09.18.10 – Taeyang’s Goodbye stage on Music Core

I can’t believe it’s over already! Being incredibly selfish, Taeyang’s promotion time is always going to be short for me.  We don’t know when we’ll see him again as a solo artist…two years like the last time?  But, we had a good run didn’t we?  We saw Taeyang chilling out with the likes of Usher,  Alicia Keys, and Trey Songz on the iTunes chart (twice, as a matter of fact) and especially for us international fans, we finally got to see an international album from Taeyang. He knows we exist!  What was your favorite moment from the last few months?  Favorite photograph? Interview? Performance?  Share with us.  Lets be nostalgic together. 🙂

Don’t forget, SOLAR concert next week!  Get ready for fancams galore.  *Hints at the Kfans :-D*

53 thoughts on “09.18.10 – Taeyang’s Goodbye stage on Music Core”

  1. Was it just me or the crowd went TOTALLY crazy when YB and 2ne1 performed? I could barely hear anyone screaming for the other artists..

  2. For an interview, my favorite one is the latest that he had done… it’s not on the side yet but that interview had a lot of insight of YB’s life. Also… the 10Asia interview. That was a good one too.

    Favorite performance is his comeback stage for IBT.. on SBS. Very well done, that performance.

    Favorite moment was when all of us were anticipating together for his comeback. The energy, spirit and atmosphere at that time were hard to forget. Also.. when Solar came out.. how it was such a shock to many of us fans… and then Itunes chart.. hell yeah.. happy moments hahahaha. Kinda show that he is being appreciated and loved from all over the world. It was really nice 🙂 and it compensated for his lack of popularity in Korea. International fans FTW!!!

  3. so sad when this is his goodbye stage on his solo activities….i’m crying now!! TT__TT
    before this i love him so much…then right after YG told that YB will released his solo album on July..i’ll become more deep love him…everything about him i watched right after it showed on TV. actually i dont understand korean languange..and before this i must waiting for sub..but when YB comeback as solo…i watched all show without sub and the interesting part i can understand the way i am.hahaha….
    Taeyang know he got a lot of international fan..and thanks god he released his international album.
    i’ll be there become my addicted song when i played that song 5days continuously since first day audio released – without stop it even i’m sleeping.
    Taeyang – make me act like younger person who dream, jealous all and everything related to him (supposedly i’m noona for him..hahaha).
    seriously i so sad when he will end all his solo activities..but i will happy too because i also miss him do comeback as BigBang. i cant wait for their comeback~~~
    Taeyang fighting~~BigBang Fighting~~~~

  4. NO!!!! it’s hard to believe that today is YB’s goodbye stage for his solo activities.. come to think abt it; it has been 2mths since he started promoting his SOLAR materials.. within this 2mths; there’s moments of glory, happiness & sadness for us (his international fans).. YB had made names for himself by becoming the first asian artiste to be in the top 3 spots for iTunes charts.. that really got us fans jumping for joy!! 🙂

    there’s also a moment of sadness (to me) when some of the ppl dun really like his new music in SOLAR cuz it was different from WD,WUQ, LOAM kinda style.. but; it wouldn’t stop YB from producing music which he really enjoy doing cuz he wanna break the norm in Korea music industry.. kudos to him for being different!! plus; his wifebeater controversy which the netizens made a big woo-ha out of it!!

    well; my fav. performance has to be his comeback stage in Inkigayo cuz everything was perfect (for me) – the stage, the dance, the song & the man himself!! 🙂

    well; i like most of his interviews but the one that really caught me was his interview with 10Asia, the interview which really shows YB’s true self..

    during his promotion period; all of his pictures were amazing.. be it; for the photo-album or for his performances.. i like all of them!! 😀

    because of YB; i’m officially broke!! never have i spent alot of money in the artiste’s music & YBis the first for me!! but i’m glad that my money didn’t go down to waste as his materials are all awesome!! so; i’m waiting for his next comeback cuz i believe YB will be better in term of his music, dance, experience, etc.. 🙂

    till then; YB FIGHTING!! remember that ur international fans will always be there for u no matter what cuz u’re our SUN (a lil’ cliche)!! 😀

  5. LOL. It wouldn’t be a complete YB experience without some sort of wardrobe malfunction right?

    The whole album has been a roller coaster ride. WUA and WD in 2009 were both epic and heartbreaking and then turned into long months of inactivity in 2010 when no one knew what was up with the Album. Real finally turned into Solar and got old and new fans and the critics talking – YB was back with a new sound, new image and an international fanbase that finally got acknowledged. I-tunes was a huge and welcome surprise, as was YB’s uncharacteristic presence on twitter and facebook. There were snafus and triumphs aplenty…in the end, I don’t even know where the time went.

