[Discussion] Now and then: Big Show 2011 vs REAL Concert

Bluemaid and I were talking about how much Taeyang has changed over the years, not only musically but also personality wise and we thought that it would be a great conversation to expand to our fellow Taeyang fans.

Above is a YBMania compilation from the 2006 BIG BANG REAL Concert, for comparison sake we have recent footage from BIG SHOW 2011.


This is the first song in the YBM compilation and one thing I noticed is how Taeyang was once willing to keep his jacket on, however he seems less willing as he has gotten older, lol. The dancing seems way sharper and less fluid, as if he’s been dancing with a different choreographer (which is probably the case). I like his vocals in the Big Show better (especially towards the end) but both were pretty good. He definitely has better control of the stage now compared to then. However he was so much more free and happy then, just looks at all those smiles in the REAL footage compared to the BIG SHOW 2011. But it was their first concert.

I’m skipping VIP since YB didn’t do his rap part in the Big Show since they cut the song short.


starts at 3:53

I had to take this from the SOLAR concert since that was the last time he performed it. This was hard to choose since I like them both and they were very different. I like the girl and the bed in REAL (My Girl should always have a girl and a bed but I guess After You Fall Asleep took the bed concept) but we have sweaty sexy shirtless Taeyang in the other, hard to choose. Personally my  favorite performance of My Girl has to be from HOT with Aimee in that box and sweaty sexy shirtless Taeyang. I think the vocals have improved since then, especially considering he was several songs into a solo concert during the SOLAR concert one.


It’s at 5:05 in the REAL video. Skipped a few songs because they were either covers, not used in the Big Show or I simply couldn’t find a fancam. Anyway, he sounds so much more improved now than back then. Wow, it wasn’t till doing this post that I noticed how much he’s improved. And he’s such a dancing machine now, I don’t understand how he can dance as much as he does and still sound so good.


This is the last song in the compilation and Taeyang is going hard in the dance in the Big Show and having so much fun with it. I really like the REAL, watching this concert reminds me how low Taeyang use to sing and I want him to sing in that register more, it’s sexy and deep and sends chills down my spine. I really like the Big Show one best just because of how much fun Taeyang had in it.

Watching this just shows how much more confident Taeyang is on stage compared to before. The way he moves is much more confident and his dancing is more sexual compared to innocent 18 year old Taeyang. One thing I did notice though was how much more controlled he is of his dance, even when he’s freestyling he’s very controlled and tight with his movement and he’s less free (if that’s the correct word) then he was before.  It’s sort of like he’s caught up in his own world and more internally focused, which makes him a joy to watch but hard to connect with.  Hopefully he’ll open up to the audience more as he moves on with his career.

Also, he’s a dancing fool now because he refuses to stand still.

Any comments/observations/thoughts you guys want to share?

cr: Sol-mate, Urthesun, YBMania, urthesun1@youtube, Juckdo@youtube, solemateelly@youtube, YBManiaOfficial2@youtube, qwertyomglol@youtube

13 thoughts on “[Discussion] Now and then: Big Show 2011 vs REAL Concert”

  1. One thing that I miss is that joy and excitement early after their debut (is that what Taeyang calls “rookie spirit”?) I guess its an inevitable part of growing older in the business when the realities of the industry wears you down, but while you can definitely see the improvements as a result of experience, the openness and contagious joy of being on stage is a lot less.

    In the case of YB, he’s much more intense and controlled as opposed to engaging and outgoing as he was when he was younger. He’s technically much better, but harder to have fun “with” nowadays as compared with before. (Of course, exceptions abound as was the case with Solar Concert and Soulfest. There was definitely empathy with the audience in both those performances.) I guess part of it is a personality change (since he’s much more serious now overall) and the type of music that he is doing now (which is admittedly more emotional) but I do miss him just having fun and being less reserved.

    Since he’s been a bit more hyper and carefree over the past months, I’m hoping he can regain some of that excitement and joy in his next album and in the promotions of it. Not worry so much about what others say or getting it perfect, but just enjoying what he loves to do and let the rest take care of itself. Don’t know how realistic a hope that is, but it would be really nice and it’s my wish for him.

