YG greets Taeyang and gives fans some hope….(130518)

Yang Hyun Suk posted this photo on his personal instagram and also officially posted the photo on yg-life:

An article on naver says that YG told Star News that the post shows “Taeyang’s comeback is approaching.” (via @BIGBANGGisVIP and @SHRIMPLJY)

I’ve had more than enough promises from YG to know I have to manage my excitement level till we get an actual date and concept photos. But gut feel tells me that after so many disappointments, this one could be the real thing….

Anyone find it amusing that Taeyang is growling in the cartoon? Maybe he’s growling because everything is taking so long. (We’re impatient too!)

13 thoughts on “YG greets Taeyang and gives fans some hope….(130518)”

    1. Comic book???noooooo ><

      but on the other hand, does this mean he'll change his hairstyle back to a Mohawk? Hehehe

      1. 😀 Don’t mind, don’t care as long as there would be songs like sinner or take it slow ^^ …yep, i’m cheering for mohawk too 😀

  1. As you said BM, I’m treating everything from YG these days with cautious optimism and excitement, lol.

    Love the comic book style, hahahahaha being the big manga and anime fan that I am XD

    The photo is a rather old photo of him though, I think I’ve seen that pic of him a few times…

  2. I don’t want to get too excited, but I hope his comeback is soon. I think this summer would be perfect.

    1. The only time I believe anything short of an official comeback date is if he cuts his hair or a choreographer leaks something on twitter.

  3. On TY’s facebook page, there was a picture posted with the words Who’s next and the date 5/28/2013 in the middle and the YG artists names around it. A few names were highlighted (TY’s being one of them) so my guess (and hope) is that maybe we’ll get a date on the 28th.

    And with how long it’s been I don’t blame TY for growling 😉

  4. Why is YB growling? lol. My YB is a happy bunny 🙂

    Are we ready? Psshh. The real question is, are you finally ready? -__-

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