtube

Even though I’ve seen about all performances of these two songs, it’s still enjoyable to watch.  I love the energy of “Prayer,” and “Look Only At Me” is  flawless.  The camera shots are great, except it’s a little blurry.   Enjoy.

TY Marathon: Watch all of Tae Yang’s official/broadcasted solo performances since his solo debut thanks to the lovely people at DCYB for compiling.

And just for fun:
Question of the Day: What is your favorite “Tae Yang”  song?

PS: Happy Valentines!

Youngbae says Be by Valentines?
Youngbae says "Be my Valentine?"

12 thoughts on “Stand Up!”


    That’s weird, I remember seeing this concert solo a while before and I was SO CONVINCED he was just, dead tired. Everything he did seemed so forced.

    Now it looks fine sorta, not as bad as I thought. ._.

    Happy Valentines Day, guys.

  2. ^Valentine’s*

    Darn I forgot the question. Um….. all of them. =_=; Too much time has passed by, they’re all pretty much my favourites now.

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!
    I hope everyone finds a guy like Tae Yang in their lives…and if they’ve already got one…well then ur darn lucky =P

    i never get tired of watching his performances…so much energy and finesse in everything he does.

    my fav song?
    I love all of em but i think my top three would be

    1) Prayer
    2) My Girl
    3) Look Only at Me

  4. Faves?
    1. A Fool’s Only Tears (a Big Bang song, but Youngbae owns this song)
    2. Prisoner/Sinner (amazes every single time i listen to it.)
    3. U Got it Bad cover (one of those songs that made me fall for his voice in the beginning)
    4. Ma Girl….written for him i swear.
    5. ‘HOT’ album….keke I’ know i”m cheating, but Tae Yang doesn’t have a whole lot of solo songs so I adore all of his solos.

    can’t wait for the 2nd album to come out…in the summer i believe.

  5. I’m late but thanks for the Valentine!! me appreciate!! lol as for what songs.. I honestly love them all…One that recently caught my attention was “baby, I’m sorry” especially when he performed it for his concert …there’s something about that video that draws me in… And Ma girl!!! *screams* just image if he was singing those songs to you in private … 🙂

    can’t wait for his next album too!!! hope he works with shaun Evaristo again because that guy is awesome!!

  6. Okay that was stupid! I was trying to change my name from Amy to Aims but whatever lol Thanks for the video link by the way!

  7. Aims = Amy right? lol.
    FYI for those who don’t already know, DCYB is probably Youngbae’s biggest and most “hardcore” fan “club.” They’ve probably archived everything related to Tae Yang, every performance, article, available fancam, anything said about him pre-debut to present day…errrything! it’s super crazy…but awesome.

    taeyang doesn’t have the largest number of fans, but the fans he has are super super super insane. as far as i know, they’ve sent him 1000+ music CDs, a keyboard, 2 lockers to keep everything in, headphones. etc etc. i know shaun, amy, kush, and teddy have also received gifts from them.

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