    1. I swear BM…I’m not even going to bother commenting on ATY anymore. You say everything I’m thinking anyway! Haha

      The one thing I miss about younger YB is the energy he had on stage. He just truly seemed like he was having fun and performing simply to enjoy himself. His dancing and energy just seemed to flow. It didn’t seem as if he was over-thinking things like he normally does, but just letting go. He was having fun with himself and the audience.

      Not to say that he’s not doing that now, but it’s so obvious how much more controlled he is. He’s definitely improved since 2006, but at what cost? His dancing and personality on stage definitely seemed to become more stiff (not really the word I want to use, but the only one I can think of at the moment) at times. As he grew older, everything about him started to become more controlled. His dancing went from a natural flow to a more technical, sharp and on-point style. His personality seemed to become more stilted on-stage as well. He still performed well but at the same time, held himself back from the audience. What happened to the young carefree YB we all knew and loved?

      Then Solar Concert and Soulfest happened. Oh how grateful I was to see these events. YB just let himself free. Don’t know if it was due to the type of audiences he was performing in front of, since they weren’t the typical teenage fangirls you would find at the music shows, or just the joy of completing his album, but he was back! He was connecting with the audience more. Smiling like crazy and acting like a total goofball. Most notable performances for me were of Superstar and Breakdown. He was relaxed and seemingly stress-free. Dancing and laughing and being a total dork with his crew. Whether it was in the concert or the festival, it was apparent that this was someone reminiscent of rookie YB.

      Seems like goofy, care-free YB is back and I hope he stays for sometime. While I don’t wish for YB to just go crazy on stage, I definitely wished he would stop over-thinking. He focuses so much on presenting a perfect performance that it doesn’t seem like he’s enjoying himself. I want YB to be able to become the type of musician he’s always aspired to become .Someone who wanted to bring the joy that was his music to the people; someone who’s greatest wish is to have his music affect at least one person. And I feel that, to do that, he just needs to be that person he was at the Solar Concert and Soulfest.

      WOW……really didn’t think I was going to write that much. Sorry if you read this long essay! 😀

      1. i was going to write about the obvious change between his dance style and attitude on stage but both you and bluemaid hit it perfectly! i really miss the unreserved care-free youngbae on stage, which really shows through his energy and flow in his dance style. granted, he is definitely more refined and precise in his performances now, but as you said, its harder to have fun “with” as opposed to the past.

        when watching the videos above, i found i enjoyed the REAL clips more than the 2011BIGSHOW clips because i could feel his energy and joy of being on stage more through his body language than with the BIGSHOW. however, youngbae is youngbae and i fangirled through all the videos, of course 🙂

        i also miss him singing in the lower register, but we already touched on that in a previous discussion. 😛

  2. I love how u did a blog over this. I think about the “old” taeyang and big bang back then versus him now everytime I watch their videos. The clothes are a major difference! Lol
    ‘Shake it’ is my favorite song to watch fancams of taeyang dancing. He is so energetic and explosive with his moves, especially during the global warning tour (my fav bb concert) I watched the ’11 show above and had a feeling of less energy &…. passion maybe? Of course he’s more mature now with his personality and dancing and he’s been in the industry for so long.
    One thing that’s still the same when he’s performing is his habit of looking down!! I love watching taeyang, I still admire him the most out of all Asian or American singers. I can’t wait to see what he got in store for us next.

  3. Yea I also love Taeyang’s voice in low register…a fools only tears will forever be my jam…love his voice in there…

  4. I think in terms of vocals and dance hes obviously changed. I can’t explain it but I always felt during debut days his voice always has some sort of husky-ness to it. In my opinion his vocals have improved loads and its so raw now. Before I felt it wasn’t anything special, but now, the tone and rawness of his voice I think its so unique in the kpop industry. It’s like being moved and feeling the emotion just by the sound of his voice.

    As for his dancing, he seems more dynamics before, I guess there was a change from the heavily hip hop big bang to what its become now. But yeah his movements are definitely more strict and sharp. I think though hes become less rigid now. Like his singing he now has really made his style of dancing his own. Its so smooth and effortless. Like hes not really thinking but more just feeling the music.

