Taeyang Fansite Birthday Projects!

May 18 is around the corner and our 1988 baby is adding on another year!

In line with this, Taeyang fans from all over have been preparing different projects to celebrate his birthday in a meaningful and heartfelt way. Here are a list of projects from different Taeyang fansites that are open to international fans to join.

  • URTHESUN has already funded 2 well projects in Myanmar on behalf of Taeyang and are working on building a 3rd water well to commemorate Taeyang’s birthday this year. The wells are a much needed water-source in areas where there is no readily available clean water. Help bring the gift of water to hundreds of people (and get a Boss mousepad too) ! Check here for more details in Korean, English and Japanese.

One thing for sure is that Taeyang loves hearing from his fans! The following fansites are collecting messages and putting together fan support projects in time for his birthday. Check them out in case you want to join!

  • Taeyang Singapore is putting together an  origami message project. Deadline is on April 26. Details here.
  • Charming YB has a photocollage project for YB. Check here.
  • Solmatesworld has a message project with a fanbook and video of photos and fanart. Details in English and French here.  Deadline is April 20.
  • Update: YB-518% is also putting together a photobook with support messages. Deadline is May 5. Check here.
  • Alwaystaeyang 🙂  We’re planning another themed birthday message project similar to what we did in 2011 (Sample pages from the last project 1,2,3,4) but with a different theme.  Details here! (yes, we’re totally last minute if not completely late, but we figure that like Taeyang’s work-in-progress album, better late than never…)

A little background: We were told by both YGE and Taeyang’s fansites that Taeyang has been actively discouraging fans from spending their hard earned money on getting him extravagant birthday gifts for a few years now. (They have gone to the extent of refusing some gifts, though inexpensive personal gifts are still accepted.) It’s out of consideration for the fans (and to discourage competition between fansites to give the most expensive gifts.) Just something to keep in mind, especially since it may be more important to save in order to buy at least “5 copies of his upcoming album to support his future” (haha. But seriously, we know what’s closest to his heart – peace, love, Boss and those who love and support his music. )

UPDATE:  Taeyang himself tweeted this: I think many people are preparing gifts for my birthday but I’ll only take the love and the heart for it. 🙂 Since I have a lot I want it to be used somewhere thats in need and I hope you can understand that. Thanks for the love that you’ve given me and I’ll pay back with good music!! (trans cr:@BIGBANGGisVIP)

That said, for those who do want to send Taeyang a personal letter or gift, URTHESUN is also offering to deliver letters and gifts to Taeyang on behalf of fans.  They are accepting deliveries until May 10. (Anything you send them should already be with them by that time.) UPDATE: They’ve also expanded their birthday projects to include a white Tshirt and fanart project.  Check here for details. (Update: YB-518 is also offering to deliver handwritten letters or gifts. Deadline by May 10. See here.)

Aside from these birthday projects, Taeyang fansites have also been actively preparing their support projects for his coming solo activities. We’ll post on that separately but in the meantime, those who already want to know how to contribute can contact YBMania, URTHESUN, YB-518%, and Solmate and weneedsol  on twitter.

We may missed some projects (especially those not posted in english) – please let us know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Taeyang Fansite Birthday Projects!”

  1. “We were told by both YGE and Taeyang’s fansites that Taeyang has been actively discouraging fans from spending their hard earned money on getting him extravagant birthday gifts for a few years now.”

    The sense of pride I feel after reading that statement. Especially when I see other idols flaunting around their 20 macbooks from fansites. It really is refreshing. I’m loving all this charity work being done in his name. I am following the right type of person 🙂 I donated to one of them, but thanks for summarizing the others.

    1. Awww and that makes me want to do it even more! because he deserves it :). I’m going to try and send a gift and card via urthesun before the deadline 🙂

  2. It’s so nice to see all these projects taking place. I’m sure he’ll be happy to receive all our token of love.

    Thanks bluemaid! I really appreciate you putting together all the YB B-day projects for our convenience.

  3. Another alternative translation of YB’s tweet from @TaeyangINA: Seems like people here and there are preparing my birthday presents, while I only care about receiving (your) loves and hearts:) There are many other things that are more necessary than me, (so) please understand my heart.. Thank you for loving me. I’ll reward you through good music!!

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