    What was the best part for me? Getting to know how mature, grounded and eminently crushable YB is through some really fantastic interviews and reveling in the fact that music critics and industry insiders acknowledge his talent and potential. I love knowing that YB realizes that his career is bigger than just Korea. I loved the performances of INAG and IBT which were unique and refreshing in kpopland. While I didn’t care so much about the charts, I was happy for him when he won music shows and was tickled by his unique encores. I loved celebrating with the ATY’s and the kfans when he was climbing itunes, when he made a few shout outs to his international fans, and when Connections was finally revealed. I sighed over Real Sound (especially episode 4) and basked in all the love for TIS and what it meant for YB as a future composer.

    But most of all, I loved getting to know YB better through Solar and all the promos that went with it. Solar showed sides of him I had never seen before: that he was an old soul, that he could be playful and flirty, that he was trying to grow in his music and trying to find his place in the musical landscape. I enjoy the album a lot (a LOT), but it makes me hungry for what he is going to do next. All good things take time though and I’m willing to wait for the next installment. From everything I’ve seen so far, YB is worth the wait.

  6. I swear the live version of IBT pawns the recorded one. I can’t bring myself to listen to it coz of all the auto-tune but the live version is simply flawless. I just love the intensity of it.

    And YB’s promotions are always so short, true. Sometimes I wish I could be into Big Bang so I could at least not feel so deprived of YB but K-Pop will never work for me so I guess I’ll go back into hibernation till he comes back. (Why YG, why did you put the kid into a group?)

    Anyways, I’m just happy that YB knows we’re out there supporting him and hopefully he’ll get more opportunities to work on his solo career (If you can, please release a single every now and then).

    P.S. Anyone knows if YG will be streaming YB’s concert on YT?

  7. Me,also can’t be satisfied by this short of his promotion time = =”
    I feel like YG lack at this – -” (*sigh)

    But also even in this very short time, He stills can hold a good sign for his international promote in the future……? (May b?)

    Take it slow….babae. He just takes it slow…….

    I’m looking only on the good side of this now = =b

  8. today is a bittersweet moment for me.
    it’s sad that YB has ended his solo promotions already.
    i know that many of his fans have waited for his comeback as a solo artist for two years.
    i’m a relatively new fan of YB so i did not have to wait that long since i only became aware of his solo career when Wedding Dress had came out.
    still, i feel that there are so many songs in his album that he could have promoted.
    i guess i’m a little selfish because for me, two months of promotion is still too short.
    what makes me happy is the fact that YB won’t be gone for too long.
    i’m a BB fan first and foremost so to see them perform together in their homeland makes me so excited.
    i only got hooked to K-Pop last year so i haven’t really had the chance to enjoy their performances real time.

    favorite moments would be when his album finally came out after the long tease, release of epic music videos, his comeback stages, him winning 6 times for INAG and IBT, him making history for ranking in iTunes R&B Charts, him getting recognized by Time Magazine and music critics and so many others. haha.. 🙂

    i especially love his performances of INAG when he won at Mu Bank and when he first won at Inkigayo and during his encore performance with T.O.P and 2NE1.
    my favorite IBT performance would be his comeback at Inki and his performance at Korean Broadcast Awards.
    i also love all his performances at YHY Sketchbook and KJE Chocolate.
    all the interviews were great as well.
    it made me know more about YB and how intelligent he thinks and answers.
    another great thing about his comeback this time is that we get to hear TIS, which is one of the songs he wrote and composed, and Connection, which is just so awesome.
    thanks also to Real Sound that we got to see YB’s different sides.
    now, all i’m waiting for is for him to perform and win at end-of-the-year award shows.
    hopefully we’ll not wait too long for his 2nd mini or full album.

  9. Banging performance! It really does feel so short, even though its been like 2 months, with all the Big Bang Japan promotions, it feels like nothing to be honest. Like he was promoting INAG only a few days ago. I wish he had won more music shows…oh well.

    Another 2 years T_T at least he dropped a whole full album and then some. So got like 10 tracks to keep listening to for the next 2 years haha.

    No matter what….next album he drops i am most definitely going to his concert and S.Korea! I aint missing another concert. Something tells me watching a performance on you tube and seeing it with your own eyes is nothing compared.

