[COD] Taeyang and IU take a picture!

This was real cute, had to post it for all the SUN-U fangirls (is that the shipper name?) lol. Anyway, just wanted to remind those interested that TODAY is the last day for writer applications. If you haven’t read our message yet, please do here

27 thoughts on “[COD] Taeyang and IU take a picture!”

  1. OH, I LOVE IT. Look how confident he is, with IU wrapped in his arm. Oh, she must be dying! XD ❀ So lucky to be able to sing with her ideal boy. πŸ˜€
    OOH, the last day to submit applications.. I wanted to do it, but I don't think I have enough experience with blogging or with the Korean fansites or boards to do it… Good luck to everyone who applied. ❀ Maybe one day I'll apply? But for now, let me stick to commenting. ❀

  2. Oooo~~ Just look at that cute smile!! IU’s shy smile!!! Damn it is just too cute! XD

    definitely COD~~~

    Man I wish I can go to his concert! D:

    *sniff* Only ten days left! (well nine days now that I’m past midnight…in down under…XD)

  3. ahhh i’m so jealous of IU-san!!! i wish that was me! 😦 but i like IU-san, so i’m not COMPLETELY jealous right now. ahhh i wish i could go to his concert!

  4. LOL I can just imagine how excited and spazzy IU must have been πŸ˜€ and ahem Youngbae looks so happy beside the shy IU,how cute. ^_^ like siblings, although IU might have other things to say on that haha.

  5. whatever!!! he jus wants us to be jealous… hehe… but its not gonna work… hehe.. i dont think hes shy anymore… nor, did i dont think he was shy ever… i think he might be very picky… theirs so many girls out there who wants him but none up to his standreds and probably too busy working to think about girls… i wont be jealous cuzz it almost the end of the yr and no girl yet… hopefully next yr… but i so so love him! haha! Taeyang4Life.. :p


    I think this captures both of the personalities well. Youngbae all cool and cheery and IU..spazzy! ROFL. This picture gets tofu’s stamp of approval!

    1. I saw this yesterday on iBB and I instantly thot ud be the one to post this because of IU. Lol.

      U prolly was uber happy (:

      anyways, I wanted to ask you guys.. Is the concert really streamig live on YouTube?! How do we find more information regarding the concert? Thanks!

  7. gonna quote my same comment from another webby:
    ‘for those who thinks or wanna them to start dating; get that idea off from ur mind.. cuz i don’t think YB would wanna date a HUGE fangirl like IU (unless he prove me wrong).. plus; YB is friendly towards everyone in the music industry (i think so) & he sees no harm in posing for a pic with his concert guest performer.. if u were to ask me; it looks more like a brother-sister kinda thingy for YB & IU (based on the pic; no hating though).. :)’

    1. LOL. Shipping is just for fun. I ship them because IU is such a fangirl….it’s so much fun to watch. But whoever Taeyang dates…is really not our business. Nonetheless, I really want Taeyang to get a girlfriend. The fanmom in me says “Hurry up boy!”

      1. shipping is no harm but if it gets too overboard; i think it’s rather unhealthy.. haha.. u get what i mean?? πŸ™‚
        plus; the fangirl in me is also asking YB to get himself a gf soon.. πŸ˜€

        1. ^
          I like shipping cause it’s fun. I don’t take it super serious though but it’s a nice distraction from my #1 enemy (i.e. my homework).

          But I do hope YB find someone soon but at the same time I would be a little sad.

  8. i wonder if IU will ever be not-shy/spazzy around yb…she must be an huge ego boost – and he knows it — look at that smile (its halfway to a smirk!)

  9. love the picture, don’t see what the big deal is about how overly close they are, this is practically yb’s pose with every girl he has taken a picture with, fans, dancers, celebs all of em.

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