Taeyang in Esquire Korea (February 2014) – HQ Scans

Esquire 2014 1

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YB-518% Scans

Thanks to urthesun and YB-518% for the scans!

Making film: (Check here for HD version and Online version photos)

4 thoughts on “Taeyang in Esquire Korea (February 2014) – HQ Scans”

  1. Taeyang looks great though the photo concept is rather ordinary. (I’m also on the fence about some of his styling here since it seems rather uninspired.) The real draw here for me is that I notice YB a lot more than the fashion, though perhaps that’s not really the intention of a fashion mag 🙂 I’m hoping that the interview turns out to be more exciting — will post up when translations are available!

  2. Definitely feel him emanating some dragon-breath heat

    But no, he finally looks like he knows he is too fine ^—^ ❤ this new, sassy taeyang is new but i think i like him

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