  10. Anyone seen this accapella version, also on YG music.net
    Mannnnnn I just know Take It Slow at his concert is just gonna be breath taking. Wish so badly i was there

    1. i’m waiting for TIS too.
      well, actually, i’m excited to see ho he will perform all his other songs in the album.
      hopefully there will be a lot of fancams.
      is the YT live stream going to happen?
      cause i ain’t hearing any news about it.

    2. Has anyone bought off from yg music? Apparently you have to verify your credit card through visa and mastercard first and of course my cards don’t work. Blah

  11. Actually quite sad that today is his goodbye stage but im happy that he will be having his concert next week! Although i cant see his concert but i guess those Kfans will surely help us shout at YB ^^

    I love almost all his performence on stage.No matter is I need a girl or I’ll be there,it surprise me.Should i use the word surprise? :p Because i didnt expect in I need a girl,he would kiss the girl! For I’ll be there,Totally different style from I need a girl,which is very nice 🙂

    Hmmm..Actually i also like see-ing IU and YB together.Because i seriously think that IU is cute and she’s very brave to say she likes YB! WOW~ She’s a really cute Fangirl of YB and … I think IU make us proud as YB fangirl~ Woo~

    BUT YB is so tired ~ Hope he gets some rest and take care of himself! (but i think its not really possible,as concert is coming!)

  12. I think I’m one of those that won’t miss him TOO much because there’s Big Bang’s comeback soon… Though I am sad I can’t be able to concentrate my heart out on YB like I did this time round.

    It has been a roller coaster ride since 2009. The sheer epic awesomeness of WUA and WD just made me so anxious for him to get an album out…. Since that’s what was stated and promised…

    But real life can never catch up to the plans set out beforehand, shit happens (if I had to be honest…).

    Then there was no news of Tae Yang until May or June that he was releasing SOLAR.

    What a month of vacation that was!!!! It was the greatest summer (or winter on my part) EVER! I loved the SOLAR giveway ATY hosted whilst we counted down to July 1st.

    I loved the teasers and just spazzing like mad with everyone on ATY.

    I loved chatting with y’all whilst waiting for YB’s most anticipated first ever comeback stage on MNet.

    I loved the comments and discussion we had on YB’s new direction that he took.

    He’s achieved so many things in a short span of time… he’s taken a new direction in his music, and it’s not just fans but critics love it as well! I’m happy to see professionals recognising his potential and talent. The boys’ got the stuff.

    He’s surprised us all with getting Twitter and Facebook. I’m so happy that he’s acknowledging the existence of his international fans, MAKES US ALL HAPPY! 😀

    He’s won awards on music shows, and got it high on iTunes, he made all fans remember the good times with his lovely song Connection. ❤

    He made us spazz like fangirls, go on rants like there's no tomorrow in his much catchier song I'll Be There.

    For me though, I Need A Girl is always the cute and awesome song and choreo. Though it is hard to choose, WUA, WD, and LOAM are great too.

    My favourite interview would be this recent one with 10Asia, and the Star Diaries.

    Of course, I'd never forget the cute and adorkable, the humble and passionate man I got to know through Real Sound. THAT. SHOW. IS. JUST. DOPE.

    I will definitely miss seeing him shine like this again…. It also meant a lot more to me because I didn't catch his solo activities in 2008. So this was the first round of his solo promotions that I actually got through from start to finish.

    It feels like I've gotten to know and love him even more. I'm proud of his achievements and will continue to support him through Big Bang, but also a lot more through himself aka Tae Yang.

    I'm looking forward to fancams of his concert!!!! I's going to be HOT AND SEXY AND AWESOME…XDDDD


    Shoutout to all you awesome people on ATY, I would not have had such a wonderful time enjoying all that YB had to offer with his comeback this year if it's not for you guys. 🙂


