Taeyang in Winner TV Episode 7 (140124)

Final part of Bigbang’s guest stint on Winner TV.

Thanks so much 은류 for the upload and the subs! (switch on cc.)  Full episode available on on Mnet.




2 thoughts on “Taeyang in Winner TV Episode 7 (140124)”

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I just love hearing YB talk casually (especially when he’s teasing.) He just has a particular lilt in his voice (and always a hint of an eyesmile) that’s so attractive. Loved the Winner-Bigbang interaction on this show after all the mentoring on WIN since you can see how comfortable YB is with the new boys. 🙂

  2. I’m really loving WINNER TV, and the BB-Winner interactions the past few eps have been good~~ BB seems so happy to have juniors. (New dongsengs to tease, muahaha – I’m getting that sort of vibe.. It could be all for variety sake, but given how Big Bang is made up of five gigantic dorks I doubt it, :P)

    Not just you BM! I also love hearing YB talk when he’s teasing, it’s a completely different tone to when you hear him in interviews (such as those on Fuse News and in their greeting messages, etc.), and also when he takes on an entirely different one with his fans too. (Which I love the most <3)

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