[COD] Just because stuff this cute needs its own post…(and more TY in LA)

Taeyang chilling with Charlie (Lyle Beniga’s dog…)

I have a celebrity uncle

And more YB in LA …

Movement lifestyle hiking extravaganza @whatmovesU

Biggest group hike ever. Epic.

And just in case you missed that he was out clubbing at Drai’s last night ….see here.

Los Angeles – beautiful city and people. thank you ML I’m leaving to las vegas. So long!!

From Twitter : ThaCharlie, aimeeleelucas, v1nh, shaunevaristo, Realtaeyang

26 thoughts on “[COD] Just because stuff this cute needs its own post…(and more TY in LA)”

  1. Awwww my heart is pounding right now! The first picture is so adorable!!!! I can already imagine YB as a dad.

    I’m glad to see that he’s not all business during this trip. He needs to have fun. And it looks like he’s having a lot of it.

  2. the first picture is so cute!!! i’m glad he’s having so much fun in LA and hanging out with lots of people.

    thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  3. OMG!! I am just happy by the fact that he finally made it to the states!! I am also glad that he is enjoying himself as well. Too bad he could not come to N.Y. I hope that he gets to come here more often when he has time! This is what he wanted all along.(*_*)

  4. Aww, the first pic is soo cute! Haha, he’s even easier to spot w/ his sweatshirt!

    Glad to see Shaun and Aimee are taking care of him and making sure he’s having fun.

    1. His twitter is alliiiiiiive! (How is this even more exciting than the fact that he is eating, dancing, shopping, breathing and walking around the USA , I don’t know. But it kinda is…) Anyway, fangirl — get a grip.

      And how cute is it that he finally met Buddy and Charlie?

    1. He’s sooo understanding that In n Out is a special exception for special occassions. Of course he wants him to run it off, but I guess its for a good cause…

      1. yeah, and he knows YB is a good boy and watches what he eats/drinks for the most part. plus he probably melted seeing that YB was worried and feeling guilty for being scolded. though i bet you YB’s going to feel even guiltier now, keke

  5. So jealous so jealous soooo jealous. I told myself that whenever taeyang comes to the US, I will fly my ass out to which ever state he’s in and find him… But that’s a lil too stalker-ish and obessivr right? I don’t care! It’s taeyang

  6. I just found out that there is a Chrome Hearts store in Vegas… you know what that means πŸ˜‰ So if you “happen” to stumble across this “store”, don’t creep him out, if he’s there, too much.

  7. If I didn’t need money to survive. I prolly would hAve gone to shauns dance studio today. )= I hope he comes back to LA. Are any of you shocked he has a drink in his hand?! I am. He doesn’t drink. I can’t imagine a drunk TY. Lol. I wish I went to Drais last night!

  8. Looks like he had a lot of fun in LA!!! >w<

    Now on to Vegas?? Damn, I so want to be in US now!!! D:

    And oh gosh… That first pic is just too sweet!!! πŸ˜€

  9. glad YB is having so much fun.
    he deserves this kind of vacation (although he went there to take dance lessons) after giving us such a good treat with his SOLAR album & promotions.
    i wish i could see him but i’m at the other side of the world. :))

  10. Does anyone have any idea how long he will be in Vegas?? I’LL BE THERE THIS WEEKEND! If he’s still there…i’m going on a manhunt! lol with my camera stapled to my hand to get a video for everyone πŸ™‚

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