  13. gahhhh last stage! But I think it has def. been a good year for YB, especially in terms of him being able to physically sense his popularity overseas.
    Good performance, I liked the change up in the choreo, and I was cracking up every time the scarf rested on his hair..ahhh he looked soo cute >.<
    My fav IBT there perf is def the first two..I really thought he performed the choreo and the song so well in them..or maybe I feel that way b/c it was the first time seeing him perform and I was blown away by shaun's choreo and the set? Either way..I always replay those performances.
    Favourite photo (or photo set) would def. have to be the recent ones in the daum interview. Black and white, he's just wearing a sweater..so simple and beautiful, I think it represents his character very well. There were also alot of shots I like from his SOLAR album.
    And soo many great interviews, it's hard to choose, b/c alot of them were so insightful (and at some times, kind of repetitive, but interesting nonetheless). I'm just glad as a fan, that we were able to understand him a little bit more. I love that his interviews always seem so personal..get to know a little bit about who exactly this man is.
    As for the concert…I am soooo incredibly ecstatic for it!!! I can't even begin to tell you how epic I think it'll be. I cannot waittt! I know the security's gonna be tight, so hopefully kfans can sneak some cameras in. Gaahhh just thinking about the concert is making me excited..yet soooo nervous!!! (as usual, ha!)
    Anyways, congratulations to YoungBae!!!!!

  14. My favorite doc of all times would have to be “Real Sound” it gave an inside scoop of him… And the funniest one would have to be UV doc!!! So funny! Now I’m jus sad…. Wish the concert the best and we all know it’s will be EPIC!!! 🙂 wish we all can go… Have fun to all that are going!!! Pls keep us unfortunate one inform… 🙂

  15. WOW it’s over already?? Not to rub it in, but I”m GONNA rub it in lol. IT’s not over for me cuz i get to go see him live in six days!!! I’m gonna make the biggest sign that says US FANS LOVE YOUNGBAE!! and then make one for my friend that says YOUNGBAE INTERNATIONAL (look for us in the concert DVD lol)

    These signs will be in neon, glow in the dark, sparkle, glitter and all.. I got VIP seats so YB won’t have to squint to see it lol. I’ll be there saturday and sunday guys so I can be on TAeyang HIGH for two whole days.

    Best moment during this solo activities was all the documentaries that shed light into his personal life from Real Sound to Sketchbook to KJE Chocolate.

    Funniest moment is UV fake documentary. GUHHH I NEED A GUH LELELE

    Most triumphant moment- Itunes ranking and Critics choice!!

    Most memorable moment is when he let a fan kiss him and when he talked to that international fan in GUERRILLA Date.

    Saddest moment is today- because it’s his last stage.

    Lets continue to support YB! Taeyang hwaiting!

    1. gahhh sooo luckkkyyyyy
      i cant be mad at you though..lol. If i had seats, I would rub it in too 😛
      I hope you can get some pics/fancams..if not, then don’t sweat..just make sure to tell us every single detail!
      Have funn

  16. oh this is just so sad for me.

    It’s like everything is coming to a close~ 😦

    KAY wants to go back to the beginning again~~~

    I’ll post again with more lol

  17. Can’t believe its all coming to end *tear sniff tear sniff*. What an amazing experience it has been to be part of this journey with TaeYang and everyone at ATY. I wouldn’t forget everyone’s mad dash to get their hands on Deluxe Solar lol or the day when TaeYang made it on the US iTunes charts. The Good and The Bad… I loved it all because it made the experience what it is. AHH why am I writing as if TaeYang is going to end his career or something…let’s just think of it this way…one chapter of TaeYang’s career is closing with a bang thanks to all the fans dedication and support and another will begin, bigger and better than the previous one :). Take a well deserved rest, Taeyang!

  18. Whoa all your comments are just pure awesomness! Only at ATY!

    I think a roller coaster ride is best way to describe this entire journey that Youngbae and his fans have been through. There were so many disappointments/snafus along the way, but the epicness of everything surely made it up. I feel like this album was did not have the grandeur or spectacular-ness (vocab?) as HOT, but I think it was an important stepping stone for Taeyang career and goals as a solo artist. I have to agree with all the critics that have written about him…this album was growth and I think we saw that in his interviews and performances. It solidifies what kind of an artist Taeyang is from music to stage performances. “TOP CLASS” as a radio DJ said. He’s got a long career ahead of him…lots of potential. I’m already eager to hear his next album and see what how he will grow and develop.

    I personally can’t pick a favorite moment. There’s too many. As for interviews? ALLL of them. The one thing that makes me fangirl the most are his interviews. Performances? Sketchbook fosho.

    And of course, I really enjoyed getting to know all the fans out there via ATY. Ranting and raving with each other. I loved seeing ATY growing to become the center for the international fans and develop into the unique community that we are. Loooves you all so much!

  19. Awwww until next time! See you in another 2 years 😦 I wish he would use his youtube channel to upload personal vids of him singing covers or originals to help the time pass!

    I loved his activities and I feel he accomplished another milestone in establishing himself as an artist with integrity, talent and creative input into the music he produces. Also, he was able to extend a hand to his growing and devoted international fan base!

