Taeyang at A-Nation Tokyo 2013 (130811) – Fan Photos and Fancams

Taeyang was a performer on August 11 for Avex’s 2013 A-nation concert at Shibuya, Tokyo.  Sharing the main stage as part of VERBAL’s Oto Matsuri 2013 x m-flo Tour “NEVEN” Special Final,  his setlist included Superstar, Breakdown, Look Only At Me, Wedding Dress and I Need A Girl.  He later joined Melody in a special performance of m-flo’s Miss You (a song which they had previously performed together in 2012’s Summer Wave Festival.)

Some photos from urthesun and YB-518% – more to come later on!

Check here for more urthesun photos.

FANCAMS! (Thanks so much for sharing!)


From urthsun

From juckdo

From YB-518


From urthesun

From juckdo

From YB-518


From YB-518

From juckdo

Translation from @mmvvip on twitter:  I’m Sol from Seoul! It’s been hot in Japan everyday but how are you? I came with BB last year but I’m alone today. Too bad! Even [if] I’m alone I’ll do my best. Here is a solo song I released 3 years ago. Sing with me if you know [it.]

Look Only At Me and Wedding Dress

From urthesun

From Juckdo

From YB-518

I Need A Girl

From urthesun

From YB-518

Special Stage – Miss You (m-flo feat. Melody and Taeyang)

From urthesun

From Juckdo (video starts at 0:29)

From YB-518 (Ending)

8 thoughts on “Taeyang at A-Nation Tokyo 2013 (130811) – Fan Photos and Fancams”

  1. Really hoping for some good video of his performances – so many songs! And he looked so cute too (if rather bundled up in what was said to be super hot weather.)

    I guess everyone is curious what is going on with his hair (especially since we can see the highlights from the bit that is peeking out of his cap.) September is fast approaching and I can’t wait…

    1. I liked the performances but while he seemed to be in a good mood, his energy seemed muted compared to previous festival performances at Pentaport. Too many clothes getting in the way 😛 ?

      1. I noticed that too! He looks happy to be on stage, but where is that explosive energy we’re used to seeing? I’m sad because I wanted to him to do more of the choreography, but he didn’t. And what he did, wasn’t exactly what I’m used to seeing from him.
        YB should have taken off the sweater! We might have seen more dancing and energy from him then. Maybe he was afraid of working up and even bigger sweat than he already had. Lol

        But seriously, he seemed to be holding himself back. But his stage with m-flo had him running back and forth like a littls kid, with endless energy. Who knows, maybe he was just super tired earlier or something.

        1. All I could think was “Too many layers” lol – it was around 38C (around 100F) at the time – and even hotter earlier in the day. It’s so unusual for him to keep on all his clothes even on cooler times of the year, so to do this in summer is just a level of commitment to his outfit I can’t understand lol.

  2. Ugh, so handsome. That killer smile. Is it just me or is he really radiant here? It’s as if he had grown more handsome and youthful. I haven’t seen that in a while, especially during ALIVE if I’m honest. Maybe it’s the hair that we can’t see?

  3. He looks so good! And you can just tell how much fun he’s having on stage!

    I was pleasantly surprised to see him perform so many songs, I thought he was just guest performing with m-flo. But I can’t wait to see any fancams that come out.

    Oh the hair! How can he just tease us with that tiny bit and then keep it covered up? With his hair dyed like that, I’m so interested to see how it’ll look styled.

  4. You guys, you know how YB is also coming out with a new album soon and I wanna see a collabo of GDYBSR on stage cause both GDYB is featuring in one of the songs of Seungri’s mini-album!

    YG, I’m looking at you and I’m waiting on that YB teaser since GD and SR’s are already out.

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