Big Bang Morning Show Roundup: Mezamashi TV (full video), PON! and NONSTOP

Big Bang brings Fantastic Baby to the morning shows on Japan TV.

Mezamashi TV (120404) BB got a kick out of seeing fans dance in the streets to BB and other kpop songs during the Dancing Sun segment. Interview starts at on 10.20 on the first video.

Performance and other video under the cut

English subbed video by bbvipchannel for Mezamashi interview here.

PON! (120404) – Translated by Ruru and subbed by Vic of bigbangupdates

NON STOP (120405) – English subs by bbvipchannel

Part 1 Performance

Part 2 Interview

Thanks to taeyeonkasiyuka, bigbangupdatesTV  and bbvipchannel for the uploads!

2 thoughts on “Big Bang Morning Show Roundup: Mezamashi TV (full video), PON! and NONSTOP”

  1. YGEX is really booking BB a lot of TV for this promo — which is great except all those 3am call times can get really wearying and they are looking a bit tired. Hope they can also get time to rest during their hectic schedule.

  2. I’m loving all of the Japanese spots they’ve been doing. More chances to see YB is always a good thing. And he’s been looking and sounding great, which always seems to be the case lately.

    YB was so freaking adorable in each show.
    Can’t keep still in Mezamashi.
    Performing his hat tricks in Pon.
    And look at him showing off his muscles on the Non Stop show.

    I appreciate Ri so much more in Japan. If not for him and YB, and sometimes Dae, BB would be a band of mutes. Seems like GDTOP barely say anything, and when they do, it's usually in Korean.

    I'm just worried that it'll start to take a toll on them. Ri's voice is already starting to sound hoarse. I can tell they're getting tired.

    But I guess it's something they have to deal with. Especially since they seem to be going full force in Japan this time.

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