Big Bang on Fuji TV Sakigake 8 (121017)

Thanks to bbvipchannel for the subs! (Check their page for download links.)

No explanation necessary — this was hilarious.  Taeyang looks really young here and has a lot of funny and cute expressions (not to mention that he really seems to enjoy games no matter how well he does in them.) The rest of the guys also seemed to be having a good time. I’ve been liking BB best in variety when they are on their own without a host – they often seem more relaxed and entertaining that way. YG should take note…

3 thoughts on “Big Bang on Fuji TV Sakigake 8 (121017)”

  1. I loved this. It was hilarious even without the subs.

    I love it when they’re just so relaxed and goofing off and having fun. They’re all a bunch of 5-yr olds at heart anyway.

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