GD & Friends Live on Naver (eng sub): Taeyang hangs out with his buddies

I’ve been excitedly waiting for this video to be subbed since I found Taeyang so hilarious in it. (I’ve watched the raw video so many times I’ve almost convinced myself I understand what they’re saying.) That said, thank you bbvipchannel for the subs! (Hugs!)

I like that he’s clearly relaxed and not in “performance” mode so it seems like he’s really just hanging with the guys. I love him most when he’s just being himself and this is one of the closest I’ve glimpsed of him being laid back on camera. (He’s usually pretty self-conscious about being filmed. Maybe it helps that it’s not really his show? Also, he seems to be distracted by other things – probably all the other stuff getting bumped on his schedule – so he’s less guarded than usual. The overall informal atmosphere and not having to do multiple retakes and cuts helps a lot too.)

I could go on spazzing all day about this video, but it’s much shorter to say that at the end of this I liked Taeyang nearly twice as much as I did before. Which, erm, was pretty darn much to begin with.

8 thoughts on “GD & Friends Live on Naver (eng sub): Taeyang hangs out with his buddies”

  1. Oaksdjhskhffsaa…….I’m so late commenting on this. But oh well. Hahaha

    There’s actually too many great moments for me to spazz about. Just know that YB was great. He was so honest and frank. Kept on wanting to reveal everyone’s secrets. Naughty YB. 🙂

    Lol at his “ghost fans” and the shoulder shimmy aegyo. ❤

    And of course, his hair is amazing. Suits him so well!

  2. HEY, I’m sure a few of us have been or are going to BigBang venues in the US. Would ATY be so kind as to post our fan encounters?

    I’m gonna be at the Newark one! Thanks!

    1. We haven’t been posting on the more recent Alive Tour concerts since the China leg since each concert is very similar and we don’t want to give out spoilers for those planning to go to the later ones.

      We are planning to do a post by the end of the month though so everyone can spazz and share YB concert experiences. 🙂 In the meantime, anyone excited about concert photos and fancams can check out the excellent Alive Tour coverage on or youtube fancams through YB’s fansite channels: 518mercuri, urthesun1, YBMania0fficial. (Even a quick youtube search will show a LOT of fancams of the tour.)

      Hoping that the weather is cooperative and you enjoy the concert! All the reviews have been super enthusiastic so far so chances are good NJ will be fun too. 🙂

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