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ATY’s 2013 Birthday Project!


UPDATE 2: Thanks to everyone who sent letters! We actually have more than we planned for (more than 50 messages!) – which is a really good thing! We’re working on the layout now and will update you all when its been sent off.

UPDATE: We’re working on the layout this weekend so we can still take letters till Sunday, April 28!  Thanks to a generous donation, we can include more messages than initially planned. We’ve got some really great letters already and we’re trying our best to send Taeyang as many messages as possible so do send in your emails!

It’s Burstday time again! Since Taeyang is planning to release a new album “soon” we wanted to do another message book project to send him both our birthday wishes and give him encouragement and positive energy for his new music.

Our theme is “Journey to Real”.  We are looking for messages of fans who have loved, love and will love him for those unique qualities that made him special then till now, and our hopes for him in the future.

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JARVIS the Computer to Tony Stark: “May I say how refreshing it is to finally see you on a video with your clothing on, Sir.” (Iron Man 2, 2010)

It’s another great year for our boy and the best is yet to come! We’ve seen some great changes from Taeyang over the past year and it’s wonderful to see him so happy, healthy and optimistic about the future. With his new found “freedom” in the heart and mind, anything can happen. We hope that this year will yield more great experiences for him, both expected and unexpected, as he gets closer to achieving more of his personal and professional dreams. As fans, today is just the first of another 365-day journey around the Sun – let’s enjoy this trip together!


Thank you Hwangssabu (aka Taeyang at the Gym)

Translation: You can tell the life of a person through their sports/exercise. Keeping promises, a diligent mind and a consistent hard working lifestyle show their concentration and reflects how strong his future may be. SOL^^

Source: 100620 (Translation by harry@bigbangupdates.)

In the middle of this Taeyang news drought, we thought it would be a good time to thank Master Hwang for all he does for Taeyang and the little updates for the fans.  Long time fans know that Master Hwang often keeps us updated about the progress of YG Family in their efforts to keep fit. Taeyang’s dedication to the gym is common knowledge and fans certainly appreciate the results. A collection of some of Master Hwang’s photo updates:

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With thoughts of peace and courage for all…

In light of the recent events surrounding Daesung’s May 31 accident on the Yanghwa Bridge in Southern Seoul (latest reports at the time of this posting here and here), we are offering our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased motorcycle rider and our prayers and support for Daesung and his loved ones at this difficult time.

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Lollipop CF Making~ (& MV!)

This was too cute not to post…..
Bae and CL seem really comfortable…i love seeing him laughing and joking around

[EDIT]And the official Music Video:

A really cute and enjoyable collaboration between the two groups.  Tae Yang wins in this video! Tight dancing as always, but the song doesn’t do Tae Yang’s voice much justice.  Heck, the song doesn’t do any of them any justice.  Fun nonetheless.  And Tae Yang has a solo cut with the girls. LOL.  YG knows how to mess with us putting the girl-shy member with all the girls.

Stand Up!

Tae Yang’s solo performance at Big Bang’s recent ‘Stand-Up’ tour in Japan.

Credit: maiscool16@youtube

Even though I’ve seen about all performances of these two songs, it’s still enjoyable to watch.  I love the energy of “Prayer,” and “Look Only At Me” is  flawless.  The camera shots are great, except it’s a little blurry.   Enjoy.

TY Marathon: Watch all of Tae Yang’s official/broadcasted solo performances since his solo debut thanks to the lovely people at DCYB for compiling.

And just for fun:
Question of the Day: What is your favorite “Tae Yang”  song?

PS: Happy Valentines!

Youngbae says Be by Valentines?
Youngbae says "Be my Valentine?"

How to Watch Tae Yang’s Concert DVD.

Off of Bangs, an obvious gimmick to maintain fangirls, but Im loving it.
Off of "Bangs," an obvious gimmick to maintain fangirls, but I'm loving it. CREDIT: BBFansite

The title of this post is a little insulting, no?  But, I’m not assuming that you’re all knuckleheads.  This is a boring and dry post, but if you’re having trouble watching Tae Yang’s concert DVD or is concerned about it before buying, hopefully this might be worth your time.

This is just instructions on how to breech Tae Yang’s Concert DVD Region 3 restrictions.  The DVD probably won’t work unless you have a all-region DVD player.  I suggest watching the DVD via a desktop or laptop.  I’m a PC, so the instructions will work best for PCs, but probably will be the same for MACs, I’m not sure.

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