Taeyang at Big Bang’s YG x Hyundai Card Press Event (120605)

Big Bang attended the press conference for the collaboration project of YG Entertainment and Hyundai Card.

More after the cut.

Called the Rebranding Project, Hyundai Card’s collaboration with Big Bang includes a new logo, jacket photos for the album and the new music video [Monster]. They will also have another music project called “Re-monster” where independent musicians can submit their interpretations of the song for a chance to perform at Hyundai Card Music’s pop up stores and release a digital single. More information on the project here.

In the meantime… photos!

Photocredits as tagged via @YB_518 and @URTHESUN on twitter. Information on the event via bigbangupdates.com

18 thoughts on “Taeyang at Big Bang’s YG x Hyundai Card Press Event (120605)”

  1. The first pic must be the most favourite of all to any YB stan :XD he looks so sweet, adorable & handsome here
    and the piercings (some said those are magnetic earrings) are HUGE
    one more thing… seems like he needs more extra stark gel to hold the overgrowing hair 🙂 use your credit card for it YB !!!

  2. YB looks extremely tired. But then he smiles and all is right again. 🙂

    The piercings had me cringing. But then I learned that they were magnetic earrings from Givenchy. Thank goodness!

    He looks good though. Tanned. Love the outfit. Really digging the hair too.

  3. died at the first photo. still dying. lol. love his hair!!! looks amazing at this length and this style. clothes this time round, love it too! overall amazing styling for this press conference.

  4. Not digging the hair. Please cut it shorter Youngbae-ah! D:
    Did you guys see the airport pictures yet? Had me cringing :s
    I’ve always loved YB’s simple wear but the pants hes wearing nowadays and the shirt.. NOO!! I know I should be happy for him that hes trying new things, but I just can’t get myself into it haha..

    GD’s album is coming out in August so YB’s will probably be due to next year :(..

    1. I figure he’s growing his hair out for some reason (probably for an upcoming style change) and its at that awkward stage you can’t do much about. That said, I think he’s been looking fine as heck recently. I’ve even grown to like his new style sensibility (well, except for the bandanas.) It’s flashier than what he used to wear but he looks comfy and current and the colors and prints seem to match his new “happy and free” mood. And he certainly stands out in a crowd 🙂

      1. bluemaid, thank you. You seem to be the only other person that understands he is trying to grow his hair out and it’s currently at an awkward length, so there aren’t many options available. I’m just glad that I’m not the only person that recognizes this fact.

        1. Oh hi! Thanks for coming by — I love your comments when I see them on other sites so I’m tickled you read ATY. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

  5. I’m not diggin’ the hairstyle either… it looks like its purposely grown to make up for his height. Nonetheless, he still looks smexyyy & cute…As for the earrings, if they aren’t magnetic, then the pierce holes shouldn’t be that big as the earrings…it’s one of those illusion earrings.

    1. Umm, yeah about his hair, i was thinking the same way…”it looks like its purposely grown to make up for his height.” i thought the same when i saw this photos…but again 😀 yeah he does look cute and smexy. With him and his style these days you’ll never know what’s next…

  6. this hair definitely approved by me vs that awful sushi rolls he had in the Monster MV haha..

    he’s so charming seriously.

    my friend told me he needs to grow more height, i’m like hell no, he’s perfect the way he is.

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