    In terms of feeling…superstar and breakdown at Solar concert showed that he hasn’t exactly lost it. I mean considering the situation, and at the concert how he said there was a lot of pressure and that everything went by so fast. I mean a guy with that much on his plate its natural that it will be difficult to let go and lose himself. Thats why I hope with his new album there is none of this pressure and he can just make music that he loves and forget about the money, expectations, schedules etc.

    In summary I think the things he has gained and they way hes grown far exceeds that ‘rookie spirit’ he once had. In terms of technique i think hes much better. But even as a performer, I think he now dominates the stage. I mean if you look at ‘OLAM’ performances at big show 2009 i think, and the double encore at Solar concert. It was nothing less than beautiful and magical.
    Finally can’t forget his whole shy issue. I don’t know what happened, but especially after solar…only way I can describe it is, its as if he found love. The way he came out and sang those songs. I think its a complete 180 from OLAM to INAG. Anyways I can;t wait for his next album, and to see how much hes grown even more.

  5. yb maturity is in correspondence with his mohawk length, when i first watched him he had dangly cornrolls or whatever its called, then it rised up to a mohawk and short one, then over time and time his hair went up higher and higher, so did his maturity….. did that even make sense oO who cares TAEYANG~!!

  6. Part 1

    Taeyang in nearly every way has improved and he definitely sings well while dancing, you’re right about that. I watched Se7en’s performances and I can tell that a person can struggle a little singing and doing ML choreo. I also liked what you said about him being a joy to watch, but hard to connect with, I mostly feel the same way.

    My opinion on Taeyang taking his clothes and jackets off. When he does it too often (I’m a person who watches nearly every performance) it comes off as ‘trashy’ than ‘classy’ or ‘sexy’. The crowd reacts well, but I want him to keep classy more in mind while doing it. Sometimes, girls like to be teased and undress guys with their eyes and he’s making it too dang easy… That was my reaction in the beginning.

    1. I’m having trouble posting comments so I had to separate them. If there are duplicate posts, please delete them. My apologies.

  7. Part 2

    Are you referring to his on stage or off stage dancing? I like YB dancing everywhere, unless it’s a formal thing. I think it’s his way of loosening up and getting comfortable especially when he’s on camera and it’s works for him, it seems. YB understands dance 100x better than he used to, e.g. LOAM days. When I watch Tonight & Where U At vs. JAF/INAG/IBT, Taeyang is actually dances well using two different styles. One where he’s powerfully hitting moves(<–Lyle) and the other where he's charismatic and expressive(<–Shaun). Way above average in this aspect. For comparison, other singers Lyle and Shaun have choreo'd for (Kim Hyun Joong, Show Luo) don't have what Taeyang has…swag and the ability to look good taking on those styles without looking like a singer just going through the motions. For me, Taeyang's WOW! factor starts here and is the biggest reason why I'm a fan.

  8. Part 3

    I think Taeyang will be better at singing higher and falsetto when he debuts again, if not hopefully in the album after. Singing falsetto well is so important in R&B. I would even say he turned some listeners away last album, i.e. BigBang fans that like him, but not his music. He probably has a mess of untapped fans waiting for his voice to improve more, I’m not kidding. 🙂 In Solar, he did songs that showed us what he couldn’t do (yet). Some will listen to it and say, “He can’t sing.” But I really believe Taeyang will sing well in his style because Taeyang (vocals, persona, style) is still evolving, so I am going to wait. I don’t mind him mixing it up though.

    1. yes, I agree. Take You’re My. I hate the album version but I liked the concert version a lot. You can tell, just by comparison that he’s improved a lot. Can’t wait to see more from him.

  9. The first time I noticed Taeyang~Because of his vocal.Really sexy and easy to fall in^^
    He’s a hard-working man,work for his fans&dream.
    Taeyang always think too muck,make himself tired.He is helpful to his friends,but doesn’t care about himself.What a foolish!
    But no wonder what he looks like,I can’t find a way to keep the crazy love -v-
    I don’t know what I’m saying now…Mum……YB is a heartbreaker XDDD

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