Big Bang’s Monster MV (Still Alive Album) and BTS “Making of” Video

More on the Still Alive album after the cut

As mentioned before, Still Alive Special Edition album is available on iTunes and other online shops. The  physical  album will be available starting June 6. For those without access on itunes, you can sample the rest of the album here on Mnet.  There are guides online for buying from Mnet Korea – here are a couple (1, 2)  Its is also available on Soribada (site in english).

For preorders, check dvdheaven (with poster) or YG-Shop. 518% (@YB_518 on twitter) is also helping international fans purchase the album from Korea. Taeyang and each of the members will have their own version as well as a BigBang version.  Each version will have a different cover, photo-booklet and YG Family Card.

The Japanese version, called Alive Monster Edition, will be available beginning June 20. There are 3 versions depending if you want to include a DVD and Shirt in your purchase. For the tracklist and other details and pre-orders, check YesAsia.


BTS from the Making of the MV (eng subbed): (turn on the cc for subs)

23 thoughts on “Big Bang’s Monster MV (Still Alive Album) and BTS “Making of” Video”

  1. Whoa. Monster is definitely going to need repeat viewings and listenings before I can wrap my head around everything. I do like that they are taking a risk with the song, though I don’t know how much I actually LIKE the song.

    And I do like that YB went all out with his look in the MV (I mean, its called Monster after all.) He’s always stayed so safe with his fashion statements in the past, all these risks he is taking with fashion and his styling is refreshing and is a loud statement that he just wants to experiment more overall (and not just in fashion I think.) Totally respect that.

    1. Mte.

      The whole mv was full of wtf looks. And yet I effing LOVED it.

      I especially loved when they changed into “monsters”.

      This mv is glorious. I think it’s one of their best yet.

      Like you, I’m not sure if I actually like the song, but that’ll probably change with some more listens.

      The mv though…….oh the mv. It’s just ❤

      1. I liked YB’s Dracula hair (from Gary Oldman’s character in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.) As a movie buff, it’s cute that he referenced that particular vamp (instead of the Bela Lugosi or sparkly ones.)

  2. wow i don’t know what to think. I can’t say what I think about the looks but I liked it. The song is good too. In fact, I give this overall an A. I like how the boys, including YB, have been taking fashion and music risk with the comeback.

  3. I just listened to all the songs and this album is amazing. Like WOW. The only song I didn’t like is Feelings and even that didn’t suck as badly as the Japanese version. I think I may buy this special edition.

  4. TAEYANG really transform into a MONSTER 🙂

    his hair looks like CENTAUR / GREECE GOD LEGEND or HELLBOY…

    MY favourite part was when BIGBANG hit and smash Manequins and when BIGBANG run away from BUILDING COLLAPS

  5. YG sucks. The album isn’t available on the US iTunes yet.

    I swear the world hates me.

    But on another note, I’m loving YB’s fashion choices this year. He’s stepped out of his comfort zone A LOT. While some might still be wtf, I think he still manages to pull it off anyway.

    Listened to Bingle Bingle. Found it extremely lackluster on the first listen. Odd bc it’s like 60% YB, 40% the other members. Will listen to it again later so see if I change my mind.

    Haven’t been able to listen to Still Alive yet. And I’m killing myself since the Alive intro was one of my favorite songs. And people are saying Still Alive is freaking epic.


  6. I’m not with you guys on the MV this time around. Though the styling was….unique, but the MV overall was uninteresting or even boring. It felt similar to previous works and I’m not sure what it wanted to communicate. Not something I would want to watch again.

    Ego is such a great track! And I’m sooo happy they made a full song out of “Still Alive.”

    1. i’m with u..maybe my expectation about the MV was too high…
      still alive is my favorite..i like ego, bingle bingle and feeling..but monster..i’m not sure..

