Taeyang cuts from the Alive Japan Album DVD

These video clips are from the DVD that accompanies some versions of Big Bang’s Alive Japan album.

Making of the Alive Japan Album

Making of the Fantastic Baby MV

Thanks to YBMania for the uploads!  The album is now available among other online and offline stores (such as YesAsia.) There are 4 versions of each album so please check before purchasing.

The full subbed video is available on bbvipchannel (Making of Alive and Fantastic Baby MV) Thanks to the subbers for all their hard work.

5 thoughts on “Taeyang cuts from the Alive Japan Album DVD”

  1. Dunno what he was saying but I love how he sounded in the studio, also what he was wearing. Does anyone else think that they look really tired during the interview at the photoshoot?

    1. Basically he was talking about how they were recording the Japanese version of the song and since they had already done it in Korean it was a little easier (though it was a bit disorienting since the accent in Japanese is different so he has to find a way to get the groove right.)

      I also liked his retro hiphop outfit a lot — so cute and strangely boyish (maybe because it reminds me of him pre-debut.)

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