More fan covers and parodies!

I gotta hand it to the Taeyang fandom – especially the fanboys – you all are so dang creative…and just plain awesome?  Check out these recent parodies of “Wedding Dress.”  I guess all the boys are done with being heartbroken and rolling in the laughs.  Enjoy and two thumbs up to all the fans out there!

I’m astounded by the quality and the HD-ness of these videos!

More laughs under the cut!

*Warning: Not for the young’ins.*

OMMMGG. I died rolling on the floor laughing.

This is real sweet because it was made for a REAL wedding! A++++ for effort!

Finally, here is a cover of “I Need a Boy” by the great Lyn, who is a proud Taeyang fan.  (And a personal favorite of mine!)

Anything she sings…is pure gold.  Lyn totally made this song even more sexy than it already was.  I’m digging the male singer as well.  Is it too early to ask for a duet with Taeyang?

26 thoughts on “More fan covers and parodies!”

  1. that first vid had me in stitiches! second vid-best line “i can’t speak korean” 3rd – i really liked that one. 4th vid was awesome.

  2. I looovee these!
    Man fanboys really know how to represent.
    and Lyn..the wonderful, amazing, talented, Lyn. awesome cover! (and the man who is accompanying her is the same man that was in Chocolate/Sketchbook and will be in YB’s concert, right?)

    1. Yes, that’s the same dude from Spotlight, which like you said is same the band that will be playing at YB’s concert.
      Lyn always performs with them. ^^

  3. okay the second one was stupid. The first one was a kinda funny cause it was so close to the real video. Trying too hard to be funny sometimes..but whatever.. tae yang still rocks!

    1. The second one is kind of obnoxious….and it’s not something everyone can appreciate….but it thought it was hilarious. The lyrics were “dumb” but I think that was the intention..they weren’t trying to make it a better song or anything. It’s a parody after all.

  4. It’s always a pleasure to see Lyn covering YB’s songs.
    I kind of wish she had been asked to sing at his concert since her voice is simply fabulous and well, she even dedicated YB a song on her last EP. xD

    And the fanboys are always ahead of us. Where are the fangirls, seriously?

  5. Can I request a youtube video to be shared on one of your blogs? It’s a dance cover of Taeyang’s Wedding Dress.. haha. I never thought to ask before but after seeing this post of parodies and covers, I thought I’d give it a try. I hope to hear from you soon! Please let me know so I can provide you with the link! =)

  6. Wasn’t sure where to share this so I’ll do it here.
    This is Jung Juri’s version of INAG titled “I Need A Boy”
    It was a very entertaining performance and I feel really bad for Kikwang ahaha

    1. haha saw this too on Big Bang Updates. Ermmmm…ok quite disturbing. On the good side though, I think Ki Kwang makes a good Taeyang, his dancing is kinda similar style

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