Taeyang thanks everyone for the birthday greetings (130518)

Fans celebrated Taeyang’s birthday on May 18 by sending him their birthday greetings in various ways – through personal gifts and messages, fan projects, social media (twitter, instagram, facebook), and posting greetings in blogs, fansites and forums.  As expected , Taeyang responded to the outpouring of creative, humorous and sweetly sincere wishes with humble gratitude:

In addition he also reminded everyone of the anniversary of the May 18 Gwangju Democratization Movement in his later tweet:  “Today is my birthday but it is also an unforgettable day in history. Each year I am moved that I was born on such a meaningful day. Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday and to everyone that played a small part in history. I will think of you all and spend this day being thankful.” [translation by @saraseoul on twitter.]

9 thoughts on “Taeyang thanks everyone for the birthday greetings (130518)”

  1. And just putting it in here because GD’s greeting was particularly cute:
    On instagram:


    And his later tweet (his 1000th apparently) : “Youngbae-ya, happy birthday it’s 12 now bbam bbarabambam I’m sending my heart from Hong Kong heart bbyong” (@BBIGBANGISVIP)

    They’re so cute. Not even distance or a spacebar will separate them from each other.

    1. It’s such a cute post, and what a way to make his 1000th meaningful, intended or not, haha! His tweet is cute too ❤ This weekend has been awesome, YB's birthday and some GDYB goodness for me to fangirl over. *dies*

    2. T-T why are they so cute?their friendship always makes me wonder how they have keep it all through the years in an industry that is so fickle.

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