Love Dust Teaser video and other Big Bang News Round Up (as of 120223)

More Big Bang news below the cut:

March 11 Comeback date on SBS Inkigayo

YG Special on SBS Strong Heart

YG Family artists will do a special episode of SBS Strong Heart (with the possibility of Psy being the host.) Originally scheduled for March 15, the show may have to be rescheduled since the date has been been announced as the final recording date for outgoing Strong Heart host Lee Seung Gi.

Blue dominates charts and racks up 3.3 million youtube views and counting.

Big Bang on the Feb 20 episode of Healing Camp.  Taeyang makes an appearance towards the end of the show together with the other members.  Subbed youtube videos:  Part 5, Part 6Part 7 (Uploaded and subbed by shiaandreagy.) Dailymotion versions to be uploaded here.

Big Bang will be on the March 4 broadcast of Running Man on SBS. urthesun fancam of Taeyang at the recording here.

Allkpop scores exclusive interview with Big Bang in New York.

Alive is available for pre-order on YG eShop and other online and offline stores.   There are 6 versions available :  a Big Bang version and one for each member.  Each version will have a different cover, photobooklet and accompanying YG Family Card (poster will be the same for all versions.)

Taeyang version on:

Yes Asia, with poster in tube

DVD Heaven, with poster


10 thoughts on “Love Dust Teaser video and other Big Bang News Round Up (as of 120223)”

  1. Also in case anyone hasn’t noticed YB’s new twitter profile pic:

    Certainly wish he would dress more “real” for this promo run – I know I’m not looking forward to 3 months of that bandana and those skinny jeans.

    After being in kpop for a while, the irony of BB working with AKP for a promo is just deliciously ironic. Loved the interview. And YB on Healing Camp was just adorable.

    1. I think it makes the distinction between Big Bang Taeyang and solo Taeyang greater. Big Bang are always pushing the envelope with style and their music. Pretty sure when YB solo comes out hes gonna get back to the real. Real rnb soul 🙂

      1. yeah!! Real rnb soul ^^
        …even thought we don’ t like to see him wearing bandana (i don’t mind but bandana+mohawk don’t look quite good), i really like him wearing that winter hat in making of video in NY (green one), i just hope that they all will skip that 80’s fashon and go straight to 90’s,cause they are the best years of music and style =D …and that picture? I wouldn’t recognise him, he looks like shaun evaristo …

    2. Couldn’t agree more. He needs to lose that bandanna. It’s distracting and I can’t help staring at it >.<'

      Can't wait to watch Healing Camp tonight! 😀 (since college denies access to YT on weekdays)

  2. Not really feeling the Love Dust teaser. I will definitely need to listen to the whole song. And does it remind anyone else of the Sunny 10 song? Or is that just me.

    Allkpop interviewing BB is just hilariously ironic. Hahaha. And I’m glad they didn’t actually take the interview too seriousy. But YB, where’s the hip-hop songs!!!!

    Healing Camp was a great watch. I do miss seeing the whole group interacting like that. And YB was über-adorable. Can’t wait to see RM and SH.

    Loving the new profile pic. Must be YB’s subtle way of telling the stylists to stop fucking with his wardrobe. Haha

  3. Love Dust sounds weird, then again its only a preview. But I had high expectation for that songs based on the lyrics and what it represents. It sounds like a song in a CF, everything just sounds out of place. Oh well guess will have to wait for the full album to make a complete judgement

  4. Not really feeling Love Dust…. think I’ll need to hear the whole song. It was great to see the boys on Healing Camp though, some parts really did make me want to cry. The boys really had a tough year…

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