    Sooo many fond memories!! Enough to last me and live within me until his epic return as Taeyang! I know Big Bang is coming back, but its completely different focus,,,though I love Big Bang, I still hunger for his solos! Adieu Taeyang!

  20. I havent been here in a while! just saw that performance and was blown away. also inspired to work out. taeyang is so handsome lol

    ive been quite busy so i havent been keeping up with taeyang but i guess my favorite taeyang moment in the past couple of months was while I was on vacation and the music video for i need a girl dance version with dara came out. dara is my fav from 2ne1 and ima huge fanboy of taeyangs lol.

    and thats also when all his songs leaked i guess and i listened to his album every chance i got while i was on vaca ^_^

  21. I cant believe that its done…… I it doesnt take too until hiz next album is done …. Anywaysbmy favourite performances was the very first where u at live with lyle and shaun, then for wedding dress it would have to definitrly beem the one in the checkered suit cos i just remember just kept hoping for taeyang to improve and he did. With inag i thi k my favourite part of the perf was when he wore the white dress shirt with the stars hanging down, i think he won in that perf. He just oozed confidence, modesty and sexiness at the same time….. Is that even possible? Ohhhh and my favourite ibt perf was his second perf on inki he looked bagning anddddd he was on point to the point i wasnt really able to criticise it and only praise it.

    My most favourite interview was last year with gq. I think this beats All the others. My love for his music and respect as an artist went up higher. Well i think thats it for me. Next time ill be seeing taeyang is on my tv screen if i get a hold on the solar concert:D till then thanks aty ur the best taeyang int site ;D 😀

  22. Honestly ! I’m crying ! I will miss Taeyang solo activities a lot lot lot! everything about Taeyang is my life now. I wake up in the morning and I check his news everyday, I listen his song everyday, I watch his video everyday , everything of Taeyang is the part of my life, he’s more than the idol more than a singer ,he’s my eveything, I love he do his solo more than he do with Bigbang, I reallize vips fan don’t love him that much, they love only GD and TOP, Taeyang is underated when he’s in Bigbang,Taeyang is more worthy and better than that .I think it’s totally stupid that he’s underate, they don’t even know How good and amazing Taeyang is.I think the real fans of Taeyang come from his solo and they’re international fans more than vip fan that almost are asian.
    I love bigbang because Taeyang. Taeyang is the best in my life !!! and he’s the best guy in the world !

  23. it seems my happy days are over…
    ahah jk not thhaaat bad but really…when im sad/mad/bored or something i watch taeyang 😦

    y do i feel like part of my life is gone… 😥

    haha but he still has that concert coming! ITS NOT OVER YET!!!

  24. As much as I love YB’s solo, I do like (I can’t seem to find an better word for it) him back with BB. At least with the group he’s not shouldering everything and it’s a great respite having to do music/activities you enjoy with people you love. That’s why I think his times in Japan, though tiring, helped him get away from the K-press.

    With that said, I loved the build up–counting down the days of the album release, and the frenetic energy it was amassing. I loved how all of us was watching his album, the underdog in the international charts, rise. And I’m glad that our community showed the K-VIP and K-pop community that we’re strong and united for and with YB.

    I dearly love how honest and more comfortable he’s become with himself. His hard work also helped me through finals, believe me or not…which caused me to write my first fan-letter of thanks.

    He’s really an inspiration, not just for his music, but him as a person.

    ❤ ❤ ❤


  25. This period was just full of surprises. I remember the excitement when the rumors of YB’s album release first came out. Then the release of the teasers for the tracks for SOLAR, which also served as a countdown for the release of the deluxe edition.

    I never expected the international release of SOLAR, which came after the success of the album on iTunes charts. I’m just wondering if it was really planned beforehand, I mean, they already have 2 new tracks available (IBT and Connection), plus Shaun’s amazing concept and choreo. It’s a good thing though, whatever the reason is, since the international release is an indication that they are already recognizing us international fans. 😉

    I just finished college last April, so I was able to really track updates almost realtime since I can be online 24/7 (no more school requirements yey!). It’s really fun checking updates here in ATY, reading all your comments and opinions (I rarely post comments,).

    It’s sad to see YB’s SOLAR activities come to an end, but I’m really glad that this period will leave us, YB and his fans, many wonderful memories. I’m pretty sure that every single song in his album will bring back one (or even more) of those moments on this SOLAR journey. Also, during this period we got to see more of YB as an artist and as a human thru his interviews, guestings and docus.

