Taeyang on the way to Korean Music Wave in Singapore – Airport Photos (110714)

ATY readers know we don’t usually post on airport photos but Taeyang was in such a friendly mood this time we couldn’t resist. He’s on the way to Singapore to perform for the Korean Music Wave on July 15 with Seungri, GDragon and Top along with 2ne1 and 8 other Kpop groups. Wishing him and the other artists the best of luck with all the performances!

Photo credits as tagged (via Big Bang Updates)


19 thoughts on “Taeyang on the way to Korean Music Wave in Singapore – Airport Photos (110714)”

  1. well why is he so freaking happy? keke cause he’s coming to see me, his secret girlfriend in singapore!~.


    but seriously, i am really happy to see him this way, lightens up the atmosphere. and i can’t wait to see him tomorrow night, i hope he speaks some english to us all. that’s what we all learnt in school as our first language anyways.

    my heart is beating really fast now since they got on the flight, knowing he’s on the way here.. i wanna like bump into him somewhere tomorrow, probably around the venue. i wish..

  2. Look at this adorkable cutie. Someone must have brought brownies to YGE again.

    There’s something different about him in these pictures. I can’t seem to figure it out and it won’t stop bothering me. Did he get skinnier? Hmmmm…I hope not. I love me some YB with a little bit of fat in his cheeks. So much easier to squeeze that way 😀

  3. Imagine you were sitting behind him or something on a plane to US or something. You have so much time to just privately chat with him and stuff that would be awesome

  4. LOL. YB is too cute. Apparently the reporters were really at the airport for Lee Hye Young and weren’t expecting Big Bang at all. (A number of them didn’t even recognize Seungri.) When the boys ran into her by coincidence, the reporters were asking YB “Where are you going?” YB says: ‘I’m not going to tell you. You didn’t come to shoot us.” (Making the reporters laugh.) He probably thought it was pretty funny too. I was wondering why there were so many pictures of YB this time compared to the others.

    1. YB. Such a dork. And people say he’s not funny. PSHHHHH. They just can’t appreciate his humor like we do. 😀

      Sorry YB. But you and SR’s attempts to be ninjas by leaving separately from the rest of YGE was foiled by LHY and crew. Better luck next time! Hahah

  5. LOL YB, what a dork xD

    It’s funny how they didn’t recognize SR when YB is the least popular BB member in K. Maybe it was his distinct style that made him so easy to be spotted.

  6. He’s much happier, cus he’s in love. We all know his grl but only some would come to think he does have one. I”ll wait until he admits he’s with her, it’s obvious they are more than frens. This is all why YB is more of a man now.

    1. really? who is his girlfriend? tell me! i’ll like to thank the gal for making him more happier now. he’s much more cheerful and hyper now as compared to last year. by the way; am i the only one who really wish that he’s attached now? erm.

  7. He looks like got some minor plastic surgery or something? I don’t know, but he looks really different in the face in these…Whatever happened he looks very happy though, good for him 🙂

    1. Taeyang doesn’t seem like a person who would get plastic surgery. He barely wants to change his hairstyle, which is cool the way it is. His skin is looking better and his face looks sort of longer, could be the photos, dunno

      1. Yeah, he doesn’t seem like that type of person to me either. It was just a random guess on my part. It might be the camera lens of the paparazzi or something. I’m just glad he’s smiling a lot in these pics. Maybe some of the other posters are right and he’s in a relationship now, hehe ^_^

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