10 thoughts on “Taeyang from BB’s Love & Hope Tour (Photo)”

  1. YB withdrawal…worst affliction ever!!!! We take what we can get, but at least it’s a hot picture!

    YB is definitely working it in this photo. The lips….the eyes….sigh, does he even know what he’s doing to us? What am I thinking? He’s from YGE….land of the trolls…of course he knows the effect he’s having on us! Haha

    1. Considering we rarely see his eyes nowadays this was certainly a pleasant surprise to say the least. And its such an interesting expression on his face – like he’s about to laugh. (Wonder what he was thinking?)

        1. Hahah. This didn’t help one bit! It probably just made it worse!!!

          I need news….real news about YB. Toss us a bone YG/YB!!!

  2. yep.made me feel a little bit better.

    i felt antsy lately waiting for his songs.arrgh,the excitement and frustration is killing me T_T

  3. BIG BANG IS NOMINATED FOR AN MTV EUROPEAN MUSIC AWARD SO VOTEEEE!!! the category is WORLD WIDE ACT ASIA PACIFIC NOMINEES vote as many times @ asia.mtvema. com/vote

    BB FTW!!!

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