Taeyang for Kakao Talk (CF)

Big Bang is the latest endorser for mobile messenger app KakaoTalk in Indonesia and Vietnam, and apparently the members also get short individual videos apart from the group CFs. Here’s Taeyang in a behind the scenes video from what looks to be their photoshoot for the ad campaign.

(from KakaoTalk ID on youtube. Same video is posted on KakaoTalk VT)

More beneath the cut:

Big Bang as a group:

and the nearly identical version for the Vietnam market:

There are also some special emoticons available to lucky users in those territories:

cr:@urthesun on twitter

6 thoughts on “Taeyang for Kakao Talk (CF)”

  1. Look at our little Energizer Bunny! Haha

    He was so adorable in it. And I’m glad to see that he actually got a lot of screen time.

    And lol at Seungri making fun of his signature dougie move. 🙂

  2. Ugh he is so cute and adorkable. Look at that smile! I love playful, happy, crazy YB more than anything lol ❤

  3. Loving the big smile plastered on his face. Playful, adorkable and happy – plus quite a lot of screen time! YB does have more of an international fan base maybe that’s why? But regardless, ah~ Loving this ad at the moment. And I always love GDYB bro-mance, or any bromance between the boys really.. haha.

  4. Man I dunno about YB’s latest hairs and fashion sense lol..not to mention the face he always puts out. Honestly miss the old him, checkered shirts, the smile and the simplest things in him you know?

    Not saying I hate the new him. Just miss the old. ^^

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