Big Bang keeps on teasing – updated

Ain’t No Fun

Bad Boy

We’re going into more familiar BB musical territory with the teasers for “Bad Boy” and “Ain’t No Fun”.  (And a glimpse of TY singing and dancing his heart out again is always a pleasure.) Teasers aren’t really a good way to judge a song but it looks like BB is really going for a variety of moods and colors on this EP.  And congratulations to YG for being on time right to the minute with all the teasers so far.

Added: Fantastic Baby (120227)

1tym member Song Baek Kyoung described this song  as “Once you hear Fantastic Baby, you won’t be able to stand still. For sure. Even your grandparents will dance to it.” (translations from @lucywinslet on twitter.)  What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Big Bang keeps on teasing – updated”

  1. Ain’t No Fin is a lot better after a couple of listens. It sounds like an old-school song, one that I can’t really put my finger on. And the long version totally made me like it even more.

    Bad Boy is just <3. Can totally imagine it as a YB sex song. 🙂

  2. ^yeah, totally agree! When I listened to Bad Boy, I was like, “Wow, that’s different from what Big Bang usually does.” It sounds like something YB would put on his own personal album since it sounds so much like a mainstream R&B song. I’m curious as to what it’ll sound like as a Big Bang song. Ain’t No Fun sounds like a nice, relaxed club song. It didn’t get my attention until I listened to the longer teaser. YB was right when he said each song has it’s own unique feel. Definitely a colorful album, from what I’m hearing.

  3. I’m soooo digging Ain’t No Fun. Lovin’ the old school feel to it, and it’s definitely something I’ll replay on my iPod gazillion times, LOL

    Love seeing YB dancing and singing freestyle, he’s always so into it =)

    Bad Boy sounds real good too. Definitely liking this album a lot more, variety of colours, sound, and style. No wonder they couldn’t choose just one title song, lol

  4. agreed with u all… BAD BOY and AIN’T NO FUN sounds like Taeyang song : )

    both songs match with Taeyang…

    BAD BOY is like Slow R&B with Jazz tune… and i really love TAEYANG voice in this teaser song


  5. I have the feeling that Bad Boy is YB’s favourite song
    From my first impression, those teasers are all good
    but Bad Boy = Aint no fun > Love dust
    3 more days and I will be extremely happy !!!

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