Taeyang, Zion T. and Crush: Some cool R&B cats…

Seems like we have a little R&B mutual admiration club going on here.

Taeyang tweeted some time ago about R&B singers Zion T. (@SkinnyRed) and Crush (@Crush9244):

More below the cut:

Both of them tweeted back thanking him and saying they were his fans, and Taeyang responded with encouraging words saying that he was looking forward to good music from them.

I’m guessing this was the song that inspired that tweet:

Crush later told hiphopplaya in an interview:

Then do you have any musician that you haven’t worked with but want to collaborate with someday?

I want to work with Taeyang in Bigbang. He mentioned me on his twitter recently, it was really nice [of him]. I’ve been a big fan of his, so I used to sing his song a lot in karaoke. I hope we work together and do some good work in the future.

Zion T also told hiphopplaya:

You’ve been collaborating with many musicians, do you have any musicians in mind you’d like to work with?

If someone has inner direction [own style or point of view] in their music, we can make something fresh together whoever they are.  Recently I am highly motivated, so it’ll be very fun. Personally, I want to collaborate with ‘Yoon Mirae’,  and I think Teddy is awesome among producers. And Crush texted me  recently. Like him, I also want to do an R&B duet with Taeyang.

There’s a good chance that Taeyang has met up with Crush by now since they have some mutual friends (and by extension Zion T.) so this is not outside the realm of possibility.   I think it’s cool that Taeyang is connecting more with the R&B and Hiphop community (like Supreme Team’s Simon D recently)  now that he has a little time and the interaction is bound to be good for creativity.  Would love to hear them just talk about music sometime (and some singing would be good too…)

Thanks to redsun of YB Mania for the translations!


4 thoughts on “Taeyang, Zion T. and Crush: Some cool R&B cats…”

  1. I really like Zion T and his unique style – check out some of his live performances since they are a lot of fun!

    Honestly, while I’d love collaborations, right now I’m leaning towards getting 100% YB as much as possible. It’s been too long since his solo and I want to have the pure undiluted YB experience! (That said, any YB music is good for me, so bring it on…)

  2. This must be fate! I was actually listening to Zion.T and Crush this morning! Haha

    I’ve been saying for some time now that I’m excited to see YB interacting with artists outside of YGE, especially the Ameoba artists. And I’ve really been wanting a YB+Zion.T collaboration. I think they both have really unique styles that would work extremely well together. Zion.T is quirky and fun so I think he and YB would get along perfectly on stage.

    Zion.T is seriously the only person to give me the chills like YB whenever I hear him sing. I most definitely need them working on something together.

    Of course, like BM, what I want the most is YB, and just YB. Just give me YB all by himself and I’d be in heaven. But if there is a collaboration with anyone for his next album, please let it be Zion.T! 🙂

    1. They’re both really quirky and have a weird sense of humor haha. It would be interesting to see them on stage together. I think they are both talented but I can’t imagine how their styles and voices would blend… Then again, that’s what makes it interesting…

      1. That’s exactly it! I honestly can’t even imagine how a song with their voices and styles would work. But I know they can do it. And that it’d be absolutely amazing! Haha

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