Taeyang on KBS Sketchbook (140711) – Performances

Taeyang was a special guest on the July 11 broadcast of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook. Only 2 performances unfortunately – for Eyes, Nose, Lips and Ringa Linga – but his interaction with Yoo Hee Yeol more than made up for it.  Check here on bbvipchannel for english subs for the broadcast and here for a transcript of the full, unedited  interview from the recording.

More video below the cut

Full cut (with interview)

(Taeyang’s entrance starts at 36:41 but during Taeyang’s interview he references the part before his appearance where they interview audience members starting at 26:00.)

I really wish we had more Taeyang on TV for this promo. Save for the music show performances, all his promo so far seems to be geared towards fans rather than the general public. Considering how much more confident and funny he’s been lately, it would be great if more people could get to know him outside of his fanbase (who already know he’s adorable…) The world needs to know!

Thanks so much for the upload!

3 thoughts on “Taeyang on KBS Sketchbook (140711) – Performances”

  1. I loved these performances! YB needs to tour with a live band stat! (and I need to be there lol.)

    And more lolz about the wrong lyrics for “I Need A Girl”. For someone who “collects memories” and is “good at remembering” he sure has a hard time remembering the words to his songs! (Hmmm. Selective memory…)

  2. When he sings with a live band, it’s like his spirit is so live & burning, his moves are free & hype, and sounds so good without try hard or puts a more concern to it. I notice, this band is the same with Wonder Live’s, they have a good chemistry with YB, & their intro for Body was good!
    And YHY hahaha he always try to embarassing YB but our Baeby fight hard too for his image…I think they love each other ^ ^

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