Swings releases “By Instinct” featuring Taeyang!

Like we said last week, Swings would be releasing a new digital single from his album By Instinct ft Taeyang and it’s now out. Hear it for yourself

If definitely has a different feel from the original and I like how Taeyang went higher than Yoon Jong Shin did on the chorus. And there’s a lot of English in this, seems like the time in the US has improved it. Anyway, I love it. How do you feel about it?


36 thoughts on “Swings releases “By Instinct” featuring Taeyang!”

  1. Count me on those loving it – I really liked the way they switched it up.

    Now when is this going to get on Soribada so I can get a download? Hoping it comes out where I can actually buy this…

  2. So is that low bass at the end of song (around 2:40+) YB? Because if it is, I am seriously impressed. It sound a bit like him except I’ve never heard him go so low before…

    1. This version still has Yoon Jong Shin right? I think it does b/c Swings gives a shoutout to him in the end. At first I thought that part was YB too, but I think it’s actually YJS. But if it was YB, damnnnnnnn.

      1. 2:40 is really YB?!

        It.. doesn’t sound anything like him. Then again I don’t think we’ve ever heard how low he can sing?

    2. I’ve listened to it on my headphones dozens of times, and I’m still going back and forth on whether it’s YB, lol.

      *** Someone should tweet Swings about it.

      As for the song… Love YB’s part, and I like the fresh take. It does feel like 3 different songs mashed together though. I wish Swings had gone without YJS’s part at the end – go with new material all the way or have YB sing it so that there’s at least some continuation.

      Back to YB’s part – it feels like a continuation of his vocal styling in Connection. Such a contrast from what he shows in the BB mini. He never fails to amaze me with the diversity and range of his vocals.

      1. Word I’m flippin between everyone on the track for that last bit.. the low lows make me think its swings while the beginning could go to either of them

    3. oh now that you’ve mentioned it you’re right..who’s singing that low? My bet is yoon jong shin because well, it’s not that it actually sounds like him, but it’s just that it doesn’t sound like any of the other two.
      also, follow yoon jong shin’s voice from 2:44 + and i think you’ll be able to hear that that’s him doing it. I think. yeah. cuz it’s continuous with his ‘oohhhh’

      Am I making sense>

      but that is one LOW note.

  3. good choice, Swings!!
    I like both version!!

    This ver. clearly is Swings’s song (laugh)
    The clear and higher note of Taeyang make the deep and manly voice of Swings remarkable and still got along with smooth and soft voice of YoonJongShin pretty well.

    In the original ver. I really like how YJH’s voice seem pretty smooth and soft and get along very well with the whole music (esp i think he’s good with guitar).

  4. AHHHH this is HOT!! Reminds me of the type of hip-hop that I’m usually attracted to in English. YB no doubt sounds good… but damn guess I never paid attention to how sexy Swings sounds! Nice combination!

  5. this song is really good I think all three artist mashup well, i actaully think YB goes well with YJS. I love the the original and this is a fresh take on. BTW is anyone gonna translate this song????


    I can put this on repeat as I lounge around and be lazy during the summer time. ❤ OOH I can't wait for summer and YB's new album. [:

  7. can someone link english subs or translate when taeyang sings the chorus?

    “pretty girl. where are you?” …. thats all i got.

    i dunno the rest. kkk

  8. Pretty girl where are you going
    sorry but i want to know more yeah
    So lend some time baby
    I spend that time with u u u

    and i think the ‘ohs’ is singing by YB

  9. Song definitely wins for me on the no autotune 😀

    I also think there’s a “Connection” feel to it, heheh.

    As for the low note….. I can’t decide whether it’s YB or not. The voice doesn’t sound like his…. but it’s definitely a very low note!

  10. i really like this song and YJS part is so fun to listen
    2:40 is YB tho i’m sure of it.
    good collab with swing but still my all time fave collab by YB is real talk.to this day i still listen to to that timeless song.

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