Thank you Hwangssabu (aka Taeyang at the Gym)

Translation: You can tell the life of a person through their sports/exercise. Keeping promises, a diligent mind and a consistent hard working lifestyle show their concentration and reflects how strong his future may be. SOL^^

Source: 100620 (Translation by harry@bigbangupdates.)

In the middle of this Taeyang news drought, we thought it would be a good time to thank Master Hwang for all he does for Taeyang and the little updates for the fans.  Long time fans know that Master Hwang often keeps us updated about the progress of YG Family in their efforts to keep fit. Taeyang’s dedication to the gym is common knowledge and fans certainly appreciate the results. A collection of some of Master Hwang’s photo updates:

Hwangssabu also didnt forget to keep us updated about the results of all that hard work.  Thank you Hwangssabu!

16 thoughts on “Thank you Hwangssabu (aka Taeyang at the Gym)”

  1. Much thanks to Master Hwang and his awesome ninja skills!!! Who else to keep us abreast of YB pictures during this drought? Oh, and I guess his trainer skills aren’t too shabby either. Haha

  2. Pingback: Thank you !
  3. Through all of these photos, I fall in love with Taeyang again he’s so hardworking and sexy! He has an extremely nice body, butt, and leggs! So toned out!

  4. I agree. It’s not just YB’s diligence and hard-working personality, but Mister Hwang – the master of teaching him the stuff – that helps with the results ;D

    YB’s just a good and hard working student, hehehehehehehehehhe

    Bless both of them, the result has been a great distraction from life 😉

  5. my favorite pic would be the second one.that pic has been posted everywhere and i always laugh everytime i see it.
    youngbae,what a dork lol

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    BB FTW!!!

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