Taeyang posts on Obsidian’s Fairy Tales (130506)

Taeyang recently posted on his Instagram two pieces from online illustrator Obsidian from her upcoming exhibit in June, which will be her first “offline” exhibit. The theme of the exhibit is classic western fairy tales reinterpreted in a Korean traditional style.

“Beauty and the Beast”

More about the artist below the cut:

“Alice in Wonderland”

Obsidian(@00obsidian00) later  tweeted:

“I heard Bigbang’s Taeyang uploaded my drawings on his instagram.  I’m not sure how that came about, I feel strange.  I don’t pay much attention to idols, but I always check out new songs by Big Bang.  Their music videos and outfits are my style.

I signed up for instagram yesterday to thank BB’s Taeyang for uploading my drawing of the Korean version of “Beauty and the Beast” And just a little while ago he also uploaded the drawing of “Alice and Wonderland”!  Fans are curious as to why he uploaded the pictures because the pictures were uploaded without words.  I’m curious as well.

Anyway.. I’m sure you won’t read this but Taeyang,  thank you for your interest in my pictures!   I’m eagerly awaiting Big Bang’s comeback and new music.”

These and other drawings and paintings will be part of a private exhibit on June 17-30 with proceeds from the exhibit to be donated to former comfort women from the Japanese Occupation of Korea during  World  War II.  Obsidian said that she had seen the pictures drawn by the elderly former comfort women and it pained her.  She said “I want to lend my support to the former comfort women through this project.”

More about the exhibit (and more of her art) on her blog.  Thanks to piglet and Carol of YBmania for translations and helping put together this post!

5 thoughts on “Taeyang posts on Obsidian’s Fairy Tales (130506)”

  1. I thought that this was such an interesting post of his even considering his recent fascination with pop art. (Quite unexpected really – but oh so pretty…) And that the project is in support of comfort women is even more unexpected. DYB keeps on surprising me…

  2. Gosh, the stress from my finals must be making me highly emotional, because my heart just crazy. Gosh, why is our bias so amazing? Making me fall in love with him over and over again.

    Knowing YB, he didn’t post these pictures just to post them. I would bet he knew exactly who created them and what they were being used for. The man is a thinker through and through. So the fact that these are in honor and support of the comfort women and that YB posted it. I just can’t with this man.
    Alsjfhgjsksghlaakhsa…….the feelings he invokes in me!

    Is it too much to hope that he’ll respond to Obsidian, whether through Twitter or IG? I know it’s probably unlikely though. But it would make me even happier if he did, by some small chance, respond to her. Even if it was just to say that he things the art is beautiful.

  3. YB has such a beautiful and considerate heart. I love him not only for his talent but his good nature and sincerity. Ugh, he is just amazing ♥

    When I saw the drawings on his IG, I was so in awe of the detail, and just stared for a while. The artist who made them is very skilled. I love the delicacy of the female characters face, which is so well designed. The whole fairy tale theme, is just… blissful. It made me smile to see it on his IG lol.

    Off topic: but the lady who gets this gem, is truly blessed. Just saying haha 😉

  4. I was wondering where those lovely photos came from, and I really had no idea until coming to ATY what was the meaning behind making those pictures.

    When i first saw them I really liked the reinterpretation of Western fairytales with Korean culture. They were done beautifully too – intricate details and the colour scheme of the whole thing.

    Gotta love this man – beautiful inside and out ❤ If loving this man has resulted to anything – he doesn't just post these at random (and without a description/comment too) – I agree with @ygtaeyangbb that he must've known what these pictures were for.

    Seeing those pictures on IG made me smile, and knowing the meaning behind those photos? Ahhh~~~ Love for this man is infinite! He just brings more to the table each time!

  5. I really like how he supports other Korean entertainers and now artists. He always tweets about singers I would otherwise not hear about because I only follow Bigbang and 2ne1.

    I completely echo the sentiment that he is amazing.

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