Big Bang TV Live on Mnet

Having kicked off their comeback with the Big Show and an hour long special on SBS, Big Bang continues activities with another anticipated comeback special on MNet.

INTRO – Thank You and You


What Is Right

Somebody to Love


Hands Up


I actually preferred the more intimate stage they had on SBS and the boys are visibly tired, but they do sound great and pull off each song with aplomb like the pros they are. Big Bang are at their best though when they’re bursting with energy and interacting with the audience and each other. Perhaps with a little more sleep, they can start having more fun with the performances.  (I actually liked Hands Up the most this time around for that reason.)

I’m actually loving the fashion choices they’ve made so far for their comeback specials. It’s a little bit out there, but BB wouldn’t be themselves without the slightly outrageous fashion. (And yes, I’m even reconciled to the fringe. Those boots though, hmm….)

Thanks to 2NE1vicky2 for the uploads!

9 thoughts on “Big Bang TV Live on Mnet”

  1. I like this show much better because of it’s really clear cut audio and visual. May I add our Boy did much better this time for all the performances. My favorites are Tonight,Hands Up, STL and WIR. He was looking good as well. but of course this is just my opinion. 🙂

  2. jeez taeyangs voice is amazing. i love these videos so clear and they were very active with the audience esp in Hands Up. they are so amazing, gotta love them esp TAEYANG ❤

  3. aww our Taeyang didn’t hit it in Cafe, but still totally love that song and performance. 🙂 I agree I actually like this time’s Hands Up performance.

  4. I’m just glad BB is coming back with a BANG! YG is holding nothing back their comeback and aside from *ahem*thatwhichshallnotbenamed*ahem*, their comeback seems to have gone perfectly. They’ve given two seemingly mini-concerts for the fans and they haven’t even comeback on the music shows yet! The boys do seem tired but hey, Friday can be their rest day 🙂
    I love their comeback style. It’s something only BB can uniquely wear. Although the fringe is still cringeworthy to me. And I think we’ve already established that those boots are going with them to their graves, especially YB’s, along with his hats, shades, and CH collection.

  5. I actually liked this stage a lot more than the SBS one for some reason. The boys really do look tired compared to their SBS stage.

    I love WIR, STL, and Hands Up the most this time round. I think I’m liking WIR more and more with each live performance.

    I do think some of their fashion choices are a bit eyebrow-raising, but they’re not BB without those reactions. I do wish our boy would get rid of those sunglasses and let us see his lovely face…….”XD

  6. I’ve been looking forward to the choreo for this album a lot.
    Tonight is a great piece – love the choreography and staging. Unfortunately, the normal camera shots on music shows (which are hit or miss at best ) don’t do it any favors. After a while, it starts to feel too busy. But seeing it straight on (as seen in the studio rehearsal ) you can appreciate just how much it works onstage. TV just doesn’t do it nearly as much justice. I don’t know if there is any way they can fix it a bit for the shows, but its rather frustrating when a good piece like that doesn’t get to be shown off to its best advantage.

    WIR and STL on the other hand do really well on TV. The little vignettes in WIR are great and I can see the boys switching it up as they do more lives (please let them do more lives!) STL’s choreo and lives saved the song for me. As much as I’m not a fan of the studio versions of the song, the live performances have given me a whole new appreciation of it. ( I love the little tic-tic-toc thing YB does during his part.)

    And the dancers do such a good job – Shaun/mL are choreographers who know how to use (non-singing) dancers well as part of an overall concept so they are never just background. There’s no question who the stars of the performance are, but each performance is really an ensemble piece. I also like the signature BB balance of choreography/freestyling that gives each performance its unique energy and gives opportunity for unexpected details/changes each time. It makes me look forward to every performance since there is always a chance something different will happen. (I generally like looser choreography anyway, so that’s just my preference.)

    Overall, I’m loving these live performances though and am really happy they can perform each song from the very beginning. (I think its like giving each song a chance to shine, not just the lead single.)

    1. I agree with you BM. You really take the words out of all our mouths, trust me.

      mL’s choreography always allows for some small if not cool changes so as to keep the live performances fresh and interesting to watch.

      Their concept is a lot different to other choreos we see from other artists, and as much as SNSD’s dances are easy and nice to learn… there isn’t much space for things to be changed in their live performances… so it’s always the same…

      Not taking it out on the girls or anything… just as an example.

      WIR wasn’t my favourite when I first listened to it. It sounded… different to all the other tracks’ flow and more pop-ish? I guess.

      But the more I see of the lives, the more I come to like it. BB’s song seem to work that way.

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