4 thoughts on “[Twitter] Taeyang and Lydia Paek dancing on a loop (c/o Vine)”

  1. You’re so fast! lol. The loop is making it all the more crazy. They are such cute dorks haha! Mina used to post a lot more updates with them in the past. Good to know they are all still hanging out together and just goofing around lol. I love dorky YB ♥ ^_^

  2. Wow. This was highly addicting! Couldn’t stop watching it. God they’re such dorks. Alskdhvhsjsjglfslalsold.

    This was a great pick-me-up during my finals. I can always depend on YB to lift my spirits. 🙂

    1. Haha. I still end up staring at it a while every time I visit the ATY homepage. I’m hopeless…

      Good luck with those exams. 🙂 I know you’ll kill’em.

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