    BigBang’s comeback is just around the corner, and I’m sure all 5 of the are working hard for this comeback. Let’s just hope that YB will be able to get some rest after his concert as he prepare for the much-anticipated Korean comeback of BigBang.

    What we can do now is wait for his next solo activities and just continue to support him and BigBang for their comeback. When will his next solo album will come out, his next solo promotions will be, we don’t really know. Or maybe he’ll just announce it when we least expect it, and surprise us again just like what he did with SOLAR. 😉

  26. I love ATY, and the comments in this post show it. LONG AND AWESOME! 😀 <3333

    If I could all hug you all, I would definitely.

  27. OH YEAH, LOL. i 4got he’s coming back with BIG BANG!!!♥♥♥
    so he won’t be gone at all 😉 well..unless u hate big bang *GASP* >:O

  28. taeyang should perform eng version before he stop his solo activities…maybe eng version for one of the goodbye performance 🙂

  29. Awwwww… his concert is next week so can’t wait to see that! At least we will be able to see him with bigbang. Lol I never knew bigbang till I came across taeyang. I was like ..big who?

  30. After watching his goodbye stage I just had a strong argue to go over everything since the start of the comeback and now after dozens of articles and thousands ( if not more ) comments on ATY , I can truthfully say it was a great and wonderful time …

    I did have a few WTH and ‘they should have and shouldn’t have ’ moments through it but now that’s it coming to an end all I can say is I’m a happy and proud fan : )… as for YB I truly hope after the concert ends he will be able to look back at everything and sight with satisfaction . his whole comeback was a prove of how talented and hardworking he is .. that didn’t get unnoticed and I got a strong feeling we will get to see a few amazing collaboration between now and his next comeback .

    Am trying not to think of the time ( two years do sound too long and two months was just too short ) am just focusing on waiting for the concert then bigbang after that … and we can always reminisce on all the amazing things we got out of it … the songs , real sound , interviews … etc , it all passed in a flash to me that I need to refresh on everything ..

    and i’m thankful i had place and people to share it with to the point that it did feel to me like i was a part of it 😀 thanks ATYers

  31. Now that it’s all coming to an end, with only the concert left. I’m going to have to say goodbye to YB solo and hello to YB in BB. I’ve had my complaints about SOLAR and aired them but overall, this has been incredibly enjoyable. Can’t wait for YB in 2 years with his next solo project.

    I’m pretty interested what YB’s next album will bring us. He’ll be older, more experienced and I think the album and he himself will be better for it. He’s been saying how he’s been putting himself out there and enjoying and experience life more. I hope this continues.

  32. I am going to miss Taeyang’s solo performances too. I still love his first concert “HOT” which was epic for me. I can’t wait to see his both his concerts on the 25th and the 26th..Especially the 26th concert performance the one for adults! I hope I get to see some more grinding like he did in the “My Girl performance.Hehe! Hey, at least we will still get to see him perform with Big Bang as a group. I think Big Bang as a whole give good live performances anyway so I can’t wait until when they start doing their activities. I think the song “Beautiful Hangover” from Big Bang is great.

  33. Somebody answer me plz !!!
    Taeyang’s concert to be streamed live on youtube?
    If it’s true. How can I watch it in youtube in live concert, I don’t inderstand how we can watch concert live on youtube
    What channel? or what link?
    If it’s true ,that day wll be the biggest day of Taeyang that his live concert will be live online for the whole wide world , YG should announce and comfirm it or ATY please promote this to Taeyang’s fan !!!!!!
    and this hot forum in allkpop that people want to know about Taeyang’s concert to be streamed live on youtube!!!

    1. As far as I know YGE hasn’t made any announcements about it, there hasn’t been any confirmation. As of now, the answer seems to be no there wont be any streaming. However, there is still some hope.

  34. I’m not gonna miss anything but actually looking forwards more of his random dancing antics and more fails for his macking game but too bad I don’t think we will see any of that soon. Man RS come back though LOL looking forwards BB’s comeback with new hot choreographers joining Shaun’s Movement Lifestyle Company I’m intrigued at what he has in store for the boys!

  35. omg can’t believe that. the solar concert of ty will be in my birthday, 25-9. see, he is going to say hpbd to me. so happy. any you guys in here see the picture of bigbang wore the vietnam’s hat( it’s called “non la”) . they are so kute.
    i luv u bebe. ^3^

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