    2. Haha. I always did love the “fashion” MVs (I remember we also differed in our reactions on 2ne1’s It Hurts – which I adore.) I’ve had the MV and song on a loop since it came out and I’m liking it more with every viewing and listen. (The song is great background music for working – helps me think for some reason. Strangely enough, not something I’d just sit and listen or sing along to though. Not yet anyway.)

      As to MV concept, I just thought they were government experiments gone bad who had to be destroyed – you know, that old movie trope. I actually wouldn’t mind if it were longer and had more narrative. Maybe there will be more to the story in the CFs?

      1. I dunno. Sometimes I get a really pretentious and “try too hard” vibe from some of YG’s videos. Their “avant garde” fashion could tone it down a bit. I guess I value some content in my MVs like dancing or some storyline. At least I will watch those again.

  7. The MV is really unique, flashy and just down right thrilling, it’s really well done and I’m sure no one can argue that Big Bang didn’t step up their game this time also. I watched the MV three times so far trying to get everything that’s going on but somehow the song just went by every time , I wasn’t impressed or touched by it as much as I was owe struck with everything going on in the mv ( and with YB hell boy hair ) …. But when I heard it as an mp3, just the song and it’s lyrics I completely fell for it. It’s such an amazing touching song that didn’t need all the explosions or effect to back it.

  8. I like what I could stomach of the video. The effects are really good and the song is unique. I couldn’t watch all of it because the way they shot it makes me dizzy. Darn motion sickness XD

  9. The song itself is really great, and so is the story (though confusing and up for lots of interpretations and symbolisms). I just have a tiny little problem with YB’s “mickey mouse” hair… soo not used to it, but the overall fashion for this MV is just risky and “up there” if you know what I mean. 😛

    I think I’ll need a couple of more viewing and listens to fully digest it. Everyone and YB looks freakin’ amazing though, I must say 😉

    They’ve really stepped up their game in terms of MVs too, I thought Love Song was impressive, but Monster really takes the cake.

  10. the song is great.i love it the first time i heard it.
    the lyrics to monster is very common in bigbang songs.y’know,girl leaving,boy suffering.but still…the lyrics is so sad i cried a little.
    this song is gonna be like my haruharu pt.2.

    love the mv as well.i’m glad YB isn’t afraid to experiment new things.
    i’m looking forward to the new things he’ll gonna show us in the future.

  11. i’m not digging much in this block-buster MV – the whole concept & ideas are ok, they look fierce and unique & visual effects are fairly good… i just dont feel so much when i see the MV and at the first time Taeyang’s weird hair cracked me up :XD couldnt stop laughing & shaking my head.

    but the song is totally great !!!
    it makes me feel like Lies or Haru Haru back then, and the more i listen to Monster, the more i like that song. It’s a sad song and me feeling sad while hearing & reading the lyrics. Their different parts are actually blended quite well and the bridge of DaeRi seems to stuck in my head. Im glad that Big Bang’s music is ever changing & they are consistent in taking risk for their new images despite of the fact that not any fans will open to accept it.

    i also like Bingle bingle and of course Still alive
    & kinda satisfied with all they have brought to us this time 😀

  12. i think Bigbang is truly refreshing in the kpop world. they prove that time & time again. i’m proud of this album and everything so far this year. i’m little greedy though, it was 3 mths ago since Alive and now this album, can we have another one in the next 3 mths? and every 3 mths? haha.. 😀

  13. I don’t like YB’s Mickey ‘do but he’s not going to look slick and all suited up for a song called Monster so I guess it’s appropriate. I like the song a lot now but i’m not sure if i love it yet i have to see if it’s going to be put on repeat (pretty sure it will though). MV’s pretty good too.

  14. monster and still alive are my favorite song out of the new songs they release in this special edition album, as for monster tbh i dont like top n gd part in the beginning and gd part i think i’m sick at the end of the song.
    not really diggin the mv since i dont really like this wtf concept and fashion. i only like the beginning part before top appear XD it look like a movie and oh, i also like the part when taeyang kick the mannequin.

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    could also be your manager will read it!
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