Taeyang at GDragon’s One of a Kind concert in Fukuoka – Fancams (130406)

Taeyang was the special guest at G-Dragon’s One of a Kind World Tour at Fukuoka Japan on April 6, 2013. He performed a Teydaddy-style  “Where U At” and “Breakdown”, and joined G-Dragon in an encore of Big Bang’s “Bad Boy”.

Where U AT

More video below the cut.

[vimeo 63706888 w=280&h=500]

[vimeo 63708301 w=280&h=500]



[vimeo 63709260 w=280&h=500]

Bad Boy (Encore)

During the concert, Taeyang alluded to his own upcoming solo album and assured fans that it was coming soon and joked to please “buy 5 copies each.” G-Dragon hinted that he would be working on one of the final songs for the album and apologized to Taeyang for being so busy that his contribution was being delayed. See more details in the translation in the comments.

Thanks to urthesun and 518%  for the fancams and photos! And thanks to those sharing little fanaccounts on twitter. (Thanks to Rika for translating the MENTS – check the comments of this post for her translations.)

12 thoughts on “Taeyang at GDragon’s One of a Kind concert in Fukuoka – Fancams (130406)”

  1. This performance just emphasized to me how long its been since Solar. TY has evolved so much over the past 3-4 years and these songs now seem awkward when worn by his Taedaddy persona. I kind of wish he had gone back in time a bit styling and performance wise to match the music but I guess that might be equally odd. It’s just more confirmation that his new music, concept and performance style for the upcoming album will most likely be a radical departure from what he has done in the past.

    1. Rough translation of TY’s ment before starting ‘Breakdown’:

      After call and response~

      “FUKUOKA, are you enjoying the show? Guys, It’s been a while! I’m SOL! Well, GD’s 1st world tour “ONE OF A KIND” has just started here in Japan! How do you like it? G-Dragon is cool, right? (VIPs: “Yeaaah! Kakkoiiiii(Coool!)” How about me? (VIPs: (Yabaaaaiiii(Awesome!!)!!)

      I’m really glad to stand on such a big stage, and I’m really grateful that my precious friend can hold the world tour.. G-Dragon Forever! “

      “I’d like to go to the next song. The next is my new song.. (pause, VIPs going crazy and screaming).. It’s not my new song but I’ve not sung this song much before so I feel like it’s my new song. I don’t think you all know this song but I don’t know it much either..(Vips breaking into laughter) Well, can’t help it, we have to try together..(after singing a capella) “This(a capella singing) is supposed to be a cue (to start the song) .. Director(as if jokingly scolding him for missing the cue), let’s go and break it down!”

      All said completely serious with a straight face of course.

      Thanks for the translation Rika! (@solysombra0518)

    2. Some rough translations of the MENT after the Bad Boy Encore:
      TY: “G-Dragon, G-Dragon, G, G, G-Dragon” (chanting and skipping)
      GDTY waving
      GD: (Introducing TY) This is TAEYANG!
      TY: (Introducing himself again) I’m SOL!
      GD: We are friends!
      TY: [We are] Friends!
      GD: DESU! (We are!)
      TY: SOUDESU! (Yes, we are!)
      GD: DESU! (We are!)

      TY: Well, how did you like GD’s concert? GD is cool, isn’t he? (VIPs: “Yeah!”)
      GD: SOL is cool, isn’t he? (VIPs: “Yeah!” again)

      Rap startng:
      Oretach-wa (=We) Tomodachi-desu(=are friends)
      Oretach-wa (uh) Tomodachi
      Ore, Oretachi-wa, Tomodachi-desu
      Oretachi-wa Tomodachi
      Oretachi-wa Tomodachi-desu
      Oretachi! Tomodachi!
      Oretachi-wa Tomodachi-de
      Ore, Oretachi, Tomo, Tomodachi

      TY: (pointing to GD) YOUNG & RICH!
      (pointing to himself?) YOUNG & SACHI

      [Note: TY tweeted about being “Young and Sachi” before, which can mean “luxurious” or “spends a lot” or could also mean the Japanese word “SACHI(=幸) meaning “happiness” So maybe he is saying “GD is young and rich and I’m young and happy”?]

      GD: (nods) DESU. (Yes, we are.)

      TY: He started his 1st solo concert here in FUKUOKA, and after this, he will hold more concerts in OSAKA and also TOKYO DOME. (Note: I’m sure VIPs in the venue were surprised like What? TOKYO DOME?)

      TY: He Really needs you guy’s support! Am I right? (VIPs: Yeahhhh!!)
      GD: “N, Noooo.” (VIPs: Noooo?)

      GD: Uhh, SOL-kun, you are currently working on your solo album, right?

      TY: (New album is) almost completed but I still have some collabo work(s) with GD to be done.
      GD: (nodding) Sorry..(in a cute way^^)
      TY: He’s too busy to spare time for it [right now.] Well, We, uh, I almost completed my new album and I think they are really good songs, BUT! The important thing is..YOU HAVE TO BUY IT!!
      Each of you have to buy 5 pieces when my album comes out! You are my future! [“My future will depend on you all!] Yoroshiku Onegai shimasu! [Please do me a favor! Please support us!]
      GD: Onegai shimasu! [Please (support us)! ]
      TY: G-Dragon!
      GD: It was SOL-kun!

      Thanks once again for the translation Rika! (@solysombra0518)

  2. Just to clarify some minor misunderstandings circulating on twitter – the title of TY’s new album is NOT “Dong Youngbae’s Spring.” That was the chapter title of JWC’s last TY interview in his book and YB fans have sort of adopted it as a slogan/teaser for the upcoming album (which is expected to be coming soon and will be a sort of new beginning.)

  3. It’s clear with these old songs just how much YB has evolved and developed as an artist. I can honestly say I just love his stage presence today. He is a monster on stage, and a natural performer. His voice seems a lot stronger than before from what I’ve noticed (i.e. he finds it easier to project it more smoothly). It’s nice to hear that…

    All in all it was interesting to see ‘teydaddy’ perform those old songs lol. I love that he had fun with it, and his shear confidence on stage cannot go unnoticed.

    I look forward to his new album, and i’m just excited to see what he has to bring. I’m all for the new, so I’m ready to embrace this new chapter and go on this new journey with him :).

  4. I dont really see this “persona” everyone talks about but his stage presence and voice are better than ever. The un-confident, shy Taeyang has matured into a Beast. I think it’s experience and growing up, not a persona or anything pretentious! Love him more…cant wait foe the new album. Taeyang is a mufugggin BEAST!

  5. I can’t help but see the 15 year old GDYB doing their old ala-Kriss Kross performances when I look at the Bad Boy encore. They’re so cute and funny!

  6. Oh geez. I have no idea how I missed this post. And here I was waiting for an email alert that you posted it BM. Haha

    I too felt odd seeing YB perform WUA and BD dressed like that. It definitely did not give off the same feels his old performances did. It was interesting.

    And goodness. Can he and GD be even bigger dorks? A “we are friends” rap? Lol

    But I am definitely ready for his new album. I wonder if he’ll keep with the whole TeyDaddy, braids, baggy clothes thing he has going on right now. Or if he’ll show us an even newer side to him.

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