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[Discussion] Now and then: Big Show 2011 vs REAL Concert

Bluemaid and I were talking about how much Taeyang has changed over the years, not only musically but also personality wise and we thought that it would be a great conversation to expand to our fellow Taeyang fans.

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Big Bang Virus NG’s! – Taeyang the Doctor??

I bring you another clip from the Big Show DVD – this one is of the NG’s from the Big Bang parody of  “Beethoven Virus” called “Big Bang Virus”.

This one is really funny, I would have cut the parts with just Taeyang, but it’s fun to watch all the members.

The parts you want to watch out for:
4:38 – Taeyang’s POWERFUL dance to Look at me, Gwisoon~ lol it’s very energetic
6:40 – Dr. Dong the ear specialist – lol this is particularily halarious, I don’t remember this part in the parody…but man, he’s such a dork…


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Big Bang at Lotte’s Amusment Park + FOTM of August!!

Who doesn’t love some Tae & TOP?

Before I get started, I just want to mention that our first FOTM for August is up! This month goes to Ali from Washington, check out his response on the right sidebar! Get you FOTM responses in and you could be next!

Thought I’d post this up for those who haven’t seen it. It’s a video from the Big Show Concert DVD of when they visited Lotte Amusement Park. They were given three missions:

1) Get someone to give them food
2) Take their masks off for a moment on a ride and not get spotted
3) Have a photo taken with a long-haired girl


LOL, its really funny!
My favorite is
1) Taeyang at the beginning getting all excited on the rollercoaster with TOP!
2) When the jealous boyfriend tells Taeyang not to shake his girlfriend’s hand! ~
3) Taeyang’s exaggerated screaming in the kiddie ride ~lol

YB TaeYang’s Letter to His Fans

Note –  2 DAYS LEFT to get your birthday message in – click the image on the right to be directed to the post!

This is a letter YB wrote to his fans. It is not long but, as it is often the case, YB cuts right through to what matters without being verbose. Also, the awesome bam_uida (intothesol) has made a video with it and generously agreed to upload it to YouTube for us international fans (thanks again!):

[Video credit: intothesol@YouTube]

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