Taeyang and Bang Yedam are Bad Boys on SBS Kpopstar 2 (130331)

Taeyang and Top 3 contestant Bang Yedam had a joint special stage of Big Bang’s “Bad Boy” for SBS Kpopstar.

(cr: KPOPSTAR) Alternate HQ video links at YBMania and  Solmate .

I’ll admit that I haven’t been watching the show so I wasn’t sure what to expect .  Knowing how much Taeyang loves this song and how much energy he can bring to the stage, I’m glad that Taeyang didn’t overpower  the much younger (and seemingly nervous) Bang Yedam by much and seemed to be an encouraging and friendly partner to the child performer.  It was a relatively simple stage that really depended on the energy of the performers and they seemed to do well enough. LOVED Taeyang’s vocals and the sound mixing was great this time around. (Hope Inkigayo takes its cue from this show.)

And did anyone recognize the infamous white JUUN J Men’s “dress” from the GDYB Vogue photo spread? Haha.

16 thoughts on “Taeyang and Bang Yedam are Bad Boys on SBS Kpopstar 2 (130331)”

  1. Ahhhhh….it was so great to see YB performing again!

    Not gonna lie, this went a lot better than expected. I thought BYD would be totally unsuited for the song, but it worked.

    And YB was having so much fun on stage. He couldn’t even wipe that smile off at all. Ad he sounded great. Which is the icing on the cake.

    Did anyone else find JYP’s reactions totally hilarious? Haha

    1. JYP is such a YB fanboy. Tbh, i’m always tickled by his expression and enthusiasm lol. Also YG just had this smug look on his face (which he often has when YG artists performs) like “you see that. That’s how you do it” lol.

      They both were having a ball with this performance, haha.

  2. YB just looked like he had heaps of fun. He was casual, professional and personable and I think that helped BYD become more comfortable on stage.

    There’s another version from fan-cams, where YB gives BYD a ‘good job’ hug at the end, which I found so sweet. I loved how YB was mostly focusing on him, and in a way limiting his performance to keep the spotlight on the lil’ fella lol. Their back to back arm cross pose at the end haha…so adorable. Everything about this performance was uber cute ❤

    1. Here’s Juckdo’s fancam:

      I think this is the performance for the studio audience while the prerecorded special stages are being aired for broadcast. I know they usually do this for Inkigayo – use the prerecorded audio but “perform” again for the audience during the actual telecast – since they have to wait for the end of the show for the winners to be announced. I’m guessing the special stages had to be prerecorded even if the actual contest is live because of the different sets for each stage.

      1. prerecorded audio? so when they perform for the actual telecast, what we’re listening to isn’t live?

        does it mean that BYD also didn’t sing sing live for the actual telecast? Am a bit disappointed if that’s the case ><

        1. In Inkigayo, they prerecord what televiewers see and then “perform” again during the time of actual broadcast using the audio from the prerecording (in effect, lipsynching for the studio audience but doing the dance etc.) Only the studio audience gets to see this part. They have to prerecord for the telecast since it takes too much time to change sets between performances to do it live (and they also shoot different angles and closeups to add to the version for broadcast.) But they are actually singing live in the tv studio in the prerecording (not lipsynching to a studio track) so for all intents and purposes, it is a live performance.

          The fancams were taken from the “off-the record” performance for the studio audience and not from the prerecording. (Hence the clothes are different, they are more relaxed etc.)

          For Kpopstar, I think they prerecorded the special stages but the contestants used a live stage for their contest performance for the judges.

        2. ahh I get it now thanks Bluemaid! 🙂

          it makes me think, if being the studio audience is better than live telecast audience, since we can watch the artists live but can’t see them in person of course, but the studio audience get to see them all relaxed, enjoying the stage, in person but not really hearing them sing live.

  3. I’m really glad that they gave Bang Yedam equally shared parts! Unlike, Andrew Choi for example 😦 I felt bad that Shinee got more camera time and parts D:<

  4. Ahhhhh!! That was the cutest performance EVAH! So much gushing I have over this performance. YB’s vocals were wonderful, his ad-libs “Do the dougie” and “I’m a bad boy” at the end..

    Bang Yedam seemed quite nervous at the beginning but I’m glad he looked like he was enjoying himself as the song went on – and the back-to-back with YB at the end! The lovely finishing touch! ❤

    YB was really good with how much he was in and out of the performance too – not attracting attention to himself but being the good partner to the boy *thumbs up*

    And just sayin' JYP – didn't waste any time showing his love for our boy hey? XDDD

    I'm still smiling ilke an idiot! Gah! Such a cute performance!

  5. Taeyang was AWESOME. His style, I’m liking. I also liked the nappy hair. I like it all and I think it suits what he’s going for.

    When I look at the gif on the top right of this site and then I look at these videos, I forget that it the same guy LOL.

    I am very very excited for his new album. It looks like he will have plenty of time to prepare for this one, JOY.

    Anyone see Lyle Beniga promote with Justin Timberlake